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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

i Pads, stressing about stressing and FIRST BAPTISM!!!!!

Hello Mother!! I am sorry that I wasn't able to write you yesterday. We actually had a conference in Paris and we have Pday today. I forgot to let you know all that... My bad... BUT! It was an amazing week!! 

So first things first, we are getting iPads!! Sweet right?? We will get them "soon"... Yeah probably after I finish my mission hahaha... They take a awile to get those types of things to us. But that was actually what the conference was for and it was soooo inspiring. We had two area 70s speak to us and WOW, I learned sooo much!! So for some background info on the week before I dive into that, is that the reason this week was so great was because of how much I learned. The first part of the week was soo hard. I was really stressed out and I wasn't sure why.. I was stressing about stressing.. yeah that's a recipe for a disater hahaha.. But Elder Young really helped me out and shared with me this quote: 

 "You will have all kinds of trials to pass through. And it is quite as necessary for you to be tried as it was for Abraham and other men of God. The Lord will feel after your heart strings, and will wrench them and twist them around, and you will learn to rely on Him." -Joseph Smith

And it really hit me how I NEED these experiences to grow and it is all on me to see if I have the faith to overcome. And then at the conference yesterday, we learned about agency and how we are to be ACTING! Not acted upon. And I have let myself be acted upon emotionally in my life too much by letting what others think or their problems for some reason influence how I feel or what I think. And the point is, we need to recognize that they are there, sure, but then WE choose to act and choose what to do with them. I CHOOSE to be happy. Sure, I may have a sad feeling, but that doesn't have to make me a sad person and define me. I can choose to be happy inspite of it and continue on. And I had had a knotted up tight stressed out stomach for a couple of days and I said to myself, "I CHOOSE to not have a stomach ache and not to be stressed." and my stomache stopped. And I literally started to feel good right away. But we cannot doubt AT ALL. We must go on believing completely that it can and will happen. It was really incredible. Cicumstances and people don't have to define who we are. WE define who we are. I can be WHATEVER I want and not let everyone else's problems get in the way. It's my mission and my life, and I choose to be strong to what I know and who I want to be. To say the least it was really cool!! :) 
Agathe's baptized!!!! SOOOOO cool!!!!! She had a hard week before and had some struggles with the Adversary but she made it through with a priesthood blessing :) I had the opportunity to give her the gift of the Holy Ghost in sacrament. It got intimidating because they hooked up a microphone to my jacket so that EVERYONE could hear the blessing.... Forunately the mic didn't work. That was a miracle!! hahaha just kidding :) It was a bummer it didn't work because not many could hear the blessing but the spirit was extremely strong and it was so cool to be lead to know exactly what to say to her. It was really amazing :) 
We finally got a hold of Sabine!! We will see her this week :) Serge and Covalie were super busy and we didn't get to see them :( and Sezer is still doiung well being taught by the TURKeys. :) All is going well. 

That is soooo cool about Mason!! What a stud! (His cousin was accepted to BYU and is waiting on his mission call)

So we are getting ipads soon. And I will be able to facebook contact! But, it's against the rules to talk to you on any days other than Pday, so as much as I love to talk to you, I have to ask if you will not send me messages other than Pday.

Maybe you could have Sam and Kale send me emails sometimes? It's been extremely hard to get out letters this last transfer because I have been soooo busy as district leader. 

OH! I am not getting transferred :) Thank goodness! I didn't want to AT ALL!! I love Nantes and the amis and the members here :) 

The district is well. But if you could pray for the missionaries by name that would be great! 

Souer (Sisters): Hill, Liabeouff, McComber, and Anderson
Elder: Young, Beane, McBride, Jorgensen, Smith, Pumford, Adams, Bruno, Carson, and me :) 

 :) I love you!!!! 
Elder MOI :)

Monday, April 27, 2015

No letter yet

Hi Margaret and Fred,

WE have not heard from Jacob today. Maybe tomorrow.

