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Monday, June 15, 2015

Crazy transfer day-Traveling naked!

So, I have a couple of crazy stories haha!! so for transfer day, we
had train tickets to go to Paris. And then from there, Elder Young
would return to Nantes and then I would be heading to Nancy (these
emojis are way too much fun). So we get to Paris and we decide to head
to the church building real quick to see if they have any planners
because we didn't have any in Nantes. Anyways, there aren't any and
we decide to head back to the gare (train station) only to discover
that the station that I have to go to and that he has to go to are
completely opposite ends of the metro... So we go as quick as we can
to his station because his train leaves first and (remember we are
lugging around my suitcases-by the way, one of them broke and I
jimmy rigged a makeshift handle with by workout band door hook up
haha!) and we sprinted to the station from the Metro. We then see that
his train is about to leave and we have 3 flights of stairs with bags
still to go. We try to stay together as much as possible, but for this
situation I told him to go so he could make his train, leaving me with
all the bags.. So 3 flights of stairs... 3 suit cases.. One bag
broken. And then I realized that I had the phone for Nantes!! He
needed that phone!! this situation just got intense!! So I go as
quick as I can-sprinting with 3 bags in a shirt and tie- I might as
well of been in a sauna!! Tell Sam if he ever wants a man work out to
go sprinting with 3 suitcases in his shirt and tie haha!! So I get
there and find out the train is delayed 5 minutes!! Thank you Heavenly
Father!! But I didn't know where on this SUPER long train! So I said a
prayer and was sprinting down, just looking into every car. Such a
miracle! The second or third car, I saw him and was able to toss him
the phone right before the doors closed so the train could leave
                    so unfortunately I missed the
train to Nancy because of that and had to... I don't know why, but
they call it riding naked when you don't have a comp.. So I was riding
naked on the way to Nancy which was weird, but I was able to share the
gospel with some really kind people on the way!!!  There was one
lady who I was talking to and I was sharing the plan of salvation in
response to the questions we ask about why we are here and then she
started laughing... I asked her why.. She said that I was adorable.
Okay lady! Back off!!! That's weird!! She was like 40!! Abort
mission!!! Abort!! hahaha just playing.

But I LOVE Nancy!!! It's my favorite city so far!!! It's what I
imagined it to be like as a French city!! Being a zone leader is super
fun! I have had some really cool impressions that the missionaries in
my zone need my help because I understand where they might be
                    because of the hard parts of the mission that I have had.
So, FYI with having iPads, we are allowed to read our emails on our
free time any day during the week. We cannot reply until Monday, so if
you ever feel prompted to write me on a certain day, don't hesitate 😘
I'll be reading.

But the positive!!! My comp is SUPER cool and great at being himself and 

getting close to the members.
                His name is Elder Karl and he is from Pittsburgh. He is a really good example of being    

happy in any circumstance and it's so cool to watch!! He has been here in Nancy for 3 before I 

got here and the members really love him. I am learning a lot it's interesting because we are 

teaching a family and the parents are members but the kids aren't, but the kids are super close 

with the missionaries. But for the last couple of transfers, the missionaries have played with the 

kids a lot so when we come they expect a lot of playtime and I am still trying to figure out how 

to be their friends and not play with them, meaning tickle, or hold them, etc. because we aren't 

supposed to. But I hope that by my example they will figure it out. It's a hard balance. 

                   The ward loves us!! And our goal is

to bring the zone like s big family. The hardest thing as a missionary
is feeling so abandoned and we want to unify the zone. We came up with
the idea to have a daily goal for the zone. For example: contact a man
on a bike, or wearing a hat, or contact a jeune fille, or the whole
zone will eat a patisserie you have never eaten at this specific time,
best testimony, use a new word... Etc. so some goals
will be fun and others spiritual I just want the missionaries to
                    know how much we care and ARE doing something incredible!!!

I love you momma!!!

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