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Monday, February 23, 2015

Captain Moroni is a BOSS

Hello my Dearest mother :)

Thank  you soooo much for the packages and letters!! I loved it all!! Thank you sooo much!! Sam's story about finding which girl to ask is hilarious hahaha :)  But thank you for the jerkey and chex mix and protein bars! They are sooo great! And thank you for the music. For some reason it isn't playing but I am working on fixing it today :) Thank you for being the best momma ever!!! I love you!

I have learned a lot about Cap Moroni. he talks a lot about how we need to be the ones to act to see the blessings of God in our lives. Besides faith isn't just things that we think can happen but literally it is an action that we take believing that God will do His part. Moroni didn't just pray and then sit back to Watch God run the show; He dove into action, preparing, fighting, and doing literally ALL he can to see the miracles happen. And when it didn't work out and he lost, he didn't blame God, but looked to the people to make sure that thy were righteous. He understood God's personality-that God WOULD and WANTS to deliver all who believe in Him from any difficult situation in their life. And when He didn't, it must have been something that was lacking on his part or on his people's part. And, what's interesting is that I do work my hardest but I am realizing that sometime during my life I made it a truth that I will work my hardest and it still won't work out.. And that is not faith either. So I am going to expect miracles. I am going to believe in myself more because GOD believes in me. he gives us challenges because he trusts us. And apparently He sees a lot more in me than I see, so apparently I need to get some better contact lenses because He sees a different picture.

I don't know why but it seems like ever since I left the MTC, that the spirit wasn't there as much. And Satan went all out. And yesterday in Church the lesson was on 3 Ne 11 and it talked about how the Savior invited them all to bear witness of who He was and I just closed my eyes and envisioned it as if I was there. And the spirit flooded over me and I just felt so at peace with everything that I believe in and was doing. And what was so interesting was that immediately after, I felt something else happen. I felt something else whisper to me, trying to get me to focus on all the problems and failures I had had on my mission so far and if there was a God, He would never let that happen to me while I was on HIS mission.. And it was really interesting the difference and how quickly the adversary tried to quench my incredible experience that I had just had with the spirit. And I decided to fight. I cast him out of my thoughts in my heart, and I had to choose what side I would belong. We must have opposition in all things SO WE CAN CHOOSE!! What's interesting is how quickly Cap Moroni puts dissenters to death. HE DOESN'T LET ANYONE OR ANYTHING GET IN THE WAY OF HIS VICTORY. And I am Learning how to do that in my own life. Sometimes I would let the thoughts of discouragement and worthlessness sit and make a difference in my mind instead of executing them the minute they present themselves. And after I fought I had more spiritual experiences and was filled with more peace and learned more. Heavenly Father has seen fit to have me swim in deep water this mission and I am so glad that He is. It is making me strong. It is the fastest way for me to grow and He needs to me grow as fast as possible. These people are waiting for this message and I will be ready to be the one to present it. Heavenly Father NEVER sends in thoughts of doubt or fear. Never. So I am not going to let them hang out and cause pity parties :) Dat ain't helpin nobody!

For p-day today, Elder Meng and I decided to go to the park and throw the Frisbee :) It was sooo much fun! We got to go in sweats and t-shirts and let le say.. MAN IT FEELS GREAT!! haha i have missed it! We have been jogging to all our destinations today to get some extra exercise that we miss :)

This week was intense. We had 3 exchanges! I hardly ever saw Elder Meng haha! One of the exchanges we did was with the zone leaders and it was incredible. The Zone leaders are in Angers and so I stayed in nantes wit one of them and Elder Meng went with the other there. And we went contacting and followed the spirit to where we needed to go. And the spirit was directing us away from where most of the people seemed to be, but we followed it anyways and we found some amazing people! We contacted a women, by talking to her about eternal families and she told us that her dad had died when she was little and she had a lot of questions about him and had a dream where her dad came to her and introduced himself to her so she could know who he was. In the dream she asked him how she would know if it was true or not and her dad told her to tell her mom certain things and her mom would respond a certain way and that way she would know that the dream was true. And the girl did what her dad had said and sure enough he was right. And so she told us that she knew that our spirits lived after and she wanted to know more. We taught her about the temple and how she could sealed to her family and she instantly wanted to go! It was incredible! Heavenly Father is preparing the way :)

Funny: On that same exchange we met a man from Central Africa who asked us when we talked to him, "You guys do polygamy right??" "No that's actually not true..." He said, "Gosh dang it! That's the only reason I was interested in talking to you. I was hoping you did! That would be sweet..." Hahahahaha yeah what a weirdo hahahaha

I am feeling of your love and all the prayers are working :)

I am so glad that you got talk to Bliss! :) I am sooo glad that she is doing well. 

Anywho I love you!!!! :) Thanks for always believing in me and helping me so much mom!! You're my best friend and the best mother :) I love you!

Elder Lucas :P

Monday, February 16, 2015

No Time Today

Jacob did not send a letter today, only a sentence confirming his new address. No one is more disappointed than his momma (sad face). 