Monday, April 20, 2015

Happy socks for morning workouts!

Momma :) 
I did get my birthday package! LOVE the ties :) Unfortunately I can't wear the socks.. Sister Babin told all the missionaries that we can't wear things that distract.. But hey they give me energy for my workouts! I use them chaque matin :) I did get the book and actually already read all of it hahaha!! I have been reading it during my lunch breaks and it has really helped me!! It is soooo insightful and I am just using it all to help me balance in my mission work so I can be the best missionary possible. It was incredible!! I find it interesting that the last point he makes is to have fun and I am always at my best when I am just having fun. How cool is that :) Speaking of which, I have been really striving to make it more fun and just laugh. It is going really well! I have been really realizing that much of my mission I have been stressed because I have felt like I have had to do it all in the missionary companionships... But the Lord is strengthening me and I am learning how to really push the negativity out and make my positive mental reality. It's really cool!!! 

Elder young has been giving me all the inns and outs of BYU. He did two years there and it has been so great to learn from him!! We have also really been talking a lot about what I could do for a job or what I would like to study. He is such a great friend. We have really been able to open up to one another and share about our stuggles so we can really work as a team. It's really interesting because I have noticed that at times I have a trial or can't feel the spirit as strong I start to stress about it and then of course there is no way I can feel the spirit because I am fearing... Any advice? I have decided to make a new perspective for me in my life and it is what I call the "comeback persepective". In football I honestly would LOVE the moments where I get to comeback and make a huge difference! And, I am realizing that I need to have that perspective in life as well. I WILL win! No matter what :) No Matter what anyone else thinks or says. And I think that that is where I am at in my mission. I can RIGHT NOW choose to be great and defy what many have told or what my mission may have been in the past! And the most incredible thing is that I have Heavenly Father WITH me! He will make ALL my trials for my gain so truly I have absolutely nothing to fear! If he can take a partially depressed, afraid, boy, with 2 broken ankles, 2 serious sprains, and stress into a person who can lead to a state chamionship, then He can most certainly help me now. The point is, I have nothing to worry about because it's not me who make it happen! It is Him!! And He is helping me to believe in myself more :) So thank you for the book! I actually prayed to know if I should read it because some would think it's not worth my time on the mission, but I strongly felt like I NEEDED to. So thank you so very much for it! You are just so great!! 

Thank you for the eating guidelines!! If you were in my situation and were spending 20 euros a week, what would you make and buy?? It's pretty hard sometimes to figure it out because we only have an hour to make and eat the food... How do you cook your leat so it's healthy?? I need some new ideas on what to cook... 

So it's amazing because this is the last week of the transfer!! I cannot believe that it has already been another transfer!! It is just incredible!!

I have had a superb week! There have been trials and some sad parts, but I am doing great and loving it :) The rains and the floods have to come to show that we are still firm on the rock. How can you know if you're strong without it?? :) 

Sabine has disappeared.. :( We lost all contact with her.. We don't know what happened, and her baptism date was supposed to be for this saturday. I know.. It's a bummer. BUT! What I do know, is that she has a firm testimony of the gospel. Whatever has happened I believe is due to something else in her life. SHe had some pretty traumatic experiences about a month ago, and I think that something like that has happened again... But, I know that the Lord has in it in His hands. It will all work out and she will come back. But she does need prayers. 

The African couple is doing really well!! Praying everyday and actually they are closer than I have every seen them!! EVER!! They were acrtually like playfully teasing each other and having fun when we came over :) Unfortunately no one came to church last week.. 
Our Turk friend is struggling.. WWe couldn't get the skype to work with the other elders and it was a bit hard. He can't understand really what we are saying. He believes in the Catholic church and also our's... We couldn't explain to him with his minimal french, that it doesn't quite work like that haha. 
Agathe, the lady that the soeurs are teaching is.. GETTING BAPTIZED!! ON SATURDAY!! SOOOO SWEET!! I count her as mine hahaha! I found her!! It as really cool because I distinctively had an impression to talk to her and BOOM it worked :) 

