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Monday, August 25, 2014

I found a letter in the mailbox today! Hooray! His P-day is Tuesday. So looking forward to an email tomorrow! His letter said:

"So if you're wondering I haven't died yet! Although it seems like I've lived here long enough that I should have. I know! And it's only been 3 days! But these are the longest days ever! Tell Sam that if he thinks two-a days are long, he has no idea! I'm really kidding. It's just we have extremely long study hours.....like 4 hour french study classes...tomorrow I have 3 of those sessions....PRAY for me!"

His companion is from Guatamala and speaks only spanish and Gorifina  (a mixture of African and French). His name is Elder Alverez. He says his motivation to learn and speak french has increased dramatically because it's the only way to communicate with his comp! He said it has been difficult because most of his time is spent translating from spanish (which he doesn't speak) to french, which he is still learning. Go Jacob!

His ending advice..." Remember obedience brings blessings and exact obedience brings miracles! And like Uncle Chris said, " Just because one thing is wrong, doesn't mean everything is". I love it here! I love the gospel!!"

My heart is happy!

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