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Monday, May 18, 2015

The sky is not the limit but should be our point of view!

Hello Mom and Dad!! 

I am writing this one together because it will a lot easier for me because of how short time is. Life is going much better. I am learning so much and I love it!! 

Dad your letter really helped me!! I am figuring out the whole balance thing and it's going well :) This last week I really felt the spirit strongly and Heavenly Father was able to give me the advice I needed on how to become better. The coolest part was that he told me that what's amazing, is that I have had struggles with stress and different emotions all throughout my life, BUT for the first time, this last week, I overcame it, WHILE in circumstances completely foreign, feeling alone, and truly depending only on Him; and myself. If I can do that, I can do anything! I am learning how to master myself and to truly make my dreams come true. The sky IS not the limit but should be our point of view (yeah that's a reference to a Beiber song... don't judge hahaha ;) ) And then I thought about Moses and Enoch and how they both felt completely inadequate and afraid, BUT the Lord made it to their strengths! For who hath made man's mouth that it should speak? The Lord. The Lord gives us weaknesses and in reality they are our greatest blessings :) I love learning everyday on how to become better. 

What's been a huge help has been focusing on everyone else and lifting everyone else. Forgetting me. If you haven't yet, watch the mormon message, "Lift". It's amazing :) It helps you take a hard look at yourself. As I truly love others, my fears and stresses melt away. After all, perfect love casteth out ALL fear! And the rules of the mission are there to help us LOVE with a greater capacity, not to micromanage us! But we must always remember that with all the commandments, they come AFTER we love the Lord our God with our all, and then we love others as ourselves, or as he would, as the Savior taught. 

I have also been really realizing the importance of not caring what others think. If you can't control it, then WHO CARES? Hahaha :) Almost all of my stresses have been about what others think and I have discovered that sometimes I even get confused and start to place fear as the core of my motivation, even thought that's not really why I do things. Sometimes we forget that it's not that I HAVE to follow the rules, but I CHOOSE to because I love Heavenly Father. If we can focus on the real why of what we do, we will find what is truly important. (Not saying that I don't follow the rules :) Don't worry I do haha) And I really like that part of the ZONE book when he talks about judging by your effort, because so often we only see by our results and that's not really how it works. The most important is the process, which can be defined by our effort. SO my new motto with whatever I am doing is to 

1. HAVE FUN and find ways to love Always 
2. Define what you can and cannot control. And follow. 
3. Judge by effort. ..

What's so cool about the effort thing is that if you didn't reach your goal, and you reflect on your effort, and you saw that actually mentally you weren't all inot making it happen, you realize that it is still in YOUR control to change that result. We are agents to ACT! Not be acted upon. Oh man, Heavenly Father is helping me learn so much :) I love life :) 

SO! SUPER COOL MIRACLE!!! Heavenly Father gave me a real sweet tender mercy with helping me to realize that I am doing well and am helping people here. We have been working with and serving a man who is about to go through a divorce and his world is sort of falling apart. I believe that I talked about him last week. Anywho, two weeks ago, I gave him a blessing of comfort and the spirit was extremely strong and inspiring. SO, this morning I was gracefully, and peacefully showering in our paradisaical shower...And I hear the deep voice of Elder Young say to me, "Elder Lucas!" At this point I had finished showering and started to dry off and replied, "Yes,". He then says that phone needs me. I get my towel around me and still confused, he then hands me the phone. It was David (that man) and he proceeded to ask me if I remembered the blessing. I replied that I did, and he told me that I stated in it that he (David) should speak with his family about his divorce situation, and that they would understand more than he thought they would and they would help him. 

Now, David's dad has been divorced 5 times, so for both David and his dad, it was going to be a touchy subject to discover that David and getting divorced. But he decided to skype his dad, and told him was had happened. His dad was frustrated and reacted poorly and said things that were unkind towards David's wife. BUT, then his Dad's wife-who he is married to now- said that actually she did 15 years ago what David's wife is doing-left the church and went to discover the world, and has since come back to be fully active in the church and the things that David's father said were probably not right. She then helped David and his dad presumably understand more of the situation from a different perspective and helped them to better understand. SO COOL!!!

David said that he wanted me to know that I was inspired and that the blessing was 100 percent correct. Also in the blessing it talked about how it would all work out for David and the Lord had a plan, which I know to be true. The Lord will make it all work out for that man. But when David told me that this morning, the spirit whispered to my heart how EVERYTHING that the spirit has told me in the past will all come to be as well. All will work out for me. This is HIS work. He will help me in life and I know that He is there for me :) 

Pday is going great! We went to this mall and looked around. I didn't get anything, but it was fun :)  My district is great! I love them so much. We will have zone conference so you should get to see pics of me on facebook. I will be wearing my new suit :D

Mom and Dad, Sam and Kale, I love you all! Thank you for your prayers; I know that you have been praying for my stress and I have felt it. That was one of my impressions as well, is that you are praying for me and it truly is making a difference. I love you all!!! Proverbs 3:5-6 Know that He's got this :) 

Love, the one and only Cobja Elder

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