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Monday, October 6, 2014

Survived the first week!

Hello everyone!!!
Alright, I survived the plane ride!!! FYI the keyboards here are differnt than the ones in the states so if I have terrible speeling or grammar that's why :) Anyways, I don't know if you all have been getting my previous emails, but for those of you who don't know, I just arrived in France last... i think it was monday? No tuesday? It's too hard to tell haha! The time zone threw off those two days so they sort of just melded together haha! But I am sooooo excited to be here!!! Even just on the way to the airport, getting out of the MTC I was sharing the gospel with everyone I could! And it was so cool, because I sat by a man on the train going to the airport and he help with homemess people, and we started talking about God and his beliefs, and he believed in the Bible and the prophets in it; so I asked him, how he would feel if there was a prophet today. and he said that there had to be! And I was able to bear to him my testimony that there is one today! His name is Thomas Monson. Just like God loved His people enough back in those times to guide them with a prophet, He has given us a prophet today as well. Yes, a prophet with that same authority of God. And it is so amazing that we have that great blessing today!!! Just think about it! A prophet of God, to guide us, so we can know exactly what God wants us to do in this day and time. And you can know for yourself that he is a true prophet, by getting on your knees and asking your Father in Heaven. I was able to continue the conversation and give him a Book of Mormon and testify that God has restored His church today on the earth! He loves you!! For you are His child and He wants you to be happy!!!
Anyways, as the plane left for Paris, I made sure to put my hand over my heart for America because I won't be able to do that really for two years hahaha; America!!! But it was difficult to say goodbye to all the great friends I made at the MTC, especially the other elders who were in my district. They were some of the coolest guys and some will definitely be my lifelong friends! But I was in Paris for about a day and a half; and it is beautiful in parts.. and really dirty in others haha. But even while I was there, all I wanted to do was share the gospel! It's what these people need! I am not here to be a tourist- don't get  me wrong, on Pday I will see some sites- but I am here to help these people come to Christ!
I am serving in a city in the north-eastern part of France, near the Belgium border. It is called Valenciennes. And we got right to work! And it was really difficult at first with the transition. I felt so out of place and was really jet lagged, and I am trying to undertstand evyerone. But Heavenly Father always gives us little tender mercies when we need them most, and most of the people this day didn't want to listen to us at all! And then we started talking to a young man, and right when we started talking, he got so excited! We asked him why he thought that he was here in this life and where he thought that he was going, and he said he had no idea. We were able to share our beliefs with him, and it was so cool to see the spirit testify to him that what we were saying was true and we made an appointment to continue the conversation later. My friends, don't let life's challenges get you down! Your father in Heaven knows you perfectly and will always comfort you and answer you every time you ask!! So don't wait! Get on your knees and I promise that you will feel His loving arms surround you and lift you. They help me every day out here. It is not always easy, but with His help, it is possible and you will see miracles in your life if you do it! I love you all!
Elder Lucas :)

Jacob sent 2 emails this week, one to all of you and one to the family. He mentioned how excited he was for Logan Welling to start on his journey to the MTC and then onto South Africa! He's been a little jet lagged and homesick, but he is doing well. He is living in an apartment with another set of Elders- Buxton and Polyfreman. His companion is from Canada and only has 2 more months to serve. He says he's been very patient with him so far, but is rather trunky!  :) He only gets member meals twice a week, so he asked me to send him some recipes. This ought to be interesting...

He also said for me to thank Grandma and Grandpa Lucas and Roberts for the packages they sent to him in the MTC and also Rick and Joann, and Derick and Lindsey! You made him feel loved and special! Thank you. 

Some of his MTC District

French Fried!

His buddy "Omo"

He made some great friends!


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