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Monday, March 30, 2015

It's me .....Wrecking havoc hahaha!


What's going on over there??!!

I am glad that you liked my insights from Alma 17, because if not that would be somewhat awkward.. :) Just playing :) It is true though. If we are to follow the Savior then we MUST expect to suffer a little bit how He did. (excerpt from Mom's letter Below)

Actually one of the things that I have learned, like you, is just how well we can stand for Christ and mom I LOVE it!! Standing for Him is who I am-the best me- and I know that I am here for an incredible purpose. I have reflected a TON this last week about my mission and mom I am just soooo blessed!!! It's obvious that Heavenly Father knows exactly what He is doing. I had to go through the fire and through what would be a Hell for me because it has prepared me to be the most powerful missionary that I possibly can be!! It's interesting because I feel like when coming out to missions we think that it will be like an EFY for two years and just be so easy and all work out. And don't get me wrong, that's super important and necessary to have that attitude because the point is that it will always work out when we follow Him, but I have learned a lot about the mission of the Savior. Too often we ask why is life sooo hard but don't even stop to look at the exemplar of life Himself and see exactly what His life was like. He went through EVERYTHING. Literally everything for ALL of us. And that is why He can save us because He walked where we walked, how we walked, and has been through it all. And if we want to participate in the saving some souls and walk the path that He walked then we must be ready to experience some of what He felt and do what He did. If we want to help that man over there come to the Savior then we will most likely have to suffer and work for the salvation of that man. Salvation was NEVER easy and mom these trials that I have gone through have shaped me to be exactly what I need to be for these people, for my companion, and for my district. I have learned how in my own way how dark and lonely and terrifying the world can be, so that I can know what to do for my wandering brother along the way. I can lift where I stand now, because I learned how to rise. And that is only through Christ.

I LOVE bearing my testimony and we talk to so many people who try to throw it in my face, but the spirit backs me up and I feel it work through me to the knowing of what to say to help these specific people. In fact, (I will give you the beautiful scenery of Nantes as well haha) picture a beautiful deep blue river, in the middle of a city with white and gray french architecture, and there are birds singing..And then there's me... Wrecking havoc hahaha.. No, we were contacting on the bridge and stopped this man and at first when asked if knowing if God could help him he immediately said, "No,". But I felt the spirit then prompt me to testify of how in my life, feeling personally that God loves me and changed my whole perspective and I asked him what he thought the point of life is. And he replied that it was to feel love and find the one person who will love you. And the spirit came and he softened while talking. We then explained how he agreed that we all search for love and we then dove into how it is God's love that we need. And, at the end, we asked the same question and he answered with an assured, "Yes,". It was incredible!

Thank you very much for the letter. It really touched me, and I want you to know just how much your (and mom's) letters help me exceedingly. You were the one who taught me how to persevere and never quit. Thank you :)

I have learned a lot about life and the mission! You are right! i actually had an incredible exchange this week with a zone leader and learned an incredible amount of information on how I can really change things here in Nantes. I have great hopes!! We are planning to start samedi (Saturday) sports for our amis and the members, and we are really developing an incredible member game plan and I am really excited! The Lord is really helping me actually see that I already know how to do all this- I just need to trust myself; It's been really a confidence booster.

I loved reading all about the castles; It's sooo interesting! Believe it or not I get study trunky and Learning trunky hahaha! Not bad at all :) All I mean is that I miss Learning about all the incredible things in the world. BUT the gospel is so enthralling and so motivating so I only get study trunky like once every 24 months.. And it already passed hahaha :)

I have been able to take some chill time. It's always so interesting on Pday to just walk to through the Streets and notice all the incredible architecture. Usually we miss it because we are looking for people. But it is so incredible!

Tour guide. I like it ;) I'll drive one of those balcony buses and have my voice broad casted through speakers. Oh it's happening! I can feel it!! I will wear overalls and a tour guide hat!! ..yeah no hahaha :)

I loved what you said about leadership It was incredible advice. Thank you so very much!! Tough love is necessary. I am Learning that a lot when talking with the french; If the spirit dictates it, then I must rebuke and correct with boldness and take a brave stand-with an increase of love afterwards. It's really interesting. The spirit is the guide for all of that :)

And guess what???

So we haven't been able to see Sabine because she had a huge family controversy and I really can't know a lot about it, but we didn't get to see her for like two weeks, BUT I talked to her yesterday and and she still wants to get baptized and learn all that she can!! I am sooooo pumped!! It was such a great tender mercy :)

And one last miracle! An inactive that we work with has been striving to stop smoking. And we asked him a couple of days ago how that was going and he said that since he committed to stop he hasn't smoked since. And we asked him how he was able to do that, and he said, "I focus on the atonement of the Savior and all that He has done for me, and it makes me strong enough every time;" It was amazing!!! He has been progressing exponentially!! :)

The Worth of souls is great!!

I love you Dad!! You are my hero and example!!

Elder Lucas:)
Jacob in Paris waiting for his new Blue!

Elder Young and Elder Lucas

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