We are teaching some evangelicals, named Jeremie and Mark... They believe we are all prophets... They are going to take some work. It as actually rather interesting because we taught them for the second time and I was on an exchange with Elder Beane, and they were just trying to debate and bible bash, and Elder Beane just poured out the most heartfelt testimony that I have ever heard and the spirit filled the room. UNfortunately, they pushed it out of their hearts and it left, as they started to bash again.. We actually left thinking that it woumdn't be worth it to see them again, but the young adult member we had with us wanted to stay and talk to them after. He asked if he could, and reluntantly we said that he could... HE TALKED TO THEM FOR ANOTHER 2 and a half HOURS!! And they left with Books of Mormons.. Pretty cool!! We will see what happens. 

Miracle! Yesterday, we had just visited a member and had 20 minutes left. We prayed to know where to go with 20 mintues left and I had this feeling to just go down this common street in Centreville and contact. It turned out to be this super Muslim area! But we followed anyways and approached a group of men-possibly drunk. My comp did not want to talk to them, but the words to contact everyone went thorugh my mind, and I confidently walked up to them. Long story short, I meet a young man, who used to be an investigator the missionaries and couple of months ago and had been praying to know what to do. He had dropped the missionaries because he dodn't understand the whole baptism thing. I told him that I came where I was that night because I prayed 15 minutes ago to be where I needed to be and felt like I needed to come right here. He looked amazed and then pulled out an old Plan of Salut brochure from his bag and we had a great conversation. MIRACLE!! We will be seeing him not this week, but the next due to travels. It was incredible!!

Love you,


Monday, April 13, 2015


Well well well :) What's going on Dad??!! 
Man it's interesting hearing about all the family travels and not being there haha! Haha, but I guess that I have done my fair share here with the exchanges that I get to go on! In the last couple of months I have worked in St. Nazaire, Angers, La Rochelle, and been to Rennes for a conference. It was actually this last week that we were in Rennes for a zone conference! It was amazing! I am really learning how to work with members and how to friendship them. My french is finally at a level where I can really communicate and develop a REAL relationship with the members and I am so excited! It's like I can finally be the missionary that I have wanted to be my whole mission. 
That's so great about Rory!! What a stud! It's so cool hearing about Bob serving int he Bishopric!  :) Every conference they talk about young men needing to get married, and it's so weird hearing about everyone getting married. I am going to be single for life ;) Haha just kidding I have to get married in my twenties sometime or I would be in that group that gets chastised every general conference hahaha jk :) 
That's so cool that they are wearing all my clothes!! I feel so loved ;) I am glad that Kale is growing in confidence. He has no reason to not be confident!! He is so great! And so is Sam I Am Ham :) I am sure that he could be a great missionary. He is an incredible young man. I am often lead by my brothers :) 

(We went to San Francisco this past weekend for Rory Waldman's wedding, Jay and Kale took the Bart in from the Oakland Airport at 9pm. They had to walk a few blocks to the hotel. At that time of night there were many cardboard homes set up on the street and it kinda freaked out Kale)

Yeah, I can understand how the homelessness can be a bit frightening... There are SO many homeless and drug addicts here... The other day this homeless crazy lady (we see her quite often.. Elder Meng named her Cheese Dreads because of her permanent dreadlocks) but she was dancing in the in an open sidewalk, like Zumba-but all alone! And she was going HARD! I felt bad for her.. They sort of just go crazy and forget who they are. It's incredible how the world can drown out what is right so easily. Hahahaha I literally laughed out loud with your stories of "HOBO" and "SMOKER" hahahaha :) Oh goodness that's hilarious!! (When Jacob was little (ages 2-6), we lived in Columbus Ohio, right downtown across from the hospital Jay worked at. Jacob would point out the "hobo's or Smokers" as we would drive or walk past)

