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Monday, June 29, 2015

Alright news!! We will be baptizing 2 people this weekend!

Ma Mère et mon Pere!! C'est tellement bien de lire ta lettre! J'espère que tu saches que je t'aime! 

French quiz haha😉 this was a lot better than last!! Just a lot more fun and I am feeling a lot better! 

I am so excited for Trevor!! He will be a fantastic missionary! Love that kid. I hope that I can be that brother when I get back that Tyler was when he got back! I hope that Sam and Kale know that I love them so much! You, dad, and my brothers are my best friends! 

I am so glad that Kale got to be with Kev! They are pretty similar. It's a bummer that he has my ankles... Poor guy. But hey they are the ankles of a state champ soooo...  haha just kidding- I promise I'm not that conceited 

It's interesting because in the mission we aren't having interaction problems- but problems the same. The mission is struggling a lot. It has never had lower numbers. And it's weird because lessons are super high, baptisms are low low low... And I feel like a lot of missionaries are becoming robots in the work- they work hard but they don't love it or like it. And it goes back to the first and second commandments. We must love God and everyone else. So Elder Karl and I are trying to bring the fun back into the work. 

The Nantes guy was not baptized... I don't know what happened.. We actually had zone conference and I did teach!! We taught about being ourselves. So often missionaries struggle with member relationships and being close with investigators. And we talked about how the Lord called YOU to be in this mission for these people. YOU! For all your talents and experiences. So don't be afraid to be yourself with the members. It doesn't mean be crazy or off the wall or try to be something you're not- but be personable. Treat people like your family-because we are all part of God's big family. It was a cool lesson. A lot of our missionaries have forgotten to bring their personality into the work-and do everything right with rules and the lessons-except being personable and using their personalities with people.. Which is why they struggle with having people come to the gospel. Part of teaching the gospel is showing how it plays in your life. And of they can't relate to you, it will be hard for them to trust you. 

We also had our exchanges with the APs this week! It was interesting. They are just normal missionaries! Haha it was pretty short but eye opening how people are just people regardless of titles. We go on two exchanges a week or something like that. 

Our district leader is actually super sick, so Elder Karl and I have been district leaders as well. And we just found out yesterday that the district leader will be going to the mission home so we will be running the town of Epinal as well! Which is so cool because that's where the two ladies live that were so touched by praying last week!! So cool!!

We had a crazy cool miracle yesterday! It was a pretty hard day for the work-no one was wanting to talk-but we were going door to door in this apartment building and this lady answered and by the look on her face she didn't want to talk. She was polite but not interested.. But somehow we kept the conversation going for a couple of minutes and she was about to close the door, when her husband came to the door. He clearly didn't speak a lot of French but was persistent that we should come in. So we were let in! They ended up being from Albany and the wife spoke good French but the husband didn't. We use the iPads to show them "Because of Him" video and they were super touched!! The loved it!! They will be coming to church soon and are pumped to learn more!

I have been able to use my personality more in the work and becoming friends with people while teaching them. It makes it SO much fun! I love this work with all my heart! It's not work! It's just watching the Lord perform miracles- we just need to follow and listen!! 

The Lord is helping me. The mission is the hardest thing I have ever done-but the Lord always fills me with what I need. He loves his children! He wants us to be happy!! He sent Christ to help us in all things! It's amazing! What better message to share?? I couldn't be doing anything better!! Thank you dad for helping me always and teaching me all of this! I love you so much! 

Alright news!! We will be baptizing 2 people this weekend! They are investigators that were here before I got here and it's so cool!! We are so blessed! One is the daughter of a man who was baptized a couple of months ago. The other is a Tahitian who this Tahitian missionary found a couple of months ago and he is pumped to become a member! How cool?!

Dad, have fun at Philmont! I will be praying for you.

Love, Jacob 

Monday, June 22, 2015

Crazy times in "Naw-cy"!

Hey Momma!!

So first off, tell Kale that he's the bub!!

