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Monday, April 6, 2015

"Twinned" oh la la! La Vache! (Holy Cow)

THANK YOU SO MUCH for the packages!! The ties are soooo great!! We totally twinned to general conference with the same suit colors and shoes and ties, and everyone seemed to think it was pretty styling!! Haha it felt good to have the neon :) It's been a while! I didn't get the Easter one.. I got socks, and pens, but just the one package for the twinner. I hope it didn't get lost... I know that there was a problem with the other package, because there are a lot of "Lucas's" in our building, so when you guys write the name,make sure to put "Les Missionnaires" as well. The pens are sweet!! I did also get a package from Grandma Lucas which was sooo nice!! I have the best family :) Will you tell her thanks to me, or make sure that she sees me give her a shout out on my blog thingy? "THANK YOU GRANDMA!! YOU ARE THE BEST :)))" Voila hahaha :) 

Ooo crepes!! That sounds dreamy :) I was picturing you all at home having a good time lounging being spiritually and physically stuffed :) Good times! Conference was AMAZING!!! Holy cow, (the french say holy cow too.. well it just "the cow", like this, "Oh la la! La vache!!" hahaha sorry side note) It was incredible!! I learned everything I needed too. I figured out what I needed to fix and really improve on and it is really simply, NOT FORGET CHRIST. It is really simple to get caught up as a missionary into doing it all, (being obedient, talking to people.. etc) and forget the WHY. And I think that part of what happened at the beginning of my mission is quite honestly, I forgot the Savior through it all. I forgot the relationship I had been having with Him all my life. All in all, I was trying to do it all on my own. I had been listening too often to the Adversary, when he mixing some truth with lies. And I came to conference with the goal to understand what I needed to change and to fix to feel as strong spiritually as I had in the MTC, and the spirit filled me and completely opened my eyes to what I need to do. I am striving to remember Christ in all things! (Like our baptismal and sacramental covenants), meaning that in all that I do, I strive to do as He would want me to do; to remember that He lives and He loves me! And it is quite frankly impossible to not be an optimist when you remember always that Christ lives FOR YOU!! FOR YOU!!! And everything I start to feel down or not to feel the spirit, I sing, "I Believe In Christ" and remember who He is, and the spirit comes in and lifts me. I learned that it really is all about the spirit. If we can have the spirit,w e can ALWAYS know what we are to do and say. It's amazing!! We can ALWAYS have it, as we simply remember Him, and look to Him in ALL things. What's cool is that it even applies to little things. We know that Heavenly Father wants us to be like Him (this light just be for the family), but I will use an example, that if Heavenly Father wants us to be like Him, that means that He wants us to be successful in ALL things!! And even if it is as simple as being in shape, or developing a talent, or gaining courage, we must not look at what we cannot do, but remember that 
we can do it because He believes in us!! ALL things! We are commanded to be perfect because the point is that WE CAN! Yes, not in this life, but we can grow to that point every day, and if we keep the spirit, we will always know how and what to do! It's amazing :) 

Long story short, I am sooo happy to be a representative of HIM!! I get to rejoice and glory and go spiritually wazooh everyday because I KNOW THAT HE LIVES!! And like with Mary, He asks us all, "Why weepest thou?" and if we will simply open our ears and look to Him, we will hear Him call our name! "Mary!", or "Elder Lucas.. etc." and we can KNOW that He lives!! We are sooo blessed!! And it may not be through seeing Him physically that we see His hand, but we can know just as assuredly through the Spirit that He lives for YOU! Oh wow, I am so happy :) Let me just say, everyone should be Mormon, it's the happiest religion :) (And it's true.. That's an important note haha :) ) It's incredible!! 

That's so great about Kale! I am sooo proud of him. I will write more about him in dad's letter. 

Well, the birthday was amazing!! I made us all creepy crawlies and then we went to conference! AND it was sooo cool because Sister Babin told her sister, who is in our ward, that it was my birthday and after watching conference they surprised me with a cake and singing :) It was sooo nice! I am so lucky :) 

I love you mother!! SO much! I am so blessed to have you as my mom:) I don't know how I got so lucky. ;)But, I am so grateful for all that you do for me. I feel you close and know that you are ever close to my heart! I love you!! 

Elder Cobja Lucas!

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