I can totally picture Trevor hahaha hugging everyone :) What a stud! How's Kyle???? 
So update on the amis :) This week was really amazing!! Sabine is doing great!! We taught her the law of chastity and she went away with it realizing how she needed to teach her 16 year old daughter to control herself. Pretty interesting. But she is totally on course for baptism  for the 25 of April! Boo yeah!! We set two other baptismal dates this week. We have been teaching this African couple for a while, named Serge and Covali"e. I don't know if I have told you about them, but they have been struggling to be keep their exgagements, and we set a bap date with them for the 9 of May, but yesterday I talked to Covalie and they hadn't come to church because they were tired. It as super sad because we know that that is what will help them the MOST, and it was really interesting because I felt that I needed to be strong and bold and I told her how much I knew that this gospel would help her and how much Heavenly Father WANTS to help you in all your problems. But He cannot if you don't help yourself! And I told her that she hasn't done a lot of her part. And she needs to, or nothing is going to change. But, I then had an increase in love and told her how much I cared about her family and loved her family and how I knew that they could do it. She responded so well with a great desire to change and follow through. It was really cool! And although they haven't kept many of their engagements, they have prayed!! Don't worry, I complimented her on that like crazy :) (They have to know that you care) and before they were having serious issues as a couple but I asked Covalie if she had noticed a change since they have been praying and she said that now Serge is so much nicer. And Serge told me later that Covalie is being the wife that he has always wanted! It's incredible what the Lord will do if we will simply pray together as a family. It is truly a protection :) It was really cool! 

Miracle!! So, like I said in an email a while back, we had found a woman, named Agathe, and we ended up having to give her the soeurs. But this last week she had a huge problem because she was really struggling to believe because she was really struggling to stop drinking coffee and she knew that it wasn't said anywhere in the Bible that we couldn't drink coffee. And really it was the adversary just getting in there and making a little problem a huge catastrophe. But, it was so interesting because the soeurs told me that she was struggling and I had the impression to call and we had a really great conversation about what she DID know was true which was that the Book of Mormon was true and that Joseph Smith was a prophet. I also talked to her about how she knew that God would answer her prayers and that if she prayed to God, HE WILL TELL YOU WHAT IS RIGHT. And at the end of the conversation she was still a bit flustered, but agreed to pray. And she was still really struggling over the course of the next couple of days and then while she was praying she had a distinct memory come back which helped her see how this commandment was indeed right, even is small and not in the Bible. And just like that her heart changed and her confusion became a clear understanding and peace. She is going to be baptized the same day as Sabine. :) Even though she isn't our ami, I feel like she is hahaha!! I found her!!! He has been my tightest comp so far :) 

I can't believe that I only have two more weeks of the transfer left! I don't want to leave Nantes!! Not at all!!! I love it here!! I don't think that I will because I am training so let's hope that they keep me with my son :) We have had soooo much fun together!! He has been my tightest comp so far :) His personality is an interesting mix between Sam and Xander. It's pretty cool!

I love the elders in this apartment! We are becoming like a family and it is soooo much fun!! We have been really getting along and it's like my home away from home :) 

Here are some funnies: So the "Bonjour" is usually used as "Hello" and "Bonne journée" more of "have a nice day". And Elder Young got a little bit excited and this guys was walking to our apartment and we weren't contacting at this moment because we had to get home, but this man was walking up to us and smiled really big-he may or may not have been high-and gave a smile and stopped like he wanted to talk and Elder Young then said-trying to be polite of course-"Bonne Journée!!", or in other words "GOODBYE!!". Poor guy... hahhahah Elder Young didn't know the difference... Hahaha

Well dad, I love you so much!! Thanks for your great example and your testimony and how you have raised me to be strong and worthy of the spirit! I love you! 
Elder YO Lucas

Monday, April 6, 2015

"Twinned" oh la la! La Vache! (Holy Cow)

