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Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving prayers!

Cool random building

Me on the street!

Me and Ismael (awesome ward member!)

My zone!

Hello to the world! Hope that everyone's week was splendid!! :)

Unfortunately Kmel fell through and we never got a hold of him. But that just means that we are one person closer to someone who is ready to hear  our great message! :)

So in the spirit of Thanksgiving :) We have this ami (friend) named Rolv and he is awesome! We had our first lesson with him this week and it was about the Plan of Salvation. We were talking about how to know if the Plan of Salvation is true through prayer, and he blurted out, "I pray a little differently..." And of course our first thought is, "Ohhhhh noooo!"; Haha but he said I like to always pray in gratitude-even for things that haven't happened yet- and he went on into this story where he was in Paris and had no money and needed to eat, so he prayed in gratitude for the NEXT meal that he would have! And sure enough a while later, a friend calls him up and asks if he is Paris and invites him to go eat! Super sweet!! So he loves to pray in gratitude before he ever asks for anything in his prayers. And it's true. Gratitude is a sign of faith. Too often we forget everything that the Lord has done for us and some times just crack it up to be a nice coicidence or Lucky moment. But He truly does answer our prayers! It's amazing :) We just need to open our eyes to the miracles He puts in our lives everyday. So don't forget to give a nice heartfelt prayer this week to your Father especailly since it's Thanksgiving and He has given us all :)

Annnnd! Elder Cook (for those that don't know he is one of the members of the quorum of the 12 apostles; leaders in the Church) came thursday to Paris and the whole mission got to hear him speak!! It was amazing!! I got to shake his hand :) Super cool! The absolute best part was at the end. He bore his testilony. He said that he first gained a testimony when he was 15 by the Spirit. And then he said that he has had expĂ©riences too sacred to share. He said that He knows the Savior's voice. And when he said that, the Spirit rushed into the room and hit me so hard! It was so amazing! He then pronouced a special blessing on us all as missionaries to continue working ohard, being strong, becoming more than we think we are just capable of becoming! It was amazing!!! I am so gratfeul that we have leaders on earth, today, who receive revelation for the world. God speaks to man today!! It is amazing :) Who wouldn't want to know that?? :)

Here is the funny of the week: So this week there was a woman on the tram and I went up to talk to her and the first thing that she said was that she doesn't beleive in God. But then we kept talking for a while and I mentioned that I beleived that He is our loving Heavenly Father and she randomly blurted, "I think that God is a woman.." What??! First off you don't belie
This crazy cool french house!

Weird eyed tree!

Our train station.

Train station.


Cutshall's creeper tree.
ve and now you do, but that God is a female?? Hahaha I was so confused :)

Oh and one last cool story :) I talked to this elderly french lady about god's love for her and she told me at the start that she didn't believe in God and wouldn't change. But we kept talking and at the end of the conversation she still was very firm that God wasn't there and she looked at me and said, " Now you have just wasted your time;" I beg to differ :) No one is a waste of time! Every single child of God is important and deserves a chance at receiving this message :) Everyone is important to Him. I promise you all that God loves you. You can know this in your hearts. I love asking people how they know that they love their families. They usually sit for a moment and think and then say that it's a feeling in their heart. And you can feel God's love for you in the same way. You can't see it specifically (you can see examples of it) but it's a feeling. A feeling that we can all gain through prayer. Pray to know if He loves you and then listen! Let the calm peace come into your heart and know that that's your answer :) Or maybe you can feel it now as you read my description of it. I promise that He does! I know it!! I have asked and I have received the answer again and again that He cares and that these things are true. It's a personal and incredible experience. Don't hesitate to know for yourself. The best time is now. You are loved so much more than you know. For you are a child of God and He loves you! I love you all! Have fun over there in America :)

Elder Jacob Lucas

First District

The numbers are the for the number of transfers they are on. Jacob has completed one transfer and his comp is on his last.

Monday, November 17, 2014

The Stoning!

Alright so first the story about the stoning! It's like the prophets of the Bible!! Getting stoned by the people haha! IT WAS NOT LITTLE KIDS, its was like 17 year olds. We get off at this tram stop to pass back a guy that we had tracted into a couple of week ago.  There are 4 teens there and one starts rapping randomly and insulting us and our families and just being really crude. (It's like 730 at night but already dark) So we don't say anything but walk off and about 20 meters from the tram stop we are about to turn a corner, we see a rock about the size of my handspan hit the wall we are next to. Then one hits my comp in the shoulder. They are literally stoning us! Luckily they never hit me and my comp was completely fine :) But we kept going and they kept throwing rocks for about 3 more minutes and they just ran off... Unfortaunately the story isn't over. We pass back the house that we had planned to see but ended up not having time to teach a lesson because of how late it was. So we head back and actually go to the next tram stop. As we are walking we decided to call President to ask if we should report the offense to the police. While we are on the phone and walking to get to the tram stop, those same 4 kids show up. We don't know if they followed us or what,... it was unfortunate; So my comp walks up to them and says that he is sorry if we offended them but if they continue to act like they did we will have to call the police. They guy flipped out and was like, "I don't know who you are!" And then they started being super crude in whatever language they could think of. They threw some trash at us and some little rocks but no stones like before. One guy pulled a plant out of the ground and threw it on us. Like I said earlier I thought about Ammoning it up, but decided against it hahaha :) But eventually they left and we reported it to the police so hopefullty it's safer for future missionaries... I probablmy just worried every mother who just read this email... But don't worry because the Lord protected us and He will protect your children too when they serve :)
Miracle of the week! We were able to make contact with a guy that we taught a couple of weeks ago named Kmel, who had fallen off the face of the earth; Yesterday, I just felt prompted to give him a call like right then and then he actually answered! We have an appt tonight with him and I'm super stoked for it! Hopes that it goes great!
Here is a great quote that I heard a couple of weeks that I loved from another missionary!  

