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Monday, May 4, 2015

I get to see you in just quelque jours! Whhhaaaattttt!

Heyyyyyy!!! I get to see you all in just quelque jours!!! Whhhhaaaaatttt??? 
I am soooo glad that my brothers wrote me!!! I am working on some letters, but like I said last week, it's hard because I don't have a ton of time.. But things are going well! 
I am sooo impressed with Kale!!! I will write him specifically about it :) That's so funny what you said about Sam hahaha! He is a lot like you :O 

GO MASON!! Oh man, I won't see him for a long time... That's terrible. You should have him write me. That would be great :)

My week was really good. Things are going really wonderful!! Laure-a woman that I found on an exchange-got baptized!!! SO COOL! I found her on an exchange with Elder Beane and I got to interview her for the baptism. She also asked me to give her that Gift of the Holy Ghost. SO although, I haven't baptized anyone yet, I have given the spirit to people two weeks in a row :) ...The microphone worked this time.... It was terrible... Hahahaha just playing :) It was great! It all went well and I spoke perfect french :) The spirit was amazing and Laure was extremely touched. It's so cool because with her and Agathe, I technically didn't teach them but I feel so close to them and they always make a point to talk to me every time I see them. It's really neat :) 

Funny: Elder Young is working on making his prayers more sincere, which can be hard when they are in french. And you should know that I have been working with him with how to use the phone and, so this one particular instance, he almost said, "Notre Père Céleste... Je vous appelle...". Meaning, "Dear Heavenly Father, I am calling you...." It was so great! :) 

We had many miracles this last week. I will share more of them in the other letters:)

Know that I love you so much my mother!! 

I still have a room there?? Hahahaha just kidding :) 

I would like to know what I can buy to amp my metabolism and I need some more workout ideas. Sam said that he has a new workout that he is doing? How does that work? :) France's food is expensive and not always a ton of options.. So I have been eating a lot of the same stuff and I think that's why my metabolism isn't as good.. But it'll all work out :) Sam will whip me into shape when I come home :) 

As far as it goes for Sun, I will talk about whatever Q's you have :) I have a TON of great stories to share :) Funny and spiritual so whatever you want. I know that Sam and Kale didn't get a ton of time to talk last time, so make sure that have whatever they want to talk about ready as well :) I love you!!! See you in a few :)

Bisous :) 

ELDER! Lucas :) 

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  1. love the letters. thanks for sharing them each wk