Let me just say that one thing I am excited for when I get back is A MASSAGE!! I had a hair cut last week and the lady did the whole head rub thing with the shampoo ..I forgot how good that feels hahahaha

I'm glad that Dad's day was good he's amazing! I miss that guy.

I sent an email to you for Xander. I tried it to his email to. I hope that he gets it!

This week has been crazy! We went to Metz for a district meeting, to Epinal to take care of a missionary that had surgery (had a crazy cool
miracle there that I will share later), and a lot of running around. We have 3 investigators with a date!!  And they are some really solid potentials!

And here is my little miracle for the week! 

I was on an exchange in Epinal and we had a rendez-vous set up with these ladies-a mom and daughter- and all we knew is that they were interested in speaking English. So they get there and we speak a little English with them, but then start to explain what we do and we end up just switching to French because it's easier. We explain to this lady that we help people understand God and she then opened up and spilled this story about how she knew that God was there but she didn't know how to really develop a relationship with Him. And we taught to her how we can find Him. We explained to her that Christ lives. She had no idea that we live again and I had the opportunity to testify that not only He lives, but because He lives, we can live too!! 

We showed her the Easter video that the church made called He Lives or something like that. And then we taught her how to pray. We then asked her to pray. Right when she said, "Amen", she burst into tears and exclaimed with joy that she knew how to pray!! She had been wanting to her whole life but never really knew how! And she just sobbed and hugged her daughter with gratitude because she could pray! She then said that she was full of this feeling I her chest that she had never felt before! I know that that feeling was the spirit of God telling us that He hears our prayers!!! We are not alone. And we can all know how to talk to Him. Just try and you will feel it to. 

So anyways, I want to share something super cool that I learned in studies today. So I was thinking a lot about my life and what I want to do yeah... Didn't get anywhere close to answering that question haha! But I did figure out the "HOW" of it. I pondered over how the most important thing in life is love. Love for God and then others. Those are the two greatest commandments in the law. And how no matter what I am doing, I want to be able to show my God that I love him with all that I am. And then show everyone else around me that I love them. After all, it is the acts of love that I have witnessed in my life-either for me or for others- that have touched me the most. We all search for His love! It is what we NEED to have to be filled. And I realized that THAT is the baptismal covenant. To love as He did. To lift the hands that hang down and help others. How cool!! I already promised what I decided I wanted my life to like when I was baptized and which leads us to why the baptism of the spirit is important. That is what tells us HOW to fulfill the promise to love as He did. It inspires us and tells us the HOW. It's amazing!!  So I hope that we can have a great week of loving others as He has loved us-lifting others, smiling, being kind, strengthening the weak, crying with those that are sad, and of course testifying that there is One who KNOWS how it feels, so we
never have to be alone. Ultimately we fulfill our promise by bringing everyone else to Him as well and mom, you're an amazing example of that.

Excerpt from Sam’s letter: ( I died laughing at my mental picture)

So... Don't tell mom or dad but we almost burned down the apartment!!!! Elder Karl started a grease fire!!! And then the fire extinguisher didn't work!! Hahaha so it was like we were playing hot potato with a burning frying pan!! (It started because he turned on the stove with just oil in this pot and we were talking and then I see him jump up and say, "fire!!!" And there was this flame from the stove on this pot/pan thing!! We didn't put water on it because that would illuminate it but the next thing I see is that elder Karl is just running around the kitchen with the hades stove!! He then tells me that it's too smoky and gives it to me. So not really thinking I run to the window and am holding this pan of flame out the window like a bimbo!! (I did that so that there wouldn't be more smoke in the apartment, while elder Karl gets the extinguisher.) Elder Karl gets the fire extinguisher and finds it is powder not water and then points it straight at me!! Woah!! Ain't no one gonna point that at me! I tell him that that can't happen and we run into the bathroom and put the firecracker in the tub. He unleashes the extinguisher...wait.... It's not working.... It's a dub!! It's too old and doesn't work at all!!!! Ahhhhh!!! Then we hear this banging on the door and I run to check who it might be. It's this security lady who demands what's going on! I tell her that we have it under control but she busts in anyway! And we run in and somehow Elder Karl is back in the living room just running around with the flame pan! She freaks out and together we stop the fire by cutting out the oxygen (just putting the top of the pot on). I don't know why it didn't cross my mind earlier...? And that was only my second day in Nancy!!