His new mailing address is:

Elder Jacob Lucas
8 Rue Lamoricière-Villa 
Lamoricière 44100

Much love,
Elder Lucas and Ericson with the Gros Family in Valenciennes.
This was his last night in Valenciennes before being transferred to Nantes.  The Gros Family commented that Elder Lucas is a great missionary and will always be welcome in their home! We are so grateful for their thoughtfulness in sending a picture.

Monday, February 9, 2015

"If this was a gun and I shot you.. Where is Christ now??"

Hey Momma!

My new address:

8 Rue Lamoricière-Villa 
Lamoricière 44100
(Please send any letters and packages to the above address- the mission home does not accept  packages)

Okay, I LOVE NANTES!!!! It is soooo beautiful here!! We live like 5 minutes from this gorgeous river and we go contacting every morning along it! I think I am figuring out that I am a big city kid. I just love having a ton of people around! Hahah that might just be for missionary work haha because then I have more victims haha just kidding :) But in our area we have a ton of design schools and all the buildings are beautiful!! It is sooo cool :) AND there are a ton of châteaus here!! Later we will be checking one out :) (Nantes pronounces "Naut" was voted the the most livable city in Europe. It is the 4th largest city in France and is 30 minutes from the coast)

It's interesting because thinking about it, I could be pretty discouraged about not having a ton of success so far, BUT I have been filled with love for the people here and that is stronger than the discouragement so I get re-pumped going out everyday to help others.

Oh, and I LOVE the new ward here!! We have 8 missionaries here! Two elders and two sisters. SO cool!! Yesterday, I received a lot of personal revelation. I was super down and just hurting because I just felt like the first part of my mission was a waste.. I really didn't have any success and just felt like more than anything my testimony got shoved into the fire and nothing was accomplished as for my purpose of coming on a mission.. And then Heavenly Father lifted me up and helped me understand. I was reminded of Joseph Smith and when he was in Liberty Jail and lust have been feeling the same way on a much greater scale. He was only doing what he knew to be right and then when the Church, his family, and his friends needed him most he was put into jail... He surely must have felt like he could have been using his time better out in Nauvoo helping the people who believed his testimony. But, the Lord has a different time table. And most of those expériences that I had in Valenciennes will shape my life.. I had never felt so alone and lost in my life.. And I know how it feels to be in the world..I now see so much more clearly why I am out here! I see why people need this gospel! It is so easy to get lost and truly the gospel is the light to us all. I learned how to believe in myself because GOD believes in me. He really does and there is no reason that I shouldn't either :) I look back at Valenciennes in total gratitude because of all that Heavenly Father gave me and prepared me for with those expériences :)

My comp is a stud!! His name is Elder Meng.. YEAH like the missionary who served in Farmington! Weird!! And he isn't asian.. He's white! Wrazy cool!! I really like him! He is from Washington (the east side by Idaho) and he really like to work hard! It is so much fun. We work really well together :) AND finally I am in an apartment where everyone cooks together! It is sooooo much more fun :) especially with 4 all working together!! (YAY MOMMA IS HAPPY)

The other elders in my apartment are Elders Beane and Hedquist. They are studs. They are both super old in their missions and are great examples. Elder Beane looks and acts just like Mr. Bean from the TV show hahaha.. (That's what Elder Meng says.. I have never seen the TV show...) But he is super funny and crazy!! He made burritos out of deep fried potatoes.. a frozen pizza cut up and then deep fried (with cinnamon in it) and some ham and beef... And apparently it turned out amazing!! Hahaha and a straight road to diabetes hahaha :) I didn't have any hahaha

I have a new contacting approach. I act like I know the person and just walk up like I am a super good friend and say, "Heyyy.. Fred!" (Or whatever name I choose to make up to pretend like I know them haha) and they will either say, "Do I know you?" or "That's not my name... Do I look like a Fred?" and I will say to the first, "Oh, maybe not.. my bad haha.. my name is.. ETC." and to the second, "Oh maybe.. wait, so what is your name...?" and it will just initiate the conversation hahaha :)

The french try to put uup a "tough" barrier so I don't talk to them but that doesn't stop me haha. I will find a way to talk about the plan Father has made for them! Or whatever the spirit says they need :)

That is sooo cool with Kale!! I am so proud of him! What a little stud! I knew a month ago when you told me that he had missed those shots that it would propel him to work harder and be able to be the clutch in the future! Failure isn't falling, it's when you quit.. And usually it's the falls that breed the greatest success! My dad taught me that :)

Sam is the monster!! I wrote him a letter a week ago. It should be getting there soon :) I am soo proud of that stud :)

