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Monday, June 22, 2015

Crazy times in "Naw-cy"!

Hey Momma!!

So first off, tell Kale that he's the bub!!

Let me just say that one thing I am excited for when I get back is A MASSAGE!! I had a hair cut last week and the lady did the whole head rub thing with the shampoo ..I forgot how good that feels hahahaha

I'm glad that Dad's day was good he's amazing! I miss that guy.

I sent an email to you for Xander. I tried it to his email to. I hope that he gets it!

This week has been crazy! We went to Metz for a district meeting, to Epinal to take care of a missionary that had surgery (had a crazy cool
miracle there that I will share later), and a lot of running around. We have 3 investigators with a date!!  And they are some really solid potentials!

And here is my little miracle for the week! 

I was on an exchange in Epinal and we had a rendez-vous set up with these ladies-a mom and daughter- and all we knew is that they were interested in speaking English. So they get there and we speak a little English with them, but then start to explain what we do and we end up just switching to French because it's easier. We explain to this lady that we help people understand God and she then opened up and spilled this story about how she knew that God was there but she didn't know how to really develop a relationship with Him. And we taught to her how we can find Him. We explained to her that Christ lives. She had no idea that we live again and I had the opportunity to testify that not only He lives, but because He lives, we can live too!! 

We showed her the Easter video that the church made called He Lives or something like that. And then we taught her how to pray. We then asked her to pray. Right when she said, "Amen", she burst into tears and exclaimed with joy that she knew how to pray!! She had been wanting to her whole life but never really knew how! And she just sobbed and hugged her daughter with gratitude because she could pray! She then said that she was full of this feeling I her chest that she had never felt before! I know that that feeling was the spirit of God telling us that He hears our prayers!!! We are not alone. And we can all know how to talk to Him. Just try and you will feel it to. 

So anyways, I want to share something super cool that I learned in studies today. So I was thinking a lot about my life and what I want to do yeah... Didn't get anywhere close to answering that question haha! But I did figure out the "HOW" of it. I pondered over how the most important thing in life is love. Love for God and then others. Those are the two greatest commandments in the law. And how no matter what I am doing, I want to be able to show my God that I love him with all that I am. And then show everyone else around me that I love them. After all, it is the acts of love that I have witnessed in my life-either for me or for others- that have touched me the most. We all search for His love! It is what we NEED to have to be filled. And I realized that THAT is the baptismal covenant. To love as He did. To lift the hands that hang down and help others. How cool!! I already promised what I decided I wanted my life to like when I was baptized and which leads us to why the baptism of the spirit is important. That is what tells us HOW to fulfill the promise to love as He did. It inspires us and tells us the HOW. It's amazing!!  So I hope that we can have a great week of loving others as He has loved us-lifting others, smiling, being kind, strengthening the weak, crying with those that are sad, and of course testifying that there is One who KNOWS how it feels, so we
never have to be alone. Ultimately we fulfill our promise by bringing everyone else to Him as well and mom, you're an amazing example of that.

Excerpt from Sam’s letter: ( I died laughing at my mental picture)

So... Don't tell mom or dad but we almost burned down the apartment!!!! Elder Karl started a grease fire!!! And then the fire extinguisher didn't work!! Hahaha so it was like we were playing hot potato with a burning frying pan!! (It started because he turned on the stove with just oil in this pot and we were talking and then I see him jump up and say, "fire!!!" And there was this flame from the stove on this pot/pan thing!! We didn't put water on it because that would illuminate it but the next thing I see is that elder Karl is just running around the kitchen with the hades stove!! He then tells me that it's too smoky and gives it to me. So not really thinking I run to the window and am holding this pan of flame out the window like a bimbo!! (I did that so that there wouldn't be more smoke in the apartment, while elder Karl gets the extinguisher.) Elder Karl gets the fire extinguisher and finds it is powder not water and then points it straight at me!! Woah!! Ain't no one gonna point that at me! I tell him that that can't happen and we run into the bathroom and put the firecracker in the tub. He unleashes the extinguisher...wait.... It's not working.... It's a dub!! It's too old and doesn't work at all!!!! Ahhhhh!!! Then we hear this banging on the door and I run to check who it might be. It's this security lady who demands what's going on! I tell her that we have it under control but she busts in anyway! And we run in and somehow Elder Karl is back in the living room just running around with the flame pan! She freaks out and together we stop the fire by cutting out the oxygen (just putting the top of the pot on). I don't know why it didn't cross my mind earlier...? And that was only my second day in Nancy!!

I love you,

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