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Sunday, September 28, 2014


Hey Momma! I get to write a quick email here before I leave :) So first off, this week has been so much fun! I love my district soooo much! It will be sad to say goodbye, although I am sure I will see them all somewhat often because we are all going to Paris :) Anyways, I am SOOOOO EXCITED TO GO!!! We have a direct flight from Salt Lake City to Paris. It's about ten hours long. And we leave at 5 ish on monday :) don't worry I am already mostly packed. No procrastinating this time haha! It is going to be so much being in France and sharing what great news I have about life and who we each are!! I feel like I just swallowed a rainbow!! :) hahah jk ;) Thanks for the packages! I love them! I sent Kale a bday package. He should be getting it soon. 

But it has been an amazing experience here! On the second day of the MTC you are assigned to mock teach a non member of the church... IN FRENCH! And it has been such a journey since then! Elder Alvarez was so nervous and afraid those first few weeks that he hardly spoke in lessons, even when I would give him opportunities. And yesterday we taught our final lesson and it was amazing! When we started, I began to speak and Elder Alvarez cut me off and started the whole conversation! I was so excited! We were mock teaching an inactive member and Elder Alvarez said (all in french) "I have been here for 6 weeks and haven't seen you at church and it has made me so sad. I know that if you will come to church you will feel the love of God and He will bless you in your life...". He then continued to bear testimony and the spirit was amazingly strong. It was so awesome! I am so grateful that I was allowed to witness him transform and watch Heavenly Father change someone's huge, impeding weakness into a great strength, tool, and asset. He will be a great missionary! I hope we see each other later in the mission when we are both fluent in french and really have a legit conversation! That will be so cool! 

Anyways, I cannot wait to talk to you and the family! I will call the home phone first... So please pick up haha.... That would a maximum on the lame scale if you didn't answer haha :) 
 I love you! 

Elder Jacob Lucas :)

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