I love you,

Monday, June 15, 2015

Crazy transfer day-Traveling naked!

So, I have a couple of crazy stories haha!! so for transfer day, we
had train tickets to go to Paris. And then from there, Elder Young
would return to Nantes and then I would be heading to Nancy (these
emojis are way too much fun). So we get to Paris and we decide to head
to the church building real quick to see if they have any planners
because we didn't have any in Nantes. Anyways, there aren't any and
we decide to head back to the gare (train station) only to discover
that the station that I have to go to and that he has to go to are
completely opposite ends of the metro... So we go as quick as we can
to his station because his train leaves first and (remember we are
lugging around my suitcases-by the way, one of them broke and I
jimmy rigged a makeshift handle with by workout band door hook up
haha!) and we sprinted to the station from the Metro. We then see that
his train is about to leave and we have 3 flights of stairs with bags
still to go. We try to stay together as much as possible, but for this
situation I told him to go so he could make his train, leaving me with
all the bags.. So 3 flights of stairs... 3 suit cases.. One bag
broken. And then I realized that I had the phone for Nantes!! He
needed that phone!! this situation just got intense!! So I go as
quick as I can-sprinting with 3 bags in a shirt and tie- I might as
well of been in a sauna!! Tell Sam if he ever wants a man work out to
go sprinting with 3 suitcases in his shirt and tie haha!! So I get
there and find out the train is delayed 5 minutes!! Thank you Heavenly
Father!! But I didn't know where on this SUPER long train! So I said a
prayer and was sprinting down, just looking into every car. Such a
miracle! The second or third car, I saw him and was able to toss him
the phone right before the doors closed so the train could leave
                    so unfortunately I missed the
train to Nancy because of that and had to... I don't know why, but
they call it riding naked when you don't have a comp.. So I was riding
naked on the way to Nancy which was weird, but I was able to share the
gospel with some really kind people on the way!!!  There was one
lady who I was talking to and I was sharing the plan of salvation in
response to the questions we ask about why we are here and then she
started laughing... I asked her why.. She said that I was adorable.
Okay lady! Back off!!! That's weird!! She was like 40!! Abort
mission!!! Abort!! hahaha just playing.

But I LOVE Nancy!!! It's my favorite city so far!!! It's what I
imagined it to be like as a French city!! Being a zone leader is super
fun! I have had some really cool impressions that the missionaries in
my zone need my help because I understand where they might be
                    because of the hard parts of the mission that I have had.
So, FYI with having iPads, we are allowed to read our emails on our
free time any day during the week. We cannot reply until Monday, so if
you ever feel prompted to write me on a certain day, don't hesitate 😘
I'll be reading.

But the positive!!! My comp is SUPER cool and great at being himself and 

getting close to the members.
                His name is Elder Karl and he is from Pittsburgh. He is a really good example of being    

happy in any circumstance and it's so cool to watch!! He has been here in Nancy for 3 before I 

got here and the members really love him. I am learning a lot it's interesting because we are 

teaching a family and the parents are members but the kids aren't, but the kids are super close 

with the missionaries. But for the last couple of transfers, the missionaries have played with the 

kids a lot so when we come they expect a lot of playtime and I am still trying to figure out how 

to be their friends and not play with them, meaning tickle, or hold them, etc. because we aren't 

supposed to. But I hope that by my example they will figure it out. It's a hard balance. 

                   The ward loves us!! And our goal is

to bring the zone like s big family. The hardest thing as a missionary
is feeling so abandoned and we want to unify the zone. We came up with
the idea to have a daily goal for the zone. For example: contact a man
on a bike, or wearing a hat, or contact a jeune fille, or the whole
zone will eat a patisserie you have never eaten at this specific time,
best testimony, use a new word... Etc. so some goals
will be fun and others spiritual I just want the missionaries to
                    know how much we care and ARE doing something incredible!!!