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the packages!! The ties are soooo great!! We totally twinned to general conference with the same suit colors and shoes and ties, and everyone seemed to think it was pretty styling!! Haha it felt good to have the neon :) It's been a while! I didn't get the Easter one.. I got socks, and pens, but just the one package for the twinner. I hope it didn't get lost... I know that there was a problem with the other package, because there are a lot of "Lucas's" in our building, so when you guys write the name,make sure to put "Les Missionnaires" as well. The pens are sweet!! I did also get a package from Grandma Lucas which was sooo nice!! I have the best family :) Will you tell her thanks to me, or make sure that she sees me give her a shout out on my blog thingy? "THANK YOU GRANDMA!! YOU ARE THE BEST :)))" Voila hahaha :) 

Ooo crepes!! That sounds dreamy :) I was picturing you all at home having a good time lounging being spiritually and physically stuffed :) Good times! Conference was AMAZING!!! Holy cow, (the french say holy cow too.. well it just "the cow", like this, "Oh la la! La vache!!" hahaha sorry side note) It was incredible!! I learned everything I needed too. I figured out what I needed to fix and really improve on and it is really simply, NOT FORGET CHRIST. It is really simple to get caught up as a missionary into doing it all, (being obedient, talking to people.. etc) and forget the WHY. And I think that part of what happened at the beginning of my mission is quite honestly, I forgot the Savior through it all. I forgot the relationship I had been having with Him all my life. All in all, I was trying to do it all on my own. I had been listening too often to the Adversary, when he mixing some truth with lies. And I came to conference with the goal to understand what I needed to change and to fix to feel as strong spiritually as I had in the MTC, and the spirit filled me and completely opened my eyes to what I need to do. I am striving to remember Christ in all things! (Like our baptismal and sacramental covenants), meaning that in all that I do, I strive to do as He would want me to do; to remember that He lives and He loves me! And it is quite frankly impossible to not be an optimist when you remember always that Christ lives FOR YOU!! FOR YOU!!! And everything I start to feel down or not to feel the spirit, I sing, "I Believe In Christ" and remember who He is, and the spirit comes in and lifts me. I learned that it really is all about the spirit. If we can have the spirit,w e can ALWAYS know what we are to do and say. It's amazing!! We can ALWAYS have it, as we simply remember Him, and look to Him in ALL things. What's cool is that it even applies to little things. We know that Heavenly Father wants us to be like Him (this light just be for the family), but I will use an example, that if Heavenly Father wants us to be like Him, that means that He wants us to be successful in ALL things!! And even if it is as simple as being in shape, or developing a talent, or gaining courage, we must not look at what we cannot do, but remember that 
we can do it because He believes in us!! ALL things! We are commanded to be perfect because the point is that WE CAN! Yes, not in this life, but we can grow to that point every day, and if we keep the spirit, we will always know how and what to do! It's amazing :) 

Long story short, I am sooo happy to be a representative of HIM!! I get to rejoice and glory and go spiritually wazooh everyday because I KNOW THAT HE LIVES!! And like with Mary, He asks us all, "Why weepest thou?" and if we will simply open our ears and look to Him, we will hear Him call our name! "Mary!", or "Elder Lucas.. etc." and we can KNOW that He lives!! We are sooo blessed!! And it may not be through seeing Him physically that we see His hand, but we can know just as assuredly through the Spirit that He lives for YOU! Oh wow, I am so happy :) Let me just say, everyone should be Mormon, it's the happiest religion :) (And it's true.. That's an important note haha :) ) It's incredible!! 

That's so great about Kale! I am sooo proud of him. I will write more about him in dad's letter. 

Well, the birthday was amazing!! I made us all creepy crawlies and then we went to conference! AND it was sooo cool because Sister Babin told her sister, who is in our ward, that it was my birthday and after watching conference they surprised me with a cake and singing :) It was sooo nice! I am so lucky :) 

I love you mother!! SO much! I am so blessed to have you as my mom:) I don't know how I got so lucky. ;)But, I am so grateful for all that you do for me. I feel you close and know that you are ever close to my heart! I love you!! 

Elder Cobja Lucas!