I had any interesting experience yesterday. I was on the tram and a guy confronted me after I had finished talking to another man and started to mock Jesus Christ and me. I asked him if he believed in Christ, and he stood up and made his hand like a gun and shoved his pointer finger up to my head, and started shouting at me, "If this was a gun and I shot you.. Where is Christ now??" I realized he was drunk.. "Where is Christ now huh??" That what he kept saying and I didn't say anything back and after a mintute he walked away and then came right back and did it again. This time I pushed away his hand and he started threatening to fight me. EVERYONE was watching.. So I walked away and started talking to another man way down the tram. When I got off another man and a woman apporached me and complimented me on m courage and not reacted in anger when being mocked and threatened. Apparently the woman had stood up tp the drunk later and told him that he needed to stop and not do that just because he didn't beleive the same things. The woman said that she didn't beleive in Christ but still resepcted. In all, they complimented me for my courage to be doing what I am doing.. It's interesting though because if that was a real gun, would I know where I stand, and where Christ stands? YES. I would die for Him. No I have not met Him but I know that He lives. And I live for Him as a missionary;

Missionary work is about to explode here in Nantes!! I am sooo excited!! The people here are really cool! I just am going to keep giving my all!!

Anyways I love you momma!! Thanks so much for everything! 

Elder Lucas

Monday, February 2, 2015

The hairless wonder.... :/


I just told dad, and I am getting transferred! To Nantes!! Oh yeah!!
It's in the west of France, the southern part of our mission!!! I am soooo pumped!!! I am going to be comps with the district leader down there and in a 4 man apartment!! Boo yeah!! Nantes is also one of the bigger cities in France in the mission :) More people to talk to! Haha, and it's on the other side of the country, so I am sooo excited! Big city here I come!! Me and my hairless head :) (I am NEVER buzzing my head again... ) hahaha but it'll grow back and I will have my wavy locks again hahah :) I don't have the info of where I will be living but I will let you kow next week.

I had an awesome exchange with our district leader this last week!! We made shrimp Stucki-Lucs!!! (Yes we named them after ourselves) We are going to go to Hawaii and start a Stucki-Luc/burger shop on the beach, and have bonfires every night. It's going to be the life hahaha jk :) But, so that was great! I don't know if you know what a Stucki_Luc is, but it's just different meat, with cheese, wrapped like a burrito in a quiche pate. It's amazing! We even made Alfredo sauce and put it in there :))) MONEY!! ..And probably obesity hahaha :) But he taught me alot. He is a great missionary! He is going into his last transfer before he dies (that means he's going home soon)  :o I know crazy right!!

I actually have seen some huge improvement from my comp this last week! (Read dad's email) it's explained in that one.. But it was really cool! But in the future, I need to NOT let people walk all over me. I need to stand up for myself and do it faster. Christ was meek and didn't slander but he did tell people when they needed to stop.

I am sooo glad that Sam is doing so well. Man that early morning sounds sooo good! I miss it :) Sam benched 200?? What a monster!! I mean, that's probably about my max too.. yeah my squat max hahaha...
I am glad that Kyle is hanging out with Sean and Ty. How is Sean?? I want to hear from that buff Ex AP stud. (Yep, Sean's arm size has made news in all the way to France... :)

Jazz class? That's sweet!! I still dance everyday in the shower of that counts for anything haha :) (don't picture it hahaha)

Go Bobit!! Rory is what???? What's with all this marriage talk? I am going to be bachelor for life hahaha. I haven't even been gone for 6 months and the world explodes and changes hahaha!! Oh well :)

I am so sorry for the Morrows.. I will keep praying for them.

Dad is awesome :) Both of you are!! I have the best parents :) My best friends :)

This week was more difficult. As I strive to everyday, I tried my best to talk to and help as many people as possible, but no one wanted to really listen. But I really felt the love of the Savior comfort me when I was down. I don't completely understand the atonement, but I know that it is real and works! Mom, I am changing. HF is making me into who He needs and I love it :) Everyday I hope to be more the person that He sees me becoming. I have been really trying to apply the talk, "We are the architects of our own happiness" by Gérald Caussé. I would highly recommend it and actually would encourage you to have the family read it :) It opened my eyes a lot!

I have learned a lot about how the love of God can change us. Just taking a moment and knowing that God infinitely LOVES us changes our entire perspective. I have felt so much peace and happiness as I have strived to see EVERYTHING in the light that He loves me. Every trial, every blessing, every person, every expereince. We can find the light in it all. The world has enough darkenss as it is. The people who make a difference here have the ability to see the light in the lidst of it. It's more than a talent to do so; it's a gift from Heavenly Father. And that's why we are here. To learn to see as He sees! And even though, this week wasn't the best for missionary work, I can rejoice in the miracles that ARE coming in the future and the little ones that I do have every day!! There is a million reasons to be unhappy, but we can have the perspective to see what there is that DOES make us happy :) And as far as miracles go, why would God give us huge amazing miracles, if we don't notice the little ones that make up our lives everyday? :) I am trying to change my perspective, be a true disciple of Christ, and see as He sees. It's pretty cool knowing that through Christ I can do that :) From the little booger who always had Mr Grumpy issues to the happiest man in France :) C'est moi!! Haha, I love you momma!!

Love, Jacob :)))