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Monday, October 27, 2014

Fall Colors and cold Nights!

  Hello everbody! I hope that everyone's week has been splendid :)
This last week was more challenging. We had a lot of people drop us and not show up to their appointments with us :((( But each rejection means that we are one person closer to finding those who are ready to hear the gospel!!
I had some cool thoughts about the sacrament this last week :) For those that don't know the sacrament is where we take the bread and water in symbolism of Christ's suffering for us and we promise to remember Him always. The bread represents his body and the water is his blood and all the pain He felt for us. We beleive that He felt every pain, trial, hardship, fear, and sin in our lives. For each person perfectly and personally. That way He can help us when we are weak because He knows everyone in and out. For example, if you break your leg, He doesn't know what it feels like to break a leg as well. He knows what it feels like to break your leg! And in french the word bread is "pain" and water is "l'eau" (low). That is sooo cool. Literally we are partaking of His pain that He felt for us to be strengthened and remembering how He descended be-LOw all things just for us.
Some wanted to know some détails about my day: Alright, so in the morning I get up at 6:25 and then we run to a park about half a mile from the appt (our appt is in centreville or the town square by this outdoor mall) and then we workout and come back. We then eat breakfast and it's awesome having your own food! I mean who doesn't like getting to eat out of the peanut butter jar with just a spoon and double dipping because it's all yours?? hahaha just kidding :) 
(No he's not!!) We then have studies until 11 and then go out and do contacting to find people in our area to teach and we have luch at about 1ish; Go back out; language study at 4:30; dinner at 5; then tracting until 9; yeah :)
We had our first dinner appt at a member's house this week! (He has been there 4 weeks, one meal a month! He mentioned that he is becoming quite a good chef! Hooray.) We call them mangez-vous; And it was awesome!! They have been sharing the gospel a lot but live an hour away from the Church and so do all the people that they have been sharing the gospel with.  So no one wants to come to Church :((( so we fasted sunday that these peoples' hearts would be softened :)
Oh and for all who are wondering, our plumbing got fixed!! Thank goodness!! :)))) I know that everyone says that if mom's not happy then no one's happy and I'm sorry but that's not right. It's if there's fecies in the bathtub no one's happy hahahhaha just playing :)
We have one really awesome investigator named Kmel (it's Arab) And I don't have a lot of time so I have to go, but I will tell you all about him next week :))) Love you all!!
Elder Jacob Lucas :)

Jacob mentioned in his family letter that his companion is really struggling and invited anyone who felt inclined to fast for him this coming Sunday. His companion is Elder Cutshall. He is searching for some answers and could use some extra prayers. Jacob loves to hear from you all. Thank you for sending your love and letters his way! If anyone would like to write him: Please send your letters to : Elder Jacob Lucas, 19 Ave Albert 1er, Valenciennes 59300, France. It takes 3 "Forever" stamps to send to France or one international stamp $1.20 ea, these can be purchased at the post office) or email at jlucas@myldsmail.net.


Elder Cutshall waiting for the bus....a cold evening.

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