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Monday, December 8, 2014



This week was sooo great! So like symbollically speaking I finally broke through the mist of darkness that I have been trudging through for the past 10 weeks :) Or maybe I am just getting a break hahaha :) I know, the whole asking for trials sounded like a good idea in the moment... Haha nowww... Naw just kidding. This has been the greatest thing that could've happened to me. I have truly learned how to be strong even if it is just me and the Lord. I can truly do all things through the Lord. It has been the MOST important thing I could have learned having just left home.

 I actually was thinking a lot about the state championship yesterday. That football story was such a miracle! It really hit me in sacrament meeting yesterday how God is a God of miracles! And then I thought about how before freshman year I wanted to know if I should play football, and because it was so important to me I prayed about it. I felt that I should. So I continued to pray to know what position I should play and I felt like quarterback was the one I should go for. And as you very well know :) Freshman year was the WORST!! Then all of my injuries sophomore year. Then the battle for the starting position junior and of course!... More injuries.. hahah I was used to it by then hahaha. And finally at the end HEAVENLY FATHER made me a champion. He made our team champions from a little town that quite honestly, lives in complacency of "just being okay". Through that football experience a whole town came together and say that miracles do happen today!! And I got to be a part of that because I prayed and had faith even when it was hard!

I told that story to Elder Cutshall yesterday in comp study and then testified to him that I know that answers to prayer come! Sometimes they are just in the Lord's time-- after injuries and setbacks and what we would call, "failures",- but in the end He ALWAYS answers them! Prophets from the
beginning of the Book of Mormon prayed for the well being of the Lamanites and for them to come unto the truth and it didn't start until 1820! But it happened. I now see that Father had me do football because look at all that I learned! And now I am learning it again :) Elder Cutshall even told me that He will most likely try to know if the church is true again.

That in and of itself is a MIRACLE! Just like my prompting that he would leave to go home with a desire to know if it was true!! And that he wouldn't be against it. The Lord hears our prayers!! I know that! I cannot only testify of that but am a testimony of that! Just look at my life and what the Lord has done because I had faith.

Rolv unfortunately will be in Paris for the next month and we didn't get to see Marie Therese :( But the miracles will come! PLease pray for Julian. He is a man who we will teach this week, Steve, Maximilien, Stile, Adrian, and Frank. They will need the prayers!

I love you Dad! I am sorry I don't have hardly any info on Christmas yet. I will let you know though!

Elder Lucas

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