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Monday, March 9, 2015

Such a good mood!

What's going on my beautiful momma!!!??

Wooooo I am in suuuuch a good mood today!! Hahaha my crazy side is out and I think it's my favorite side so it might just have to stay hahaha ;) So,check out this suuuper cool quote that President sent me!

Marvin J. Ashton a dit : “Why does the lack of appreciation offend God and kindle his wrath? Not because he needs to see and hear our appreciation and gratitude, but because he knows an absence of appreciation on the part of anyone causes personal stagnation. Our growth and our progress are delayed when we fail to feel and express our appreciation.”

Goes along with the talk! But isn't that interesting that it's not that He is frustrated because of pride as God, but it is because of His great Love!! God is the perfect example of love and humility EVEN though ALL powerful. Soooo cool!! Man we have an incredible Father :)

I loved the talk that you gave me. (Grateful under any Circumstances by Uchdorf) I find it interesting that NĂ©phi specifically says that he LOOKED to God. Elder Beane gave a lesson in district meeting last week about gratitude and took a pebble and put it in front of his eyes and said that all he could see was the pebble because it was right in front. Literally it consumed his view. But then, if you put it on the ground where it belongs, then we can see everything else in perspective. We can still see the pebble, but it's not all that we see. And I believe that literally looking to God is how we love the pebbles out of our eyes! We all have problems and honestly we all make them bigger than they are and they can consume our whole life! Even if they are a little pebble! But when we are grateful in all things and look to the Master of all, we can see the bigger picture. We can see that this moment is just so short and we can either learn from it and love it with all that we can or we will miss it. Gratitude is love. Gratitude is loving life with all that we have, no matter what the circumstances. With the 5 loaves and 2 fishes, the miracle came AFTER Christ was grateful for what they did have, and then they had enough! The leper who returned and was grateful was made whole!! Gratitude literally fills us even if we feel completely empty :)

Sorry that was a little gratitude rant haha! But that is actually the most important principle that Heavenly Father has taught me on my mission. That has been the theme and I am sooo grateful for it. With gratitude there is no "Woe was me". There is no problem that cannot be resolved. There are only happy endings! And truly the Savior is the source of it all! How Lucky am I to get to share the message of Him with all that I can for 2 years!!

Anywho, I am great! Elder Meng is doing well! It's been fun. He is a really down to earth guy and does a really good job.

I want pics of the Sam next week!! Haha I am soo excited for him. :)

Snowbird sounds great! Hahaha oh kale:) I love that kid! He's probably taller than me now huh??

OKAY; Our investigator is SOOOO COOL!! She came to Church and brought her kids and one of her kids is a 16 year old girl and is super interested too!! OH YEAHHHHH!! (I may or may not be dancing/celebrating  right now in this little computer room hahaha :) ) So I am sooo pumped! We are also teaching another guy named Sultan from Jordan! I love talking to people from the mid east because I tell them all that I visited last year and boom we are friends!! Haha not everyone visits soooo thank you for taking me there haha!! But yeah, he is doing great! We are also teaching a man tonight named Duban. It was sooo cool because he was looking super down at a tram stop and I walked up to him and just started talking to him and I introduced myself as a missionary of Jesus Christ and he looked really touched and long story short he used to believe but was finding that his beliefs were started to fade in Christ and he was afraid of losing them... And the spirit took over and I testified to Him about how it is hard but how we can fortify our testimonies and it was amazing!! SO! I will be teaching him at 6 tonight :) SOOO pumped!!

Mom, I love you. SOOOO much!! Thank you for being my mother and being the most amazing/important woman in my life.


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