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Thursday, January 1, 2015

Christmas Skype


It was sooooo nice getting to see you :)) It was amazing!! I have a feeling when I come home that we will just talk for hourse because of just everything that has happened hahaha!! That hour went by wayyyy too fast!
I really felt of your love and the family's love on Christmas :) You guys are the best!! Dad seems like he has been able to relax a lot better!! He seems like he is doing great!! :) I am soooo glad :)

That soooo cool that you did that with the mission statement and the pics. The mission statement is actually hanging on my wall!! 

Don't worry about the tears! They were coming out of me eyes also :) Really it was amazing getting to talk to you!!

For New Years I get to have the day off and hang out at a member's house and watch a Disney movie. Ah man, I forgot to buy black eyed peas!! Make sure that each of you eat one for me!!

 I want to tell you about how grateful I am for the article that you sent me about gratitude back in November. It has been such a great help for me!! I have been striving to be more grateful and I am Learning how to really be happy! In the past it has been, as  you know, a struggle at times, but I am seeing how important it is to find joy in the little things!! Thank you SO much for being my mother :) You are one the greatest sources of joy in my life :) I have the best family in the world and everyday I think about how much I love you all!! Talking to you was amazing :) And that's what it is going to be like in eternity :) Just full of joy that we are all there and feeling how much we love eachother!!

I really like the quote that I read in that article that "The man who forgets to be grateful has Fallen asleep to life." And it's so true! We are so blessed! Even though you are way on the other side of the world, I can feel you EVERYDAY in my heart. And for that I am sooo grateful!

Now that I have left home, I see how right you and dad alwys were hahahah. I am just glad that I listened even though I didn't always see the big picture. It's amazing because you always think about leaving home and what it will be like, but you really have no idea what is going to happen until it happens. And I am sooo Lucky to have you and dad!! You truly have taught me how to succeed!! If I have God, I can do anything!! ANYTHING!! 

Thank you mom, for loving me like He loves me, so when I am here on my own, I know where I can go to feel His love. And through Him, I can feel your love as well!! I love you so much Mom!! You are so beautiful! Thank you for everything!

Oh and funny story hahaha! The "cheater" hit again!! Yesterday in the middle of sunday school someone asked me how to say "cheater" in English and they tried to say it, and well.. it wasn't cheater hahahaha. Oh the language fun hahaha! (the French have a hard time saying the "Ch" sound instead they use the "Sh" sound.

I love you mom!!

Love, Your boy :)  

We were able to skype with Jacob on Christmas day. He went to a members home for Christmas dinner, he ate Fois Gras (duck liver), duck and frog legs. He said that was his best meal so far. :) He also mentioned that his language is coming along nicely. We asked him if he was becoming french.....he said "Yes! Accept I still shower!" hahah....he also said that the the sterotypes of the French are all true. They drive small cars, have small mustaches, don't care for Americans.... He is still in Valenciennes and will be there until the next transfer in February. He spoke mostly "franglish". He had a french accent speaking english, it was great! He looks the same, happy and in shape. It was nice to see his face and hear his voice. For one hour it felt like we were a whole family! That was the best Christmas present to be had. He sent his brothers each a French "skinny tie"....they will wear them to church on Sunday. He mentioned that the French take their weekends seriously! They start Friday and end Monday so on P-days most site seeings opportunities are closed until later in the day. So he does his laundry, goes grocery shopping and that's about it. He plays a lot of soccer. 

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