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Monday, May 11, 2015

New Suit! French style!

HEYYYY!!! It was sooooo great to see you!!! :))) 
So we actually have a LOT of those ingredients so this will be great!! Thank you so much for all the ideas. I think that that will really help us make it work a ton better! You are so great :) 

I really loved all your ideas for the district and for having fun. Thank you so much. Sometimes I just get into work mode and forget to let loose. I'll get it back :) 

SO! I am pretty excited because I went shopping and got a new suit!! And some sweet pants :D I wish I could send pics but every time I try, my camera stops working. I will try to get a lot of pics to you next week!! But so you can imagine it, it's a french suit-darkish gray- and slimmer fit- looks pretty darn stylin :) The pants I bought are soooo comfortable! It felt good to shop. (Last week he decided to form tackle his companion and split his suit pants from belt loop to zipper-Um hmmm...irreparable hahahahah) 

We also threw the fb around today which was super fun!! It was more like ultimate fb because it was just two on two, but it was great. I also tried out the 7 min workout thing and it was really awesome!! I was super impressed with how well it worked :) Thanks for all your incredible ideas :) 

COOL EXPERIENCE! So, like I said, I gave a blessing to a man who is potentially going to be divorced, and he is actually from Canada. The blessing had advice that he needed to return home to Canada for a time to be with his family and that while there he will be able to further find himself. It said that he should counsel with his parents, for they know more than he thinks and are ready to help him. And he asked me a couple of days after the blessing if I knew much about his family back home. I said that I didn't. But he said that normally, he would not be going back home, because of different reasons and hardly ever visited there. However, he then said that a couple of days before the blessing he had planned to go back to Canada for a week because his brother is getting married. All in all, if his brother would not be getting married, he would not be going home any time soon. And what was interesting is that while giving the blessing I was a little hesitant, because I knew for some reason that he didn't really want to be going home any time soon, but the spirit persisted, so I spoke the words it said. And WOW! He  will be there in a couple of weeks!! The Lord MAKES it work out. We just have to follow, even when we don't understand!! I love you Momma!!!! 
Thank you soooo much for the advice, and for the love you send me. I love you!! Next week I will let you know how it goes being relaxed more :) Love you! 

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