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Monday, January 12, 2015

Time! Where did it go?

Mom and Dad!! Sorry, I don't have a ton of time so this is to both of you! :)

I hope that all is well back in Farmtown. This week has been a lot of ups and downs. So at the beginning of this transfer it has been really hard because my comp was just soooo Moody and grumpy all the time.. And I have given my all to stay happy and live in the moment and make the best of it and I have done really great and this week he has lightened up and is laughing and making jokes and it's going soooo much better :) I got to go on an exchange with my district leader this last week, in Lille and it was soooo much fun!! His name is Elder Stucki and I love being with him! He is super funny and just way happy :) We had a blast! So quick weird story, we were trying to find this inactive member in Lille, and it's 8:30 and dark, and as we come out of the apartment complex building (we are in the ghetto fyi) we see this African peeing on the building..; He sees us, gets all embarrassed, tries to hide his manhood and apologizes. Elder Stucki and I tell him no worries and keep walking, and once out of hearing distance, we started laughing. 

Elder Stucki gave a really great lesson in district meeting last week and talked about Numbers 13 & 14 and the difference between the reports of the Joshua and Caleb and the other spies. The other spies saw the land of Canaan impossible to conquer because of the people there, including the giants!  But Joshua and Caleb rather saw it as an opportunity for the Lord to show forth his power and overcome all these people! And he talked about having a positive Outlook and looking at our trials just as opportunities for the Lord to show forth his power in our lives! I heard a quote that said that, "Trials are what we see when we aren't looking at the Savior;" And that's sooo true. Elder Stucki and I had a chance to talk about testimonies, and he told me some really interesting things. He said that every missionary will come to a point on their mission where they really have to come to the point on whether or not they believe this gospel is true. And he said that the result of that experience will either make or break your testimony. And it's good to ask questions, because if we didn't, we would just be brain-washed all this stuff. And mom, I learned when I was Young that this was all true. I relearned it again in high school and then right before my mission, and then here on my mission, it has become founded and apart of me. And mom, I know that this is all true! I have learned it again and again! It is the greatest knowledge that we could ever carry with us in this life! Today I was praying and just told Heavenly Father everything that I was feeling and I just felt the spirit come into my heart and confirm how I truly needed this experience to make me strong and firm in my faith. It's crazy because it seems like you come on a mission and then once you hit the field, you immediately learn EVERYTHING that you need to learn and improve on hahaha. I wanted to ask you and Dad: When did you learn for yourself that this gospel was true? I have heard you both say that you know it is true a million times, but when did you know? :)

Anyways, sorry about the rant. Things are okay here :) I got sick this week and have been fighting a headache for 3 weeks now... I could really use some prayers. It's hard because I just keep going. I'm not going to stay Inside because of a headache. But yeah, I could really use some prayers of strengthening, spiritually, emotionally, and physically. I feel like I have been fighting Satan everyday of this mission so far, but I do feel like the trial is close to an end and then I will be able to work without him constantly pestering :)

Marie Therese came to Church again!! Boo yeah!! I am sooo excited about it :) We will be seeing her on Tuesday! We still haven't been able to see the Stile Family :( We passed by and got to talk to Marie-Claude, the wife, and she said that we could visit Eric in the hospital. So we went by the hospital and he wasn't there... So we passed back by the home and found out that he had come home, but was resting. So we made an appt for Sunday, and yesterday when we passed by, they weren't home :((( Bummer, but hey it'll work out!!

We had another rendez-vous with Albert and he didn't listen at all... Like, just looked in the index while we were trying to read 1NE 1 with him.. So we are no longer seeing him.

Vale and Lucie are doing pretty good! They weren't able to make it Church, and we didn't get to Schedule and appt with them this week but hopefully we will be able to see them this week :) Vale shared a really cool story he heard. He said that there was a man who was getting his hair cut and the barber said that he didn't believe in God. They talked a little bit about it, and the barber gave his reasons for not believing in God. After his hair cut was finished, the man went outside and found a man with extremely long and ungroomed hair. Long story, short, the long haired man walked into the barber shop and declared to the barber, "I don't believe in barbers!" The barber a little stunned and confused asked, "Why?". The man replied that it was because no one had never cut his hair. The barber then replied, "Well, if you would have come to my shop I would have cut your hair..."; And it is the same thing with God! People don't believe because they haven't seen or felt Him in their lives, but they haven't put forth the effort either. God let's us choose. We are the ones who limit our Relationship with Him! I know that He lives and loves us :)

Speaking of hair... Well I tried to cut mine... End of story hahahah and well yeah... You see, Elder Ericson had cut his own and it turned out okay... And I didn't want to waste a Pday on going to the barber so I gave it a shot. Let me just say that the sides and back were spectacular!! I mean WOW :) (Clipper power hahaha) And then I realized that I had 5 minutes until bed and had to hurry... and I don't know why but I made the rash decision to use the clippers on the top too... And well it was going okay, until the clippers stopped working completely... And I had a lock of hair just left on the top of my head... SO... Guess what I did? I threw some gel into the hair and made the best looking spike ever seen. It was like a unicorn with a horn on the side instead of the front hahahaha. I will show pictures... They are just for you though! So yeahhhh today we went to the barber and he cut it crazy short! Like almost a buzz... SO yeah it's probably the worst hair cut of my life... But hey, I'm on a mission, I'm not trying to impress anyone hahaha. But sooo moral of the story: SAM AND KALE, learn how to cut hair!!

But on a side note, I have no idea how I would had it cut any different from the barber anyways because being specific in french about hair will take some work hahhaa. But hey, at least it's just hair :) ...Let's just say that I will be wearing a beanie ALL THE TIME for the next couple of weeks hahaha :)

I still haven't gotten any photos.. But I hope they come soon :) And guess what? It's solds!! (Solds is like black Friday in France...when everything goes on sale----he's been waiting to buy some needed clothing until now) Meaning I get to buy stuff!! Anyways, I love you guys so much!!

Elder Jacob Yo Tyler Lucas :)

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