I love you momma!!!

Monday, June 8, 2015

Transfered to Nancy! Zone Leader....say what!?!


Nat. Leadership sounds so cool!! That is huge for Kale. I am so proud of him. I don't know how I got so lucky to have the lost talented brothers. They are so great!! Tell Mr. Male that there is no reason for him to not believe in himself. He has all it takes to be anything he dreams of becoming.

I may have cracked up out loud in the middle of this old Arab Internet café that I am emailing you all from when I read that I am enlightened from the "dark depth of France". You make me sound like the Kraken, and we both know that we already fought that battle on the river in the heat of Red rocks :)

A perfect post route!!! That is mighty impressive!! That is really a hard route to juke people on because it is going towards the middle of the field. What a stud Mr. SAAAAM! :) Yes, I did say that how Dad would. Now Arabs are staring at me... Just playing, I didn't say that out loud :) But that is really incredible! Sam is going to be such a great player!! I am so excited to see what great things that he does.

I HAVE NEWS!!!! I AM GETTING TRANSFERRED!!! TO NANCY!! All the way in the east!!! I am soooo pumped!!! I have never been farther east than Valenciennes, so this will be a fun experience!! I will also be serving as a zone leader. My new companion's name is Elder Karl. I hear he is soooo cool!! I am pretty stoked to see what goes down.

My new address is:  B.P. 614d 13/15, Blvd. Joffre 54000 Nancy. And don't forget to address it to: LES MISSIONNAIRES, Elder Jacob Lucas. The "Les Missionnaires" part is super important because there are many people here named, "Lucas".

When I found out that I was getting transferred, I was a little sad. In my mind, I was feeling like I hadn't really had much success and that my missino was fading away and that I wasn't living it the way that I should be. And yesterday, I was pouring out my heart to Heavenly Father all during the Sacrament and meeting itself. And here comes the miracle!! So, I have told you that two of the people that I have found were baptized and that I gave them both the gift of the Holy Ghost. So the second girl's name is Laure. She is 25 and is usually pretty quiet. But right after the meeting, she came and sat down right next to me. She said that she had something to tell me. She then went on to explain that she wanted to thank me. She said that yes there were many people that helped her come to to the church, and even though the other elders taught her, I found her. She then told me that the reason that she stayed and kept coming was because of my example. She said that the way that I treated people and was kind and loving truly helped her have a desire to change, and that if it weren't for me, she never would have continued to come. She said that that was why that she asked me to give her the spirit because she actually prayed about it and she felt that I was the one she needed the blessing from. She finished by saying that because of what I have done, that I will always hold a special place in her heart. (No dad, it wasn't romantic at all!! hahaha) But it was really a miracle for me. It was the Lord's way of telling me that I have done my part and that I am doing enough. Later, while I was praying his spirit comforted my heart and confirmed these things to me. It was amazing!!

Miracle number two!! The rest of this is going to be a bit short because I am running out of time. BUT! Terrance, a man from Africa who I met on a bus is getting baptized!! We set a date with him for the 27th of June!! OH YEAH!!!! And! He is already super close with all the young men in the ward. He came to an activity and then saw one of the young man, who is from Africa too, and I come to find out that they have been friends since they were little and they were friends in Africa before moving to Nantes when about ten years old!! He came to church yesterday and then at the end said that he was going to make time in his planning to come every week. He liked it!! YES!! :)

By definition, one could say that a blessing in our lives is anything that brings us closer to God. That would mean that includes trials and opposition. I want to have the attitude everyday that I only have blessings, because depending on how I react, everything can be a blessing :)

Dad, tell momma that I love her! I don't know where she went, but I hope that she's great!! Thanks for being incredible and teaching me the ways of truth and life. I heard a song that says that we must go forth and speak life to the nations!! That's what I am doing :) Everyone NEEDS this gospel!! We must go and speak forth this message that helps people to truly live! I know that Christ is the way! WE cannot change our past, but we can determine our destiny and if we choose Christ, He will wipe out our past-all the sins and mess ups- and we will find peace. I know this to be true. I know that He is the Christ, the very Son of God, and that He lives! I love being His missionary! I love you all!! 

