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Monday, December 1, 2014


This one will be short because I don't have a lot of time! Sorry guys :/
Funny of the week: We were teaching a youth how to say "cheater" in English at the church and he says it... but in a french accent, which makes the "Ch" sound like a "Sh" hahaha. You can imagine how it came it out. We had to quickly fix that pronunciation!!
We have found some awesome amis!! We met a woman named Marie Therese and she is super interested in the gospel and has a ton of questions!! All questions that the plan of salvation can answer! Her mom and sister are less actives too! I am super excited to see where things go. Oh and FYI "ami" is french for "friend"; The real term is "ami de l'├ęglise" or "friend of the church" or "investigator". Anyways, it was such a blessing to find her because weeks before now have been hard finding people who are ready!! Truly the Lord knows our problems and our needs! He knows how to succor us!
Our ami, Rolv shared with me something that was really cool! He said that when he saw us that we were like two lights in his life and he just knew that he had to talk to us! He then said that he has been feeling like Father in Heaven has a great plan for him and something amazing is going to happen in the near future. Heavenly Father is preparing the way for his servants! Truly the Lord is with us in all things in our life. We just need to open our eyes to Him!
Am I the only one super duper stoked for Christmas??! Sharing the gospel during Christmas is the best! People's hearts are naturally opened to the message :) The Church put out a new short video called "He is the Gift". It is great!:! I would highly recommend it. It's on lds.org. In it it talks about how Christ came for everyone like it talks about in John 3:16; But is points out specifically that He came for YOU! Yes and I believe that even if it was just YOU that He came to save He still would have come! That's how much He loves you! You are loved so so so much more by you Father in Heaven than you can ever imagine! Merry Christmas season all! I love you all! Don't forget the meaning of Christmas :)
Elder Jacob Lucas

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