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Monday, November 24, 2014

Thanksgiving prayers!

Cool random building

Me on the street!

Me and Ismael (awesome ward member!)

My zone!

Hello to the world! Hope that everyone's week was splendid!! :)

Unfortunately Kmel fell through and we never got a hold of him. But that just means that we are one person closer to someone who is ready to hear  our great message! :)

So in the spirit of Thanksgiving :) We have this ami (friend) named Rolv and he is awesome! We had our first lesson with him this week and it was about the Plan of Salvation. We were talking about how to know if the Plan of Salvation is true through prayer, and he blurted out, "I pray a little differently..." And of course our first thought is, "Ohhhhh noooo!"; Haha but he said I like to always pray in gratitude-even for things that haven't happened yet- and he went on into this story where he was in Paris and had no money and needed to eat, so he prayed in gratitude for the NEXT meal that he would have! And sure enough a while later, a friend calls him up and asks if he is Paris and invites him to go eat! Super sweet!! So he loves to pray in gratitude before he ever asks for anything in his prayers. And it's true. Gratitude is a sign of faith. Too often we forget everything that the Lord has done for us and some times just crack it up to be a nice coicidence or Lucky moment. But He truly does answer our prayers! It's amazing :) We just need to open our eyes to the miracles He puts in our lives everyday. So don't forget to give a nice heartfelt prayer this week to your Father especailly since it's Thanksgiving and He has given us all :)

Annnnd! Elder Cook (for those that don't know he is one of the members of the quorum of the 12 apostles; leaders in the Church) came thursday to Paris and the whole mission got to hear him speak!! It was amazing!! I got to shake his hand :) Super cool! The absolute best part was at the end. He bore his testilony. He said that he first gained a testimony when he was 15 by the Spirit. And then he said that he has had exp√©riences too sacred to share. He said that He knows the Savior's voice. And when he said that, the Spirit rushed into the room and hit me so hard! It was so amazing! He then pronouced a special blessing on us all as missionaries to continue working ohard, being strong, becoming more than we think we are just capable of becoming! It was amazing!!! I am so gratfeul that we have leaders on earth, today, who receive revelation for the world. God speaks to man today!! It is amazing :) Who wouldn't want to know that?? :)

Here is the funny of the week: So this week there was a woman on the tram and I went up to talk to her and the first thing that she said was that she doesn't beleive in God. But then we kept talking for a while and I mentioned that I beleived that He is our loving Heavenly Father and she randomly blurted, "I think that God is a woman.." What??! First off you don't belie
This crazy cool french house!

Weird eyed tree!

Our train station.

Train station.


Cutshall's creeper tree.
ve and now you do, but that God is a female?? Hahaha I was so confused :)

Oh and one last cool story :) I talked to this elderly french lady about god's love for her and she told me at the start that she didn't believe in God and wouldn't change. But we kept talking and at the end of the conversation she still was very firm that God wasn't there and she looked at me and said, " Now you have just wasted your time;" I beg to differ :) No one is a waste of time! Every single child of God is important and deserves a chance at receiving this message :) Everyone is important to Him. I promise you all that God loves you. You can know this in your hearts. I love asking people how they know that they love their families. They usually sit for a moment and think and then say that it's a feeling in their heart. And you can feel God's love for you in the same way. You can't see it specifically (you can see examples of it) but it's a feeling. A feeling that we can all gain through prayer. Pray to know if He loves you and then listen! Let the calm peace come into your heart and know that that's your answer :) Or maybe you can feel it now as you read my description of it. I promise that He does! I know it!! I have asked and I have received the answer again and again that He cares and that these things are true. It's a personal and incredible experience. Don't hesitate to know for yourself. The best time is now. You are loved so much more than you know. For you are a child of God and He loves you! I love you all! Have fun over there in America :)

Elder Jacob Lucas

First District

The numbers are the for the number of transfers they are on. Jacob has completed one transfer and his comp is on his last.

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