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Monday, March 30, 2015

It's me .....Wrecking havoc hahaha!


What's going on over there??!!

I am glad that you liked my insights from Alma 17, because if not that would be somewhat awkward.. :) Just playing :) It is true though. If we are to follow the Savior then we MUST expect to suffer a little bit how He did. (excerpt from Mom's letter Below)

Actually one of the things that I have learned, like you, is just how well we can stand for Christ and mom I LOVE it!! Standing for Him is who I am-the best me- and I know that I am here for an incredible purpose. I have reflected a TON this last week about my mission and mom I am just soooo blessed!!! It's obvious that Heavenly Father knows exactly what He is doing. I had to go through the fire and through what would be a Hell for me because it has prepared me to be the most powerful missionary that I possibly can be!! It's interesting because I feel like when coming out to missions we think that it will be like an EFY for two years and just be so easy and all work out. And don't get me wrong, that's super important and necessary to have that attitude because the point is that it will always work out when we follow Him, but I have learned a lot about the mission of the Savior. Too often we ask why is life sooo hard but don't even stop to look at the exemplar of life Himself and see exactly what His life was like. He went through EVERYTHING. Literally everything for ALL of us. And that is why He can save us because He walked where we walked, how we walked, and has been through it all. And if we want to participate in the saving some souls and walk the path that He walked then we must be ready to experience some of what He felt and do what He did. If we want to help that man over there come to the Savior then we will most likely have to suffer and work for the salvation of that man. Salvation was NEVER easy and mom these trials that I have gone through have shaped me to be exactly what I need to be for these people, for my companion, and for my district. I have learned how in my own way how dark and lonely and terrifying the world can be, so that I can know what to do for my wandering brother along the way. I can lift where I stand now, because I learned how to rise. And that is only through Christ.

I LOVE bearing my testimony and we talk to so many people who try to throw it in my face, but the spirit backs me up and I feel it work through me to the knowing of what to say to help these specific people. In fact, (I will give you the beautiful scenery of Nantes as well haha) picture a beautiful deep blue river, in the middle of a city with white and gray french architecture, and there are birds singing..And then there's me... Wrecking havoc hahaha.. No, we were contacting on the bridge and stopped this man and at first when asked if knowing if God could help him he immediately said, "No,". But I felt the spirit then prompt me to testify of how in my life, feeling personally that God loves me and changed my whole perspective and I asked him what he thought the point of life is. And he replied that it was to feel love and find the one person who will love you. And the spirit came and he softened while talking. We then explained how he agreed that we all search for love and we then dove into how it is God's love that we need. And, at the end, we asked the same question and he answered with an assured, "Yes,". It was incredible!

Thank you very much for the letter. It really touched me, and I want you to know just how much your (and mom's) letters help me exceedingly. You were the one who taught me how to persevere and never quit. Thank you :)

I have learned a lot about life and the mission! You are right! i actually had an incredible exchange this week with a zone leader and learned an incredible amount of information on how I can really change things here in Nantes. I have great hopes!! We are planning to start samedi (Saturday) sports for our amis and the members, and we are really developing an incredible member game plan and I am really excited! The Lord is really helping me actually see that I already know how to do all this- I just need to trust myself; It's been really a confidence booster.

I loved reading all about the castles; It's sooo interesting! Believe it or not I get study trunky and Learning trunky hahaha! Not bad at all :) All I mean is that I miss Learning about all the incredible things in the world. BUT the gospel is so enthralling and so motivating so I only get study trunky like once every 24 months.. And it already passed hahaha :)

I have been able to take some chill time. It's always so interesting on Pday to just walk to through the Streets and notice all the incredible architecture. Usually we miss it because we are looking for people. But it is so incredible!

Tour guide. I like it ;) I'll drive one of those balcony buses and have my voice broad casted through speakers. Oh it's happening! I can feel it!! I will wear overalls and a tour guide hat!! ..yeah no hahaha :)

I loved what you said about leadership It was incredible advice. Thank you so very much!! Tough love is necessary. I am Learning that a lot when talking with the french; If the spirit dictates it, then I must rebuke and correct with boldness and take a brave stand-with an increase of love afterwards. It's really interesting. The spirit is the guide for all of that :)

And guess what???

So we haven't been able to see Sabine because she had a huge family controversy and I really can't know a lot about it, but we didn't get to see her for like two weeks, BUT I talked to her yesterday and and she still wants to get baptized and learn all that she can!! I am sooooo pumped!! It was such a great tender mercy :)

And one last miracle! An inactive that we work with has been striving to stop smoking. And we asked him a couple of days ago how that was going and he said that since he committed to stop he hasn't smoked since. And we asked him how he was able to do that, and he said, "I focus on the atonement of the Savior and all that He has done for me, and it makes me strong enough every time;" It was amazing!!! He has been progressing exponentially!! :)

The Worth of souls is great!!

