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Monday, June 1, 2015

Right on track!


It sounds like things are going great back in FARMtown :) Kale is 5'10"??? Just tell him to wait until I hit puberty :P I'll catch him!! 

Thank you so much for all the updates on people. I don't have ton of time to write now, but I would like to share some really cool points of the week with you. The first thing that I am really learning out here is how important it is to measure success. I feel like everyone is good at it, but just not at the way we do it. We should measure success by how well we do. In PMG, it talks about how a successful missionary is judged by his personal commitment to the Lord. I may not have had a lot of statistical "success", but as long as I am doing my very all and at the end of the day, Heavenly father tells me that I have done my part, it is enough. 

Which leads me to my second item of business, which is that, this week was more of a bummer week for our investigators. Many people didn't show up to our rendez-vous. However, there were some incredible miracles! Out of the blue, an old ami called us up, named Adria. We had met with him 3 months ago and then he had fallen off the face of the world, but he called with a question. His question was on whether he would be "saved" in our faith if he remained evangelic. So, we fixed a rendez-vous. The rendez-vous was THE BOMB! Amazing!! We used all of his questions towards the Book of Mormon, and made it clear that if any of this was true, it was based on whether this book is true or not. And it is either true or false. No in between. We had a member with us and we each bore testimony of the validity of this book and the spirit was amazing. He later accepted the invitation to be baptized in a month :) 

(excerpts from Moms letter)

OOO!! Pool parties!!! Yes, let's not get trunky shall we Elder Lucas hahaha!! With that, for Pday, we went on this boat on the river!! It was a boat carrying people across the river and our monthly transportation passes covered it!! SO SWEET!! It brought back a lot of memories of all the incredible trips that we have been on :) Man, we know how to travel hahaha just playing. but it was truly beautiful. 

I am so glad that Daniel Lacey is doing well. 

One thing that has been amazing is that, I have become SO close with the ward here in Nantes. I LOVE them. I think that I will be transferring next week (I will tell you on Mon) but I really don't want to leave. I love it here. But I also feel that it is time for me to move on. I love my companion so much. He is just the best. I have learned so much from him :) 

Guess what?? Elder Young and I found pork tongue at the store today!!! Yes, we are cooking it and serving it to the district at district meeting :D YUM!! Hahahaha!! 

I am glad that you were touched by the man in the park. I was too :P But in all seriousness, thank you so much for your love. Mom, you are such an amazing example to me. I feel like the mother serves an 18 year mission raising the kid, so that the kid can be a man of God, giving completely of himself to Him for two whole years. Thank you mother for serving your mission diligently :) 

Funny story of the week!! I was in a rendez-vous with a member family and I meant to say in behind of the object or "en arriere", but I messed up and said, "en derrier", or the booty :O They got quite the laugh :) I didn't. Hahahaha jk, it was funny :) 

I loved your experience with Momma Welling! She is so wonderful. I love her so much! 

I am glad that you like my frenchie suit :) 

A really cool part of the week was last night and Elder McBride, who is an Elder I live with (we are pretty close), and he was looking really down.The spirit prompted Elder Young and I to clean up the kitchen and make them some dinner. We scrambled up some Momma Lucas french toast. When we gave it to him, he instantly changed and became more happy. It was such a great feeling to know that Heavenly Father trusts us enough to help others when they are down. 


Jakobi :)

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