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Monday, October 13, 2014

Bonjour tout le monde!!! Hello everyone!

Bonjour tout le monde!!!
Anyways!! Crazy and well.. really gross story first! Our toilet and shower line connect... And well somehow, the toilet clogged or something, and there is poop coming out of our bathtub drain!!! GROSS!!! You can say it's a sticky situation hahaha sorry terrible joke! yeah sooooo that will be fun... (I can't believe He started with that....)
Miracle of the week! We were going to an appt with some people who may or may not have been super interested.. and so we get on the bus and behind us is this huge group of teenagers! And typically I get a little trepidated to talk to teens because they will just make fun of you and be rude because I can't speak the language super good yet, but I kept getting this prompting to talk to them! And I sort of pushed it away.. But it came again and again!! So I finally stood up, said a quick prayer in my heart for the spirit to be with me and I started talking to them. And before I went back they were all loud and obnoxious but when I went back there, they calmed down and actually became very nice to talk to-which is not normal for the french- and I found out that they loved soccer!! And on saturdays we play soccer for an hour with the people we are teaching, so we exchanged numbers and are set to play soccer this coming saturday!! Now what's crazy is that we accidentally had gotten on the wrong bus and were on the complete opposite side of town than were our appt was! And then these french kids (it's so weird saying that becuase I still feel like a kid hahaha) helped us find our way back! So I am super excited to play soccer with them and then hopefully we can then tell them what we do and teach them about the joy and love God has for them!!
But this is a time of miracles and I am so grateful for the opportunity to be the Lord's servant in this time!
The ward here is awesome!! I love all the people sooo much!! They are so nice and patient with my franglish :) jk :) ..my french is coming along very well!! I am understanding the accents, which was the hardest part! Heavenly Father is hearing my prayers and helping me so much! I am so grateful for Him! Just like Ammon and the sons of Mosiah from the Book of Mormon, I will be patient in my struggles, for I know that the Lord will give me much success!! There are people here who are ready to hear His word!! And our message is one that everyone needs! Whether they know it or not! God loves them! In fact He loves us enough to have given us a prophet in this time just like in ancient time! And you can know the truth of it through the Book of Mormon! So read it!! Anyways I love you all!! Hope that all is well back in the states! AMERICA :) Thanks for all the prayers!
Elder Jacob Lucas

In response to my letter:

Did you receive some packages from Amazon France? I have received one pacakge from uncle jeff! Please extend my thanks!! It was a a nice surprise!

Here is your copy and answer section:
Do do the french people celebrate Halloween? They just do regular trick or treat as far as I am concerned.. Haha Elder Buxton said that last year they thought that he was dressed up as a missionary when they went tracting on Halloween; hahaha they were super confused and then frustrated that someone would do that on halloween hahaha
How did the grocery shopping/ cooking go this week?
Good! I ate a lot of things from tators; they are cheap and provide a ton of options! So you can just send me recipes on here and I will right them down;
Did you finally get some bedding? Yes :))))) So awesome!!
How did the follow up appt  go with the younger guy from last week? Great we taught plan of salvation! and its going well :))
Chayton is disappointed that you haven't written him a letter yet....I will get on that! hahaha
How goes the companionship? I love the guy! he is awesome!! Still working on getting to that exact obedience but we will make it! It's hard because he won't contact on the trams or busses because he thinks that it's awkward, so I do it alone and- you'll read about it later- but I had some success on a bus!!! yeah it's frustrating because he has the french and I have the desire so together we make a team... hahha, but I know that it will be okay :) I have been serving him and he is getting better and more hard working!! Just gotta love em to death because if not you won't be able to teach anyone!
I have been learning so so so so much from Heavenly Father here! He has helped me so much! I am so grateful; There are so many different opinions here than in the US, and if your'e not ready it really could rock your testimony, but I know with all my heart that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and Christ and that THIS IS CHRIST'S CHURCH!!! And that testimony is what you have to keep close to you at all times. Just like Leh's dream; we must continually press forward to the tree. I was thinking and one of the best things that you could do to help Kale is maybe read the Book of Mormon with him; Make it come alive and liken it to football, because if you can get him to read them- and see that these were real people and they really had to go through these things AND that their experiences can help him then he will always be able to find the love of God! For example, I think that you reading "Tennis Shoes Among the Nephites" really helped me. Maybe do it with Kale? And have Sam share with Kale about how much he loves the war chapters!! Sam reads the scriptures like it's HIM in there and it's AMAZING!!! And look at how strong Sam is now!!! Oh before I forget, ask Dad for me: Where did Lehi get the priestood?
But I love you soooooo much momma!!! This week was so much better than last! Heavenly Father said my trials right now are like I am skydiving and each trial is like going thorugh the clouds. You can't see the ground or the safety in the cloud.. just like sometimes you can't see or feel Father in a trial! But you must trust that it is there and He will catch us at the end and we will be safe! I love you!!! SOOOOOO much :) Give Sam and Kale my love! I will write some letter letters soon :)

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