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Monday, April 20, 2015

Happy socks for morning workouts!

Momma :) 
I did get my birthday package! LOVE the ties :) Unfortunately I can't wear the socks.. Sister Babin told all the missionaries that we can't wear things that distract.. But hey they give me energy for my workouts! I use them chaque matin :) I did get the book and actually already read all of it hahaha!! I have been reading it during my lunch breaks and it has really helped me!! It is soooo insightful and I am just using it all to help me balance in my mission work so I can be the best missionary possible. It was incredible!! I find it interesting that the last point he makes is to have fun and I am always at my best when I am just having fun. How cool is that :) Speaking of which, I have been really striving to make it more fun and just laugh. It is going really well! I have been really realizing that much of my mission I have been stressed because I have felt like I have had to do it all in the missionary companionships... But the Lord is strengthening me and I am learning how to really push the negativity out and make my positive mental reality. It's really cool!!! 

Elder young has been giving me all the inns and outs of BYU. He did two years there and it has been so great to learn from him!! We have also really been talking a lot about what I could do for a job or what I would like to study. He is such a great friend. We have really been able to open up to one another and share about our stuggles so we can really work as a team. It's really interesting because I have noticed that at times I have a trial or can't feel the spirit as strong I start to stress about it and then of course there is no way I can feel the spirit because I am fearing... Any advice? I have decided to make a new perspective for me in my life and it is what I call the "comeback persepective". In football I honestly would LOVE the moments where I get to comeback and make a huge difference! And, I am realizing that I need to have that perspective in life as well. I WILL win! No matter what :) No Matter what anyone else thinks or says. And I think that that is where I am at in my mission. I can RIGHT NOW choose to be great and defy what many have told or what my mission may have been in the past! And the most incredible thing is that I have Heavenly Father WITH me! He will make ALL my trials for my gain so truly I have absolutely nothing to fear! If he can take a partially depressed, afraid, boy, with 2 broken ankles, 2 serious sprains, and stress into a person who can lead to a state chamionship, then He can most certainly help me now. The point is, I have nothing to worry about because it's not me who make it happen! It is Him!! And He is helping me to believe in myself more :) So thank you for the book! I actually prayed to know if I should read it because some would think it's not worth my time on the mission, but I strongly felt like I NEEDED to. So thank you so very much for it! You are just so great!! 

Thank you for the eating guidelines!! If you were in my situation and were spending 20 euros a week, what would you make and buy?? It's pretty hard sometimes to figure it out because we only have an hour to make and eat the food... How do you cook your leat so it's healthy?? I need some new ideas on what to cook... 

So it's amazing because this is the last week of the transfer!! I cannot believe that it has already been another transfer!! It is just incredible!!

I have had a superb week! There have been trials and some sad parts, but I am doing great and loving it :) The rains and the floods have to come to show that we are still firm on the rock. How can you know if you're strong without it?? :) 

Sabine has disappeared.. :( We lost all contact with her.. We don't know what happened, and her baptism date was supposed to be for this saturday. I know.. It's a bummer. BUT! What I do know, is that she has a firm testimony of the gospel. Whatever has happened I believe is due to something else in her life. SHe had some pretty traumatic experiences about a month ago, and I think that something like that has happened again... But, I know that the Lord has in it in His hands. It will all work out and she will come back. But she does need prayers. 

The African couple is doing really well!! Praying everyday and actually they are closer than I have every seen them!! EVER!! They were acrtually like playfully teasing each other and having fun when we came over :) Unfortunately no one came to church last week.. 
Our Turk friend is struggling.. WWe couldn't get the skype to work with the other elders and it was a bit hard. He can't understand really what we are saying. He believes in the Catholic church and also our's... We couldn't explain to him with his minimal french, that it doesn't quite work like that haha. 
Agathe, the lady that the soeurs are teaching is.. GETTING BAPTIZED!! ON SATURDAY!! SOOOO SWEET!! I count her as mine hahaha! I found her!! It as really cool because I distinctively had an impression to talk to her and BOOM it worked :) 

We are teaching some evangelicals, named Jeremie and Mark... They believe we are all prophets... They are going to take some work. It as actually rather interesting because we taught them for the second time and I was on an exchange with Elder Beane, and they were just trying to debate and bible bash, and Elder Beane just poured out the most heartfelt testimony that I have ever heard and the spirit filled the room. UNfortunately, they pushed it out of their hearts and it left, as they started to bash again.. We actually left thinking that it woumdn't be worth it to see them again, but the young adult member we had with us wanted to stay and talk to them after. He asked if he could, and reluntantly we said that he could... HE TALKED TO THEM FOR ANOTHER 2 and a half HOURS!! And they left with Books of Mormons.. Pretty cool!! We will see what happens. 

Miracle! Yesterday, we had just visited a member and had 20 minutes left. We prayed to know where to go with 20 mintues left and I had this feeling to just go down this common street in Centreville and contact. It turned out to be this super Muslim area! But we followed anyways and approached a group of men-possibly drunk. My comp did not want to talk to them, but the words to contact everyone went thorugh my mind, and I confidently walked up to them. Long story short, I meet a young man, who used to be an investigator the missionaries and couple of months ago and had been praying to know what to do. He had dropped the missionaries because he dodn't understand the whole baptism thing. I told him that I came where I was that night because I prayed 15 minutes ago to be where I needed to be and felt like I needed to come right here. He looked amazed and then pulled out an old Plan of Salut brochure from his bag and we had a great conversation. MIRACLE!! We will be seeing him not this week, but the next due to travels. It was incredible!!

Love you,


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