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Monday, March 2, 2015

We have a baptism scheduled!


Tell Sambo happy birthday for me!!!! I am writing him his letter back today and almost have it done so it should get there sometime next week :) I haven't had a ton of time to write the letters this transfer because I have been traveling a lot. I am district monkey (comp of the district leader) which basically means I get to go on exchanges with everyone in the district and have no responsibility AKA THE BEST ASSIGNMENT EVA!

Hahaha it's way fun! So the last couple of weeks, I have been to St. Nazaire a couple of times and also La Rochelle. SOOOO cool! It's really interesting because St. Nazaire looks so American because it was completely wiped out in WWII.. Yeah some old frenchies don't like Americans because of it.. But hey, we saved them!! So I don't know what their deal is hahaha :) La Rochelle is beautiful!! It's also the furthest South you can go in the mish. Pretty cool experience :)

This week has been soooo great :) I am doing so much better and am really seeing how Heavenly Father is shaping me to be the person that He needs. I am really just trying to be the happiest I possibly can in the moment. It comes from loving HF with all our heart :) Have you heard the EFY songs for 2015; I think you would really be touched by some of them. They have really opened my eyes :)

That's crazy about C Bradley!! I wrote a bit to Dad about how I felt. 

Go Bliss! I wrote her a bit today just saying congrats and how it's lame that she didn't get permission from her little bro (me) first hahaha ;) I wrote Logibear too. 

I had some very interesting thoughts the other day about you and your headaches. Looking back on my mission I realised yesterday that it shows that I CAN do it; Heavenly Father gave me one of the most difficult situations possible for me personally with being alone, exhausted, the only one who wanted to work hard, not knowing the language, away from family, no help from Church because of language barrier, etc. And it has been the greatest thing ever! I know that I can overcome because of it. In the moment it was TERRIBLE! But, I have learned so much and am becoming what I need to be for Him. And I feel like your headaches are there for a reason. Look at how much patience you have. You are soooo incredibly patient, and they may have helped. And it's good that you are patient because you had a hell hound for your first son for some years hahahaha :) I know that there will be a time when we look back at all our greatest trials through the eyes of up most gratitude :)

This week was incredible!! Sorry this will be quick! But we have a bap date!!! This lady was soooo happy when we told her that her family can be sealed for eternity! Also, this inactive we have been working with came to Church for the first tie in 4 years!! And it was a lesson that the spirit literally directed me to give to him. It was sooo cool!! I will write more in detail when I write the letters to you all this week I LOVE YOU SOO MUCH!!!

Don't forget it :)

Jacob the Lucas Man!

PS. Number 1 is me at the castle here in Nantes

2. Elder Beane... He stole my camera :)

3.  Is us eating baguettes.. Pretty much describes our Relationship hahaha jk.. Oh and I bought that sweater ;)

4. Elder Meng (my comp) at the museum here in Nantes

5. The last one is me in my service clothes. We had a day of faggots!! NO not those types of faggots hahaha.. like we bundled sticks for a ward service project all day :) pretty cool. The faggots were sold and the money brought in was given to charity.

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