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Monday, March 16, 2015

Monkey no more!!! I'm going Ape!


SOOO!! If you haven't yet, read dad's email!

OKAY! SO you know I am going to BE A Trainer!!! SOOOOO SWEET!

Thank you sooo much for the pics!!! Brings back weird memories from last year... A year ago we we were in Egypt!! So sweet!! And 2 years ago I was at the night in Paris! :) BUT Sam looks soooo good! And soo did Lauren. They looked amazing :) How cool! Hahaha and he knows that he does too by the pics hahahah make sure his head doesn't get too big ;) even though I am his number one fan!!! What a stud :)

District Monkey is great except I am now the Ape!! ...That's not what we call it, I just made that up hahaha sorry lame joke :)

I am soooo excited!!! So Elder Meng is getting transferred to Caen!! And he is becoming Zone Leader over there with this ancient Elder who will die sometime soon (this means he's ending his mission) hahaha.

BUT yeah!!! AND! I AM district leader :O Crazy right?!?!

Interestingly enough I was told I also needed to go to Paris to pick up my Blue on Wednesday :O (GASP!) That poor boy hahahaha just kidding :) I am really excited and am honored to be a trainer now. The Lord will provide the way and will make me into what I need to be to help my bleu and my district. It's just like it said in the blessing that you gave me before that I should not fear leadership but am blessed to love the missionaries in my district and zone and help and guide them throughout the entire mission. I am sooo excited!! It is going to be so much fun! Just going to love this guy to death :)


This week was... crazy.

We had sooo many rendez-vous and were literally just sprinting to and from places! I got a little sick from being dehydrated and that was a bummer... But we saw some miracles!

Sabine wasn't able to come to Church because she is having some really hard times at home. We think that she might have some abuse, and she had an interview with the Bishop this Saturday to talk-because she can't even talk to us due to our guidelines as missionaries. But I talked to her yesterday and she is still really wanting to keep on the path she is headed. Se is great!

We met with her kids and we brought a youth (it's weird because I still feel like a youth...) a 17 year old girl who connected super well with Sabine's daughter and they talked about how in the world there are so many things that try to tell you how you're not beautiful but the Lord wants ALL His daughters to feel beautiful. It was amazing... I actually was on a split during that one, but Elder Meng said it was incredible and how at the end, he tied it into prayer and used Joseph Smith's experience as an example that God will answer all our prayers and that He truly does care about all of us.

Last story: We meet with a handicapped older African man who lives 40 kilometers from the Church and have been working with him on coming and overcoming Word of Wisdom issues. And this last week we met with him twice and gave him a blessing and just encouraged him that we believed in him and that he could stop smoking ( I know this is terrible English) but we also cleaned his house for him and spent time showing him that we care. He threw away all his cigarettes and firmly declared that he was coming to Church! It took him 3 hours but he made it to Church for Sacrament Meeting for the first time in months!!! (Sacrament meeting is the third meeting). What a miracle!!

Mom, I love you sooo much!! I sent off the letters for the family on Saturday so they should be there soon :) Thank you for being the best! I will send pics next week! 

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