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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

i Pads, stressing about stressing and FIRST BAPTISM!!!!!

Hello Mother!! I am sorry that I wasn't able to write you yesterday. We actually had a conference in Paris and we have Pday today. I forgot to let you know all that... My bad... BUT! It was an amazing week!! 

So first things first, we are getting iPads!! Sweet right?? We will get them "soon"... Yeah probably after I finish my mission hahaha... They take a awile to get those types of things to us. But that was actually what the conference was for and it was soooo inspiring. We had two area 70s speak to us and WOW, I learned sooo much!! So for some background info on the week before I dive into that, is that the reason this week was so great was because of how much I learned. The first part of the week was soo hard. I was really stressed out and I wasn't sure why.. I was stressing about stressing.. yeah that's a recipe for a disater hahaha.. But Elder Young really helped me out and shared with me this quote: 

 "You will have all kinds of trials to pass through. And it is quite as necessary for you to be tried as it was for Abraham and other men of God. The Lord will feel after your heart strings, and will wrench them and twist them around, and you will learn to rely on Him." -Joseph Smith

And it really hit me how I NEED these experiences to grow and it is all on me to see if I have the faith to overcome. And then at the conference yesterday, we learned about agency and how we are to be ACTING! Not acted upon. And I have let myself be acted upon emotionally in my life too much by letting what others think or their problems for some reason influence how I feel or what I think. And the point is, we need to recognize that they are there, sure, but then WE choose to act and choose what to do with them. I CHOOSE to be happy. Sure, I may have a sad feeling, but that doesn't have to make me a sad person and define me. I can choose to be happy inspite of it and continue on. And I had had a knotted up tight stressed out stomach for a couple of days and I said to myself, "I CHOOSE to not have a stomach ache and not to be stressed." and my stomache stopped. And I literally started to feel good right away. But we cannot doubt AT ALL. We must go on believing completely that it can and will happen. It was really incredible. Cicumstances and people don't have to define who we are. WE define who we are. I can be WHATEVER I want and not let everyone else's problems get in the way. It's my mission and my life, and I choose to be strong to what I know and who I want to be. To say the least it was really cool!! :) 
Agathe's baptized!!!! SOOOOO cool!!!!! She had a hard week before and had some struggles with the Adversary but she made it through with a priesthood blessing :) I had the opportunity to give her the gift of the Holy Ghost in sacrament. It got intimidating because they hooked up a microphone to my jacket so that EVERYONE could hear the blessing.... Forunately the mic didn't work. That was a miracle!! hahaha just kidding :) It was a bummer it didn't work because not many could hear the blessing but the spirit was extremely strong and it was so cool to be lead to know exactly what to say to her. It was really amazing :) 
We finally got a hold of Sabine!! We will see her this week :) Serge and Covalie were super busy and we didn't get to see them :( and Sezer is still doiung well being taught by the TURKeys. :) All is going well. 

That is soooo cool about Mason!! What a stud! (His cousin was accepted to BYU and is waiting on his mission call)

So we are getting ipads soon. And I will be able to facebook contact! But, it's against the rules to talk to you on any days other than Pday, so as much as I love to talk to you, I have to ask if you will not send me messages other than Pday.

Maybe you could have Sam and Kale send me emails sometimes? It's been extremely hard to get out letters this last transfer because I have been soooo busy as district leader. 

OH! I am not getting transferred :) Thank goodness! I didn't want to AT ALL!! I love Nantes and the amis and the members here :) 

The district is well. But if you could pray for the missionaries by name that would be great! 

Souer (Sisters): Hill, Liabeouff, McComber, and Anderson
Elder: Young, Beane, McBride, Jorgensen, Smith, Pumford, Adams, Bruno, Carson, and me :) 

 :) I love you!!!! 
Elder MOI :)

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