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Monday, January 26, 2015

Track is for Weenies!

Dad!! Heyyy!! Life is grand :)) It's amazing and we are so Lucky to be apart of it!!

As long as you don't get shot in the nuggies like Sam and Kale their first time paint balling, then I am okay hahaha :) (This experience happened 8 years ago when we first moved to Ftown. Jay got paintball equipment for his birthday last week and he and the boys tried out his new gear Saturday. No one was shot in inappropriate places but they laughed about the memories from the past....)

That's super nice of C Bradley to check up on me :) Haha I can see mom being like "fine" like nothing is wrong too hahaha.. He is a great man!

Track alone is for weenies! The true champions break their ankles and THEN recover WHILE doing track. Hahaha just playing :) Sam and Kale sound great!! Kale sure does love to compete and WIN, that is something that will never change :) Good thing he is good at winning :) And hey, even when he doesn't he learns more from it. It sounds like you are doing a great job with them :)

So, I need your help with telling mom that I know when her birthday is, but I knew that you were celebrating it on Friday so I wished it last week hahaha... I know that she may be reading this before you, hahaha so I don't know how this will work out hahahaha totally just playing around :)

Thank you for the story that Sean Farley gave. I have really been Learning to rely on the Savior's atonement for strength-read mom's letter- and it's sooo true! Christ really did come down and suffer for all of us and knows what we need!! He has been there for me every step of the way :)

Sounds like you are doing well and enjoying your calling.  It's always been such a blessing in my life, watching you lead. I got a front row seat to a great example.

I think that I will be getting transferred soon. The transfer is the 3 of Feb., and I will find out this Sat if I am or not. But no matter where I go, it will be where I need to be :)

I don't know if I have the Morrows' email... But I will keep them in my prayers. That is so sad. I can't imagine what they are going through.  I am so Lucky to be serving the Lord and also you and the family through my service here for two years. Those are the two most important things. God and family:)

This week was a bit more of challenge, but I am Learning a ton! Above everything else, I know that Christ lives! I know that families can be eternal. I know that Christ has suffered for ALL of us! Everything! And it is only through Him that we can find peace!

This week, we saw Vale and Lucie. He has some issues with getting baptized, because he was already baptized when he was younger, in a different church; and it was really interesting because the spirit guided me to explain how his question was really about the Book of Mormon. If the Book of Mormon is true, then Jospeh Smith is was a true prophet and we have the literal power and authority of God TODAY! And then everything we are teaching is true. With that he said that he would read the Book of Mormon everyday.

Marie Therese came to Church again!! :))) We taught her about priesthood and she then wanted a blessing. It was rather interesting because out of me, my comp who speaks fluently, and a french member, she chose me to be the one to pronounce the blessing. But, as the Lord always shows, it is by the small and simple things that great things are brought to pass. I mustered the best french that I possibly could and followed the spirit. At the end, she just sat there and talked about how at peace she felt. I took the opportunity to testify about the power of the priesthood and how it blesses our lives.

I know that God lives!! I know that we have His Church here on the earth today!! Dad, I love you! Thank you for all that you have taught me and given me to know this :) I love you!!

Elder Yo Lucas

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