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Monday, June 29, 2015

Alright news!! We will be baptizing 2 people this weekend!

Ma Mère et mon Pere!! C'est tellement bien de lire ta lettre! J'espère que tu saches que je t'aime! 

French quiz haha😉 this was a lot better than last!! Just a lot more fun and I am feeling a lot better! 

I am so excited for Trevor!! He will be a fantastic missionary! Love that kid. I hope that I can be that brother when I get back that Tyler was when he got back! I hope that Sam and Kale know that I love them so much! You, dad, and my brothers are my best friends! 

I am so glad that Kale got to be with Kev! They are pretty similar. It's a bummer that he has my ankles... Poor guy. But hey they are the ankles of a state champ soooo...  haha just kidding- I promise I'm not that conceited 

It's interesting because in the mission we aren't having interaction problems- but problems the same. The mission is struggling a lot. It has never had lower numbers. And it's weird because lessons are super high, baptisms are low low low... And I feel like a lot of missionaries are becoming robots in the work- they work hard but they don't love it or like it. And it goes back to the first and second commandments. We must love God and everyone else. So Elder Karl and I are trying to bring the fun back into the work. 

The Nantes guy was not baptized... I don't know what happened.. We actually had zone conference and I did teach!! We taught about being ourselves. So often missionaries struggle with member relationships and being close with investigators. And we talked about how the Lord called YOU to be in this mission for these people. YOU! For all your talents and experiences. So don't be afraid to be yourself with the members. It doesn't mean be crazy or off the wall or try to be something you're not- but be personable. Treat people like your family-because we are all part of God's big family. It was a cool lesson. A lot of our missionaries have forgotten to bring their personality into the work-and do everything right with rules and the lessons-except being personable and using their personalities with people.. Which is why they struggle with having people come to the gospel. Part of teaching the gospel is showing how it plays in your life. And of they can't relate to you, it will be hard for them to trust you. 

We also had our exchanges with the APs this week! It was interesting. They are just normal missionaries! Haha it was pretty short but eye opening how people are just people regardless of titles. We go on two exchanges a week or something like that. 

Our district leader is actually super sick, so Elder Karl and I have been district leaders as well. And we just found out yesterday that the district leader will be going to the mission home so we will be running the town of Epinal as well! Which is so cool because that's where the two ladies live that were so touched by praying last week!! So cool!!

We had a crazy cool miracle yesterday! It was a pretty hard day for the work-no one was wanting to talk-but we were going door to door in this apartment building and this lady answered and by the look on her face she didn't want to talk. She was polite but not interested.. But somehow we kept the conversation going for a couple of minutes and she was about to close the door, when her husband came to the door. He clearly didn't speak a lot of French but was persistent that we should come in. So we were let in! They ended up being from Albany and the wife spoke good French but the husband didn't. We use the iPads to show them "Because of Him" video and they were super touched!! The loved it!! They will be coming to church soon and are pumped to learn more!

I have been able to use my personality more in the work and becoming friends with people while teaching them. It makes it SO much fun! I love this work with all my heart! It's not work! It's just watching the Lord perform miracles- we just need to follow and listen!! 

The Lord is helping me. The mission is the hardest thing I have ever done-but the Lord always fills me with what I need. He loves his children! He wants us to be happy!! He sent Christ to help us in all things! It's amazing! What better message to share?? I couldn't be doing anything better!! Thank you dad for helping me always and teaching me all of this! I love you so much! 

Alright news!! We will be baptizing 2 people this weekend! They are investigators that were here before I got here and it's so cool!! We are so blessed! One is the daughter of a man who was baptized a couple of months ago. The other is a Tahitian who this Tahitian missionary found a couple of months ago and he is pumped to become a member! How cool?!

Dad, have fun at Philmont! I will be praying for you.

Love, Jacob 

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