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Monday, January 19, 2015

"There's NOBODY here!"

Bonjour from way over here in France!! J'espère que tous est bien pour toute le monde (I hope everyone is doing well):) Life has been great here for me and my comp :)

This week really grew a ton! Church was so great this last week! I understood the whole lesson in Sunday school :) and was able to feel the spirit testify to me again that this Church is true! Then I gave a 12 minute talk in Sacrament about the basics of the gospel. I spoke about how we can better learn the gospel of Christ and it comes best as we live it! It doesn't do us any good to know what He taught, unless we apply it to ourselves. And I spoke about how we must each use the points of faith, repentance, baptism, the gift of Holy Ghost, and enduring to end everyday. Even, the Brother of Jared, the great prophet of the Book of Mormon who saw Christ had to repent. In fact, he was chastened by the Lord for 3 hours for not praying and calling upon him enough. But then after he had repented, his faith was strengthened and THEN he had the great experience of seeing the Lord face to face. And it says that the Lord did this so the brother of Jared might know that He was God. And I believe that God wants that for all of us, and that we can all have expériences where we come to know the Lord personally. We may not see Him, but we DEFINITELY can feel Him. I know this to be true! I have felt his spirit and love again and again! The base of the first principles of the gospel is the atonement and how we become ONE with God by having faith, repenting, being baptized, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and then keeping the Spirit with us. Obviously we don't get re baptized or receive the gift of the Spirit, but when we repent we can recommit to what we promised to do at baptism, and then we can have His spirit with us again :)

As far as the work, ça va (ok):) Unfortunately, most of our amis haven't been doing super hot, BUT we talk this man named Jullien Creteur, twice this week and it has been going splendid! He is single and comes from a family with a Protestant mother and Catholic father... Hard situation right? He, like Joseph Smith had the same question of how we can know which Church was right. And when we shared the experience that Joseph Smith had with prayer, the spirit was soooo strong :))))) BOO YEAH! I'm sooo excited about it!

We have been sharing a lot about the plan of salvation with people here, especially because people got really freaked out with the terrorist attacks. They Wonder why there are such terrible things in the world. And we have the remedy! We are here to grow, and everyone has agency, and it's not that God wants to punish us, but that situations will occur based on others' agency, our choices, and the natural consequences of living in a Fallen world. BUT that is why we have the Savior! Through Him, all our problems and difficulties can be made right! We can find peace! People struggle here a lot with deaths in the family. I know that my family is eternal! We will live together forever! And that is why I am a missionary: to share with all the other families that I can that we can have this great joy in this life!

Interesting story: we were tracting one night, and like every other door, we simply walk up and Knock and wait for someone to answer. And what I thought only happened in movies, happened to us. Someone literally shouted, "There's nobody here!"... Yeah... The things that people do to missionaries hahaha

Have a great week! Love you guys!

Elder Jacob Lucas

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