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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New Companion Elder Edmunds!

Jacob and his new companion Elder Edmunds

Hey Momma!! 

Today has been super fun! I just got done singing with the vacuum as my microphone while cleaning the apartment. You might say that I'm the next American Idol with my pipes😆 ...yeahhh.. Haha😆 I got some sweet pics to send you!! 

So I didn't meet personally with president. It was a zone leader conference. But it helped me with a lot of my questions and elder Edmunds came from the office in the mission and is close-ish with him. We have been praying a lot to know what to do and have a good game plan and will call him tomorrow sometime. We are planning to do a sweet missionary zone meeting just for our zone to help them get re pumped to do missionary work. A lot of missionaries focus on stats and go out to only get a certain number of lessons instead of finding people and so our focus will be on that an how to pump up faith to see miracles. It's the Lord's work! And it's pretty obvious He likes miracles. So let's see them! We just need to believe and then look for it. And Elder Divis, my bud from the MTC, is the zone leader in Strasbourg and his zone and my Nancy zone makes the Nancy stake. We are planning together to make an activity for all the youth in the stake who could be going on missions in the next couple of years. It will be an activity addressing their concerns and helping them see that they are 100% capable to do it, and help the, see how great it is. It'll be SWEEEEET!  and I know the Stake President would be in support-I met him when I was in Luxembourg on an exchange, soooo it'll be awesome!

Tell the Grandma and Grandpas to write me! I want to hear from them.

So elder Edmunds is pretty cool! He is finishing the mission in 6 weeks!! Crazy! We are working super hard. He's from Utah and is just really an incredible missionary. He's the most spiritual comp I've had and I love it! It's fun.  

This morning I had an amazing experience. Heavenly Father really was able to show me my best moments and help me see how I can use that for the future. I was then led to read David and Goliath and it brought back all the memories of being a qb. And also a really cool thought is that it says he took 5 stones! 5 in Hebrew has the symbolism of the atonement. So really it was Christ who took down the giant. David had to believe and throw it, but ultimately God performed the miracle. And today God has helped me to remember who I am, mom. My best self. Life is so much fun!!☺️☺️☺️ 

I'll include more of my week in dads letter! I love you!!!

Love, Jacobi

Cheeta is hot! 

Nancy town square.

Monday, July 20, 2015

Transfer Number 7! New Companion...

The hottest day ever! Studying Tom Sawyer style.

Hey Dad!! It's so good to hear from you!! 

Oh yeah we will be killing it in pool volleyball against Sam and Kale. I'll be coming back full man! I haven't shaved my chest since I've been here! You think that the magic carpets may be what mom bought, but just wait til I get home!! It'll be the two beauties against the beasts!! 

I just shared your experience of saving the boy who fell off the cliff with the other missionaries that are with me and we were all touched. Thank you for sharing that. 

Excerpt from Jay's letter to Jacob:

While on the trail heading to Head of Dean we came across a crew that was totally in
emergency mode. One of their scouts had fallen from a 14 foot ledge and landed on his head
and neck. He was totally amnestic, confused, slurring of speech and actually looked pretty
terrible. Ironic though that we come up the trail 2 minutes after it happens (about the same time
as our prayer) and have an ER physician and Orthopedic Surgeon who knew exactly what to do
to help the young man. We stabilized him and spoke with him and his crew. We asked his
leaders if we could give him a blessing (they were catholic and protestant) and they consented.
Larry anointed and I sealed and blessed, stating that he would recover and be healed, that the
physicians would know how to help him. After the blessing there was peace but then the patient
told Larry, “I see a light, bright light, go to light?” Larry said a personal prayer asking for him to
stay with us. We kept talking with the young man and protected him. We sent two scouts
ahead to Head of Dean for emergency personnel and the other boys carried backpacks up to
the camp. After an hour the young man came around and started to make sense. He was able
to finally get up and walk out to the camp. I felt it was a miracle.

Picnic with the Nancy district.
I have news!! So first off, Elder Karl is going to Colmar and I am receiving a new comp that is one of