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Monday, February 2, 2015

The hairless wonder.... :/


I just told dad, and I am getting transferred! To Nantes!! Oh yeah!!
It's in the west of France, the southern part of our mission!!! I am soooo pumped!!! I am going to be comps with the district leader down there and in a 4 man apartment!! Boo yeah!! Nantes is also one of the bigger cities in France in the mission :) More people to talk to! Haha, and it's on the other side of the country, so I am sooo excited! Big city here I come!! Me and my hairless head :) (I am NEVER buzzing my head again... ) hahaha but it'll grow back and I will have my wavy locks again hahah :) I don't have the info of where I will be living but I will let you kow next week.

I had an awesome exchange with our district leader this last week!! We made shrimp Stucki-Lucs!!! (Yes we named them after ourselves) We are going to go to Hawaii and start a Stucki-Luc/burger shop on the beach, and have bonfires every night. It's going to be the life hahaha jk :) But, so that was great! I don't know if you know what a Stucki_Luc is, but it's just different meat, with cheese, wrapped like a burrito in a quiche pate. It's amazing! We even made Alfredo sauce and put it in there :))) MONEY!! ..And probably obesity hahaha :) But he taught me alot. He is a great missionary! He is going into his last transfer before he dies (that means he's going home soon)  :o I know crazy right!!

I actually have seen some huge improvement from my comp this last week! (Read dad's email) it's explained in that one.. But it was really cool! But in the future, I need to NOT let people walk all over me. I need to stand up for myself and do it faster. Christ was meek and didn't slander but he did tell people when they needed to stop.

I am sooo glad that Sam is doing so well. Man that early morning sounds sooo good! I miss it :) Sam benched 200?? What a monster!! I mean, that's probably about my max too.. yeah my squat max hahaha...
I am glad that Kyle is hanging out with Sean and Ty. How is Sean?? I want to hear from that buff Ex AP stud. (Yep, Sean's arm size has made news in all the way to France... :)

Jazz class? That's sweet!! I still dance everyday in the shower of that counts for anything haha :) (don't picture it hahaha)

Go Bobit!! Rory is what???? What's with all this marriage talk? I am going to be bachelor for life hahaha. I haven't even been gone for 6 months and the world explodes and changes hahaha!! Oh well :)

I am so sorry for the Morrows.. I will keep praying for them.

Dad is awesome :) Both of you are!! I have the best parents :) My best friends :)

This week was more difficult. As I strive to everyday, I tried my best to talk to and help as many people as possible, but no one wanted to really listen. But I really felt the love of the Savior comfort me when I was down. I don't completely understand the atonement, but I know that it is real and works! Mom, I am changing. HF is making me into who He needs and I love it :) Everyday I hope to be more the person that He sees me becoming. I have been really trying to apply the talk, "We are the architects of our own happiness" by Gérald Caussé. I would highly recommend it and actually would encourage you to have the family read it :) It opened my eyes a lot!

I have learned a lot about how the love of God can change us. Just taking a moment and knowing that God infinitely LOVES us changes our entire perspective. I have felt so much peace and happiness as I have strived to see EVERYTHING in the light that He loves me. Every trial, every blessing, every person, every expereince. We can find the light in it all. The world has enough darkenss as it is. The people who make a difference here have the ability to see the light in the lidst of it. It's more than a talent to do so; it's a gift from Heavenly Father. And that's why we are here. To learn to see as He sees! And even though, this week wasn't the best for missionary work, I can rejoice in the miracles that ARE coming in the future and the little ones that I do have every day!! There is a million reasons to be unhappy, but we can have the perspective to see what there is that DOES make us happy :) And as far as miracles go, why would God give us huge amazing miracles, if we don't notice the little ones that make up our lives everyday? :) I am trying to change my perspective, be a true disciple of Christ, and see as He sees. It's pretty cool knowing that through Christ I can do that :) From the little booger who always had Mr Grumpy issues to the happiest man in France :) C'est moi!! Haha, I love you momma!!

Love, Jacob :)))

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