"When the Lord solves our problems, we have faith in Him. When He doesn't solve our problems, He has faith in us." 

Although some times are tough the Lord is with us through it all! I promise that for everyone :) He will protect you from your stones that are being hurled at you! For me I have seen such a great miracles with my french! It is really coming wonderfully and I understand so much more! :) I don't know how many of you are familiar with the analogy to the footprints in the sand, but it has always touched me. 

A man dies and He goes to Heaven and He is talking with Christ. While talking to Christ, he sees his life being symbolized by footprints. Sometimes there are two sets of footprints and others there are just one. Christ explains that one set is the man's and the other set is Christ's. As they continue to go in review of the man's life, the man notices that during the hard times in his life there is only one set of footprints. He then asks Christ why He left the man when times were hardest. Christ replies says, "Those were the times that I was carrying you;" And I promise that He is carrying us through those hard times! He is! There is a joke that adds onto the story: The man asks, "Ok well if that's when you were carrying me, what's that ditch over there," Christ says, "Oh that's when I had to drag you kicking and screaming." :)
Anyways, things are getting better here! The work is progressing! I love you all! Keep strong! The Church is true :) The book is blue : See ya in 2! Hahaha shout out to Aaron Keeley who gave that to me :) Remember you can do ALL things through Christ! I promise! You need only ask!
Sincerely, Elder Jacob Lucas

Monday, November 10, 2014

Going All Ammon!

Heyyy everybody! Sorry I didn't get an email out last week, I had no time :(( And this one may be sort of short. I am sorry. But some of you may know that things have been difficult here with my comp. He is finishing his mission and doesn't really have a desire to work and which is strenuous for a new missionary. However, even in this trial of faith I have felt the Lord's love for me each time that I pray. I feel His strength and His love surrround me every time! He is truly there for us in ALL of our trials and He wants to help us; we just have to ask. I promise that this is true! We are His children and He will guide us :) Never ever forget that :)

Other than that yesterday we got rocks and stones thrown at us by some kids. I was ready to go on all Ammon (Ammon is a missionary in the  Book of Mormon who is defending the Kings flocks and cuts off his opposers arms as they raise swords to kill him) but decided against it hahaha. Don't worry we got away and all worked out and no one got hurt. Well I am sorry this is so short but I have no time. But I love you all!!
Elder Lucas


The language is coming along great! I pray every morning for the interpretation and gift of tongues and every day I learn a little more. I also carry around Grandpa's little Pocket dictionary and it helps soooooo much!! I also take notes in the planner of all the words I don't know that the french say so I can study them later:)
I will write Coach Bradley; It will be handwritten and I will send it to the house. He is a great man.
Gosh Sam is a monster!!! I am so glad that he is beasted it up! Always knew he would!!! Call dibs on being his number one fan! And when he tears it up next year, you can't let any girls be wearing his jersey!! Hahahaha je blague :) First TD!!! That is soooo cool!! I remember my first one too! And it's nothing like being able to bless the sacrament or bear testimony :) But I am so exctited for him!!
I am glad that Doug is doing well :) I have been emailing him and it has been good to keep in touch!
Interesting that you should ask about prep for the mish, I was pondering today over what I was doing last year and the year before that in November. And of course all the memories of running at 5 in the morning came back and working out on Christmas and Thaksgiving and the thought came to me: I can totally do this because I have done hard things my whole life! My football story is a miracle!! And miracles will happen here as well! And what helped me believe in miracles was scouts! Philmont was NOT always the most fun but it teaches you to persevere and find the joy in the little things. Having a trainer who doesn't really care at all is very hard
and one must endure! However life is not meant to be endured but enjoys! And there is a lot of joy in the tribulation. Like look at how much we laughed on Philmont! Kyle and I learned to work together which carries over into the state championship. Aaron Keeley became one of my best friends! Yes the cup may only be filled at the half but we choose if it is half full or empty. Learning to sleep in the snow and hike and endure most certainly prepares for the mish! You learn to trust yourself and most importanty the Lord- like my back being supported by angels at Philmont- those memories WILL help stregnthen and fortify on the mish. Sorry my spelling is terrible. I am trying to type fast because we don't have a ton of time.
GO Kale!! He is such a stud!! Tell him WHEH for me!! Love that kid!!!
Thyank you for your advice! I read your letters when times are hard. Truly I do think about those hard winter workouts with you and know that I can do this because it's not like what I haven't already done! I love you dad!! Thank you so so so much. You are my hero!
Elder Yo Lucas

Monday, November 3, 2014

No Time!!!!

Momma!! So I don't have time to write everyone because we have no time today :(((( but yes we do have a blender and my coat is great. I am going to buy some sweaters here. I haven't heard from my friends but I sent chayton a letter! What is Avery's address? They don't really celebrate halloween here; I miss the states and the Holiday tradition!  Heavenly Father has been strengthning me a ton! I am so glad that you didn't send it!! Because I need some things! Okay I need a nose shaver; and maybe some copies of the p90X3 book so I can have some more workout ideas espeically for legs. I can't jump because it's too loud and my comp doesn't always like to run soooo, and I need one of those door hook up things for the bands becquse I lost mine when we changed our appartment recently. Anyways, this letter is totally lame but I have to go and I am so so so sorry but we have no time. I will write you some letters to make up for it! I love you momma! We found a catholic guy who looks super interested and it was a huge answer to my prayers! 

Elder Lucas