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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

MTC Week 3! Hump Day 1/2 way there!

Hey Beautiful Momma and Famille :) 

Okay so I just sent the longest letter ever to you guys. You should get it on friday!! Thank you so much for the package! It was great! I loved it!! And chip sunday... Best thing ever!!! You guys are helping me reach that goal of hitting 270 post mish! JK, don't worry I'm staying in shape :)

Anyways!! This week was full of ups and downs. My comp hit rock bottom emotionally this week :( He was really struggling with the language and not being able to communicate with anyone. He would just get so angry about everything and it was really hard. Literally, there were probably hours spent in prayer this week for him. I just begged that God will fill the needs that Elder Alvarez was needing. And of course Heavenly Father (HF) always comes through, and yesterday he was in the best mood ever!! He was confident, understanding the language, and was laughing! I was so happy!!

I have been reflecting a lot this week on the plan of salvation and how needed it is in our lives today! So many people are lost in this world and don't know why they are here, where they came from, and where they are going. And it's such a blessing to know that I have that knowledge and know those answers!! We are loved by a Father in Heaven who knows us each by name! It's so simple, but powerful! Whenever your'e feeling down take a moment and reflect on that. God wants YOU to be happy!! It's amazing!! I can't wait to share that with the french.

Funny story of the week! Seriously here at the MTC our brains explode with information! I'm not kidding. And one day in the middle of the lesson, Elder Merrill leans back, drops his pencil, and says, "I'm french fried!". Haha it was great! 

I have the best french teacher in the world! His name is Frere Pistrious (Brother Pistrious). He is so excited about the gospel. He honestly reminds me of Ammon in the Book of Mormon who just rejoices in the truth of Christ! And he is such an example to me! I want to be like that, especially because that's what this gospel is: JOY!! It's amazing knowing we can have pasts erased through Christ, that families can be ETERNAL, and that no matter where we go, what we choose, nothing keeps us from God's love. I promise that I know that this true! Heavenly Father loves you! If you don't know this, ask Him. It might be a bit scary, but truly get on your knees and pray to Him. Ask him to feel His love, and I promise you that He will answer! You are His child and he will not leave you hopeless. I promise!

I am so excited to be here on this mission! It is the right thing to do!! This is a time of miracles. Too often we miss out on the miracles because we forget to have faith. I promise and know that God lives and that He wants to hear from us. So if you haven't, get on your knees and pour out your heart to Him. He loves you! And so do I!!!! 

Elder Jacob Lucas

 France, Paris  MTC Zone

 Elder Lucas and Alvarez with Elder Alvarez's cousin!.........hahahah
 Show off...Elder Lucas
 Chip Sunday......a Lucas Family Tradition...

 Elder Alvarez and...Mr. Muscles in the back :p
Crazy comps!

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