Elder Lucas YO

This is his district. His companion is to his left, Elder Young and the numbers represent the number of transfers they are on.

You can write to Elder Lucas at:
B.P. 614D 13/15, Blvd. Joffre 54000
Nancy, France

Monday, June 1, 2015

Right on track!


It sounds like things are going great back in FARMtown :) Kale is 5'10"??? Just tell him to wait until I hit puberty :P I'll catch him!! 

Thank you so much for all the updates on people. I don't have ton of time to write now, but I would like to share some really cool points of the week with you. The first thing that I am really learning out here is how important it is to measure success. I feel like everyone is good at it, but just not at the way we do it. We should measure success by how well we do. In PMG, it talks about how a successful missionary is judged by his personal commitment to the Lord. I may not have had a lot of statistical "success", but as long as I am doing my very all and at the end of the day, Heavenly father tells me that I have done my part, it is enough. 

Which leads me to my second item of business, which is that, this week was more of a bummer week for our investigators. Many people didn't show up to our rendez-vous. However, there were some incredible miracles! Out of the blue, an old ami called us up, named Adria. We had met with him 3 months ago and then he had fallen off the face of the world, but he called with a question. His question was on whether he would be "saved" in our faith if he remained evangelic. So, we fixed a rendez-vous. The rendez-vous was THE BOMB! Amazing!! We used all of his questions towards the Book of Mormon, and made it clear that if any of this was true, it was based on whether this book is true or not. And it is either true or false. No in between. We had a member with us and we each bore testimony of the validity of this book and the spirit was amazing. He later accepted the invitation to be baptized in a month :) 

(excerpts from Moms letter)

OOO!! Pool parties!!! Yes, let's not get trunky shall we Elder Lucas hahaha!! With that, for Pday, we went on this boat on the river!! It was a boat carrying people across the river and our monthly transportation passes covered it!! SO SWEET!! It brought back a lot of memories of all the incredible trips that we have been on :) Man, we know how to travel hahaha just playing. but it was truly beautiful. 

I am so glad that Daniel Lacey is doing well. 

One thing that has been amazing is that, I have become SO close with the ward here in Nantes. I LOVE them. I think that I will be transferring next week (I will tell you on Mon) but I really don't want to leave. I love it here. But I also feel that it is time for me to move on. I love my companion so much. He is just the best. I have learned so much from him :) 

Guess what?? Elder Young and I found pork tongue at the store today!!! Yes, we are cooking it and serving it to the district at district meeting :D YUM!! Hahahaha!! 

I am glad that you were touched by the man in the park. I was too :P But in all seriousness, thank you so much for your love. Mom, you are such an amazing example to me. I feel like the mother serves an 18 year mission raising the kid, so that the kid can be a man of God, giving completely of himself to Him for two whole years. Thank you mother for serving your mission diligently :) 

Funny story of the week!! I was in a rendez-vous with a member family and I meant to say in behind of the object or "en arriere", but I messed up and said, "en derrier", or the booty :O They got quite the laugh :) I didn't. Hahahaha jk, it was funny :) 

I loved your experience with Momma Welling! She is so wonderful. I love her so much! 

I am glad that you like my frenchie suit :) 

A really cool part of the week was last night and Elder McBride, who is an Elder I live with (we are pretty close), and he was looking really down.The spirit prompted Elder Young and I to clean up the kitchen and make them some dinner. We scrambled up some Momma Lucas french toast. When we gave it to him, he instantly changed and became more happy. It was such a great feeling to know that Heavenly Father trusts us enough to help others when they are down. 


Jakobi :)