I love you Dad!! You are my hero and example!!

Elder Lucas:)
Jacob in Paris waiting for his new Blue!

Elder Young and Elder Lucas

Monday, March 16, 2015

Monkey no more!!! I'm going Ape!


SOOO!! If you haven't yet, read dad's email!

OKAY! SO you know I am going to BE A Trainer!!! SOOOOO SWEET!

Thank you sooo much for the pics!!! Brings back weird memories from last year... A year ago we we were in Egypt!! So sweet!! And 2 years ago I was at the night in Paris! :) BUT Sam looks soooo good! And soo did Lauren. They looked amazing :) How cool! Hahaha and he knows that he does too by the pics hahahah make sure his head doesn't get too big ;) even though I am his number one fan!!! What a stud :)

District Monkey is great except I am now the Ape!! ...That's not what we call it, I just made that up hahaha sorry lame joke :)

I am soooo excited!!! So Elder Meng is getting transferred to Caen!! And he is becoming Zone Leader over there with this ancient Elder who will die sometime soon (this means he's ending his mission) hahaha.

BUT yeah!!! AND! I AM district leader :O Crazy right?!?!

Interestingly enough I was told I also needed to go to Paris to pick up my Blue on Wednesday :O (GASP!) That poor boy hahahaha just kidding :) I am really excited and am honored to be a trainer now. The Lord will provide the way and will make me into what I need to be to help my bleu and my district. It's just like it said in the blessing that you gave me before that I should not fear leadership but am blessed to love the missionaries in my district and zone and help and guide them throughout the entire mission. I am sooo excited!! It is going to be so much fun! Just going to love this guy to death :)


This week was... crazy.

We had sooo many rendez-vous and were literally just sprinting to and from places! I got a little sick from being dehydrated and that was a bummer... But we saw some miracles!

Sabine wasn't able to come to Church because she is having some really hard times at home. We think that she might have some abuse, and she had an interview with the Bishop this Saturday to talk-because she can't even talk to us due to our guidelines as missionaries. But I talked to her yesterday and she is still really wanting to keep on the path she is headed. Se is great!

We met with her kids and we brought a youth (it's weird because I still feel like a youth...) a 17 year old girl who connected super well with Sabine's daughter and they talked about how in the world there are so many things that try to tell you how you're not beautiful but the Lord wants ALL His daughters to feel beautiful. It was amazing... I actually was on a split during that one, but Elder Meng said it was incredible and how at the end, he tied it into prayer and used Joseph Smith's experience as an example that God will answer all our prayers and that He truly does care about all of us.

Last story: We meet with a handicapped older African man who lives 40 kilometers from the Church and have been working with him on coming and overcoming Word of Wisdom issues. And this last week we met with him twice and gave him a blessing and just encouraged him that we believed in him and that he could stop smoking ( I know this is terrible English) but we also cleaned his house for him and spent time showing him that we care. He threw away all his cigarettes and firmly declared that he was coming to Church! It took him 3 hours but he made it to Church for Sacrament Meeting for the first time in months!!! (Sacrament meeting is the third meeting). What a miracle!!

Mom, I love you sooo much!! I sent off the letters for the family on Saturday so they should be there soon :) Thank you for being the best! I will send pics next week! 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Such a good mood!

What's going on my beautiful momma!!!??

Wooooo I am in suuuuch a good mood today!! Hahaha my crazy side is out and I think it's my favorite side so it might just have to stay hahaha ;) So,check out this suuuper cool quote that President sent me!

Marvin J. Ashton a dit : “Why does the lack of appreciation offend God and kindle his wrath? Not because he needs to see and hear our appreciation and gratitude, but because he knows an absence of appreciation on the part of anyone causes personal stagnation. Our growth and our progress are delayed when we fail to feel and express our appreciation.”

Goes along with the talk! But isn't that interesting that it's not that He is frustrated because of pride as God, but it is because of His great Love!! God is the perfect example of love and humility EVEN though ALL powerful. Soooo cool!! Man we have an incredible Father :)

I loved the talk that you gave me. (Grateful under any Circumstances by Uchdorf) I find it interesting that NĂ©phi specifically says that he LOOKED to God. Elder Beane gave a lesson in district meeting last week about gratitude and took a pebble and put it in front of his eyes and said that all he could see was the pebble because it was right in front. Literally it consumed his view. But then, if you put it on the ground where it belongs, then we can see everything else in perspective. We can still see the pebble, but it's not all that we see. And I believe that literally looking to God is how we love the pebbles out of our eyes! We all have problems and honestly we all make them bigger than they are and they can consume our whole life! Even if they are a little pebble! But when we are grateful in all things and look to the Master of all, we can see the bigger picture. We can see that this moment is just so short and we can either learn from it and love it with all that we can or we will miss it. Gratitude is love. Gratitude is loving life with all that we have, no matter what the circumstances. With the 5 loaves and 2 fishes, the miracle came AFTER Christ was grateful for what they did have, and then they had enough! The leper who returned and was grateful was made whole!! Gratitude literally fills us even if we feel completely empty :)

Sorry that was a little gratitude rant haha! But that is actually the most important principle that Heavenly Father has taught me on my mission. That has been the theme and I am sooo grateful for it. With gratitude there is no "Woe was me". There is no problem that cannot be resolved. There are only happy endings! And truly the Savior is the source of it all! How Lucky am I to get to share the message of Him with all that I can for 2 years!!

