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Monday, November 3, 2014

No Time!!!!

Momma!! So I don't have time to write everyone because we have no time today :(((( but yes we do have a blender and my coat is great. I am going to buy some sweaters here. I haven't heard from my friends but I sent chayton a letter! What is Avery's address? They don't really celebrate halloween here; I miss the states and the Holiday tradition!  Heavenly Father has been strengthning me a ton! I am so glad that you didn't send it!! Because I need some things! Okay I need a nose shaver; and maybe some copies of the p90X3 book so I can have some more workout ideas espeically for legs. I can't jump because it's too loud and my comp doesn't always like to run soooo, and I need one of those door hook up things for the bands becquse I lost mine when we changed our appartment recently. Anyways, this letter is totally lame but I have to go and I am so so so sorry but we have no time. I will write you some letters to make up for it! I love you momma! We found a catholic guy who looks super interested and it was a huge answer to my prayers! 

Elder Lucas

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