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Monday, February 9, 2015

"If this was a gun and I shot you.. Where is Christ now??"

Hey Momma!

My new address:

8 Rue Lamoricière-Villa 
Lamoricière 44100
(Please send any letters and packages to the above address- the mission home does not accept  packages)

Okay, I LOVE NANTES!!!! It is soooo beautiful here!! We live like 5 minutes from this gorgeous river and we go contacting every morning along it! I think I am figuring out that I am a big city kid. I just love having a ton of people around! Hahah that might just be for missionary work haha because then I have more victims haha just kidding :) But in our area we have a ton of design schools and all the buildings are beautiful!! It is sooo cool :) AND there are a ton of châteaus here!! Later we will be checking one out :) (Nantes pronounces "Naut" was voted the the most livable city in Europe. It is the 4th largest city in France and is 30 minutes from the coast)

It's interesting because thinking about it, I could be pretty discouraged about not having a ton of success so far, BUT I have been filled with love for the people here and that is stronger than the discouragement so I get re-pumped going out everyday to help others.

Oh, and I LOVE the new ward here!! We have 8 missionaries here! Two elders and two sisters. SO cool!! Yesterday, I received a lot of personal revelation. I was super down and just hurting because I just felt like the first part of my mission was a waste.. I really didn't have any success and just felt like more than anything my testimony got shoved into the fire and nothing was accomplished as for my purpose of coming on a mission.. And then Heavenly Father lifted me up and helped me understand. I was reminded of Joseph Smith and when he was in Liberty Jail and lust have been feeling the same way on a much greater scale. He was only doing what he knew to be right and then when the Church, his family, and his friends needed him most he was put into jail... He surely must have felt like he could have been using his time better out in Nauvoo helping the people who believed his testimony. But, the Lord has a different time table. And most of those expériences that I had in Valenciennes will shape my life.. I had never felt so alone and lost in my life.. And I know how it feels to be in the world..I now see so much more clearly why I am out here! I see why people need this gospel! It is so easy to get lost and truly the gospel is the light to us all. I learned how to believe in myself because GOD believes in me. He really does and there is no reason that I shouldn't either :) I look back at Valenciennes in total gratitude because of all that Heavenly Father gave me and prepared me for with those expériences :)

My comp is a stud!! His name is Elder Meng.. YEAH like the missionary who served in Farmington! Weird!! And he isn't asian.. He's white! Wrazy cool!! I really like him! He is from Washington (the east side by Idaho) and he really like to work hard! It is so much fun. We work really well together :) AND finally I am in an apartment where everyone cooks together! It is sooooo much more fun :) especially with 4 all working together!! (YAY MOMMA IS HAPPY)

The other elders in my apartment are Elders Beane and Hedquist. They are studs. They are both super old in their missions and are great examples. Elder Beane looks and acts just like Mr. Bean from the TV show hahaha.. (That's what Elder Meng says.. I have never seen the TV show...) But he is super funny and crazy!! He made burritos out of deep fried potatoes.. a frozen pizza cut up and then deep fried (with cinnamon in it) and some ham and beef... And apparently it turned out amazing!! Hahaha and a straight road to diabetes hahaha :) I didn't have any hahaha

I have a new contacting approach. I act like I know the person and just walk up like I am a super good friend and say, "Heyyy.. Fred!" (Or whatever name I choose to make up to pretend like I know them haha) and they will either say, "Do I know you?" or "That's not my name... Do I look like a Fred?" and I will say to the first, "Oh, maybe not.. my bad haha.. my name is.. ETC." and to the second, "Oh maybe.. wait, so what is your name...?" and it will just initiate the conversation hahaha :)

The french try to put uup a "tough" barrier so I don't talk to them but that doesn't stop me haha. I will find a way to talk about the plan Father has made for them! Or whatever the spirit says they need :)

That is sooo cool with Kale!! I am so proud of him! What a little stud! I knew a month ago when you told me that he had missed those shots that it would propel him to work harder and be able to be the clutch in the future! Failure isn't falling, it's when you quit.. And usually it's the falls that breed the greatest success! My dad taught me that :)

Sam is the monster!! I wrote him a letter a week ago. It should be getting there soon :) I am soo proud of that stud :)

I had any interesting experience yesterday. I was on the tram and a guy confronted me after I had finished talking to another man and started to mock Jesus Christ and me. I asked him if he believed in Christ, and he stood up and made his hand like a gun and shoved his pointer finger up to my head, and started shouting at me, "If this was a gun and I shot you.. Where is Christ now??" I realized he was drunk.. "Where is Christ now huh??" That what he kept saying and I didn't say anything back and after a mintute he walked away and then came right back and did it again. This time I pushed away his hand and he started threatening to fight me. EVERYONE was watching.. So I walked away and started talking to another man way down the tram. When I got off another man and a woman apporached me and complimented me on m courage and not reacted in anger when being mocked and threatened. Apparently the woman had stood up tp the drunk later and told him that he needed to stop and not do that just because he didn't beleive the same things. The woman said that she didn't beleive in Christ but still resepcted. In all, they complimented me for my courage to be doing what I am doing.. It's interesting though because if that was a real gun, would I know where I stand, and where Christ stands? YES. I would die for Him. No I have not met Him but I know that He lives. And I live for Him as a missionary;

Missionary work is about to explode here in Nantes!! I am sooo excited!! The people here are really cool! I just am going to keep giving my all!!

Anyways I love you momma!! Thanks so much for everything! 

Elder Lucas

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