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Monday, June 8, 2015

Transfered to Nancy! Zone Leader....say what!?!


Nat. Leadership sounds so cool!! That is huge for Kale. I am so proud of him. I don't know how I got so lucky to have the lost talented brothers. They are so great!! Tell Mr. Male that there is no reason for him to not believe in himself. He has all it takes to be anything he dreams of becoming.

I may have cracked up out loud in the middle of this old Arab Internet café that I am emailing you all from when I read that I am enlightened from the "dark depth of France". You make me sound like the Kraken, and we both know that we already fought that battle on the river in the heat of Red rocks :)

A perfect post route!!! That is mighty impressive!! That is really a hard route to juke people on because it is going towards the middle of the field. What a stud Mr. SAAAAM! :) Yes, I did say that how Dad would. Now Arabs are staring at me... Just playing, I didn't say that out loud :) But that is really incredible! Sam is going to be such a great player!! I am so excited to see what great things that he does.

I HAVE NEWS!!!! I AM GETTING TRANSFERRED!!! TO NANCY!! All the way in the east!!! I am soooo pumped!!! I have never been farther east than Valenciennes, so this will be a fun experience!! I will also be serving as a zone leader. My new companion's name is Elder Karl. I hear he is soooo cool!! I am pretty stoked to see what goes down.

My new address is:  B.P. 614d 13/15, Blvd. Joffre 54000 Nancy. And don't forget to address it to: LES MISSIONNAIRES, Elder Jacob Lucas. The "Les Missionnaires" part is super important because there are many people here named, "Lucas".

When I found out that I was getting transferred, I was a little sad. In my mind, I was feeling like I hadn't really had much success and that my missino was fading away and that I wasn't living it the way that I should be. And yesterday, I was pouring out my heart to Heavenly Father all during the Sacrament and meeting itself. And here comes the miracle!! So, I have told you that two of the people that I have found were baptized and that I gave them both the gift of the Holy Ghost. So the second girl's name is Laure. She is 25 and is usually pretty quiet. But right after the meeting, she came and sat down right next to me. She said that she had something to tell me. She then went on to explain that she wanted to thank me. She said that yes there were many people that helped her come to to the church, and even though the other elders taught her, I found her. She then told me that the reason that she stayed and kept coming was because of my example. She said that the way that I treated people and was kind and loving truly helped her have a desire to change, and that if it weren't for me, she never would have continued to come. She said that that was why that she asked me to give her the spirit because she actually prayed about it and she felt that I was the one she needed the blessing from. She finished by saying that because of what I have done, that I will always hold a special place in her heart. (No dad, it wasn't romantic at all!! hahaha) But it was really a miracle for me. It was the Lord's way of telling me that I have done my part and that I am doing enough. Later, while I was praying his spirit comforted my heart and confirmed these things to me. It was amazing!!

Miracle number two!! The rest of this is going to be a bit short because I am running out of time. BUT! Terrance, a man from Africa who I met on a bus is getting baptized!! We set a date with him for the 27th of June!! OH YEAH!!!! And! He is already super close with all the young men in the ward. He came to an activity and then saw one of the young man, who is from Africa too, and I come to find out that they have been friends since they were little and they were friends in Africa before moving to Nantes when about ten years old!! He came to church yesterday and then at the end said that he was going to make time in his planning to come every week. He liked it!! YES!! :)

By definition, one could say that a blessing in our lives is anything that brings us closer to God. That would mean that includes trials and opposition. I want to have the attitude everyday that I only have blessings, because depending on how I react, everything can be a blessing :)

Dad, tell momma that I love her! I don't know where she went, but I hope that she's great!! Thanks for being incredible and teaching me the ways of truth and life. I heard a song that says that we must go forth and speak life to the nations!! That's what I am doing :) Everyone NEEDS this gospel!! We must go and speak forth this message that helps people to truly live! I know that Christ is the way! WE cannot change our past, but we can determine our destiny and if we choose Christ, He will wipe out our past-all the sins and mess ups- and we will find peace. I know this to be true. I know that He is the Christ, the very Son of God, and that He lives! I love being His missionary! I love you all!! 

Elder Lucas YO

This is his district. His companion is to his left, Elder Young and the numbers represent the number of transfers they are on.

You can write to Elder Lucas at:
B.P. 614D 13/15, Blvd. Joffre 54000
Nancy, France

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