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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Je suis Francais et Espanol! ( I am French and spanish!) Well.....sort of!

Sooooo I have no idea how to start this email because there has been so much going on here at the MTC and I don't know where to start!! (If my grammar is awful, don't judge because I have been all french since day one!) Okay so since you're all wondering, I do get all the Dear Elders each night at 9:30 :D Thank you!!! They make my day every day! Here is my mailing address: 
2007 N 900 E Unit 72
Provo UT 84602
Anyways!!!! I'm so glad that you got my letter! I really don't remember what I told you because last week seems like a lifetime ago! The days feel like weeks and the weeks feel like years. But I am loving it here! I LOVE being a missionary. The spirit that you carry with you all the time is amazing! So, as I'm pretty sure that I told you in the letter that my companion speaks hardly any English. He is from Guatemla and is fluent in spanish. Some days have been extremely rough, but I know that in the Lord's time we will receive the gift of tongues and we will be able to communicate fluently. I read your letter when you told me about Nephi and it really touched me (okay so maybe there was some tear sweating going on.. I almost accidentally typed tear swearing.. that wou;d have been weird haha!) But I have felt him so close to me recently. On sunday we watched a video with Elder Bednar and he talked about how in the moments where the natural man turns inward, the Savior has always turned outward. And that

has been my number one goal with my comp! I was praying to know how to go about this situation and the answer I got was that I am here in the MTC now for him. He is my mission right now: to help him learn the language and be his friend. So although I spend about 3 hours a day translating spanish to french for him, I know it is right, and all I want to do it be like the Savior. He has given me so much love and been so patient with me, that it would be terribly selfish to not serve my companion with my whole heart! Just like I learned with football, we can always conquer Goliaths, no matter how hard or impossible it may seem!!

Miracle of the week! Yesterday, we gave our third practice french lesson to a girl named Lucie. And I actually was able to express my feelings about the Savior in french!!! I was so excited! The spirit took over and even though it wasn't a real investigator, the spirit bore witness to us that what was being said is true. I love sharing my testimony!! 
So although my comp can't speak english, we can't be stopped from laughing! I have laughed so much this week I have an 8 pack now! (just kidding MTC cafeteria is making sure I am on my way to a 260+ pound return missionary ;) ) But I have the BEST district EVER!!! I love the guys... er elders ( we can't say guy, dude, or bro anymore... it's "not professional" but that's okay because we are only elders for 2 so I may as well say it as much as possible!) Anyways, so as you might have guessed, Elder Alvarez is black, and in the hallway to the cafeteria there are tons of missionary pictures and all the ones that have another black guy in them he always says, "Hey! My cousin!" It's the best!!! And this other time he randomly came up to me during language study and said, "What's up cracker!?" What made it even funnier is that he didn't know what a cracker was hahahahah! Oh and last funny story! So the words for son and daughter in french are super similar, and are easily switched because it's all in pronunciation and well let's just say I accidentally said in a lesson that Jesus was the daughter of God... Not my brightest moment ;) 
Wait, so Sam is injured?! That's worst.. I'm praying for him! Tell Kale that I am so glad that he's rocking it in football! He is a stud!! Tell Dad I got his emails and I loved the story about Brother Taylor. He was and still is an amazing man! But I love you all!! Thanks for all the prayers and love! I couldn't have asked for a better family! Remember the Savior is always there to call upon for help! I promise. I could tell you that in french as well for double testimony power if you want ;) Love you all!! 
Elder Jacob Lucas

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