Anywho, I am great! Elder Meng is doing well! It's been fun. He is a really down to earth guy and does a really good job.

I want pics of the Sam next week!! Haha I am soo excited for him. :)

Snowbird sounds great! Hahaha oh kale:) I love that kid! He's probably taller than me now huh??

OKAY; Our investigator is SOOOO COOL!! She came to Church and brought her kids and one of her kids is a 16 year old girl and is super interested too!! OH YEAHHHHH!! (I may or may not be dancing/celebrating  right now in this little computer room hahaha :) ) So I am sooo pumped! We are also teaching another guy named Sultan from Jordan! I love talking to people from the mid east because I tell them all that I visited last year and boom we are friends!! Haha not everyone visits soooo thank you for taking me there haha!! But yeah, he is doing great! We are also teaching a man tonight named Duban. It was sooo cool because he was looking super down at a tram stop and I walked up to him and just started talking to him and I introduced myself as a missionary of Jesus Christ and he looked really touched and long story short he used to believe but was finding that his beliefs were started to fade in Christ and he was afraid of losing them... And the spirit took over and I testified to Him about how it is hard but how we can fortify our testimonies and it was amazing!! SO! I will be teaching him at 6 tonight :) SOOO pumped!!

Mom, I love you. SOOOO much!! Thank you for being my mother and being the most amazing/important woman in my life.


Monday, March 2, 2015

We have a baptism scheduled!


Tell Sambo happy birthday for me!!!! I am writing him his letter back today and almost have it done so it should get there sometime next week :) I haven't had a ton of time to write the letters this transfer because I have been traveling a lot. I am district monkey (comp of the district leader) which basically means I get to go on exchanges with everyone in the district and have no responsibility AKA THE BEST ASSIGNMENT EVA!

Hahaha it's way fun! So the last couple of weeks, I have been to St. Nazaire a couple of times and also La Rochelle. SOOOO cool! It's really interesting because St. Nazaire looks so American because it was completely wiped out in WWII.. Yeah some old frenchies don't like Americans because of it.. But hey, we saved them!! So I don't know what their deal is hahaha :) La Rochelle is beautiful!! It's also the furthest South you can go in the mish. Pretty cool experience :)

This week has been soooo great :) I am doing so much better and am really seeing how Heavenly Father is shaping me to be the person that He needs. I am really just trying to be the happiest I possibly can in the moment. It comes from loving HF with all our heart :) Have you heard the EFY songs for 2015; I think you would really be touched by some of them. They have really opened my eyes :)

That's crazy about C Bradley!! I wrote a bit to Dad about how I felt. 

Go Bliss! I wrote her a bit today just saying congrats and how it's lame that she didn't get permission from her little bro (me) first hahaha ;) I wrote Logibear too. 

I had some very interesting thoughts the other day about you and your headaches. Looking back on my mission I realised yesterday that it shows that I CAN do it; Heavenly Father gave me one of the most difficult situations possible for me personally with being alone, exhausted, the only one who wanted to work hard, not knowing the language, away from family, no help from Church because of language barrier, etc. And it has been the greatest thing ever! I know that I can overcome because of it. In the moment it was TERRIBLE! But, I have learned so much and am becoming what I need to be for Him. And I feel like your headaches are there for a reason. Look at how much patience you have. You are soooo incredibly patient, and they may have helped. And it's good that you are patient because you had a hell hound for your first son for some years hahahaha :) I know that there will be a time when we look back at all our greatest trials through the eyes of up most gratitude :)

This week was incredible!! Sorry this will be quick! But we have a bap date!!! This lady was soooo happy when we told her that her family can be sealed for eternity! Also, this inactive we have been working with came to Church for the first tie in 4 years!! And it was a lesson that the spirit literally directed me to give to him. It was sooo cool!! I will write more in detail when I write the letters to you all this week I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH!!!

Don't forget it :)

Jacob the Lucas Man!

PS. Number 1 is me at the castle here in Nantes

2. Elder Beane... He stole my camera :)

3.  Is us eating baguettes.. Pretty much describes our Relationship hahaha jk.. Oh and I bought that sweater ;)

4. Elder Meng (my comp) at the museum here in Nantes

5. The last one is me in my service clothes. We had a day of faggots!! NO not those types of faggots hahaha.. like we bundled sticks for a ward service project all day :) pretty cool. The faggots were sold and the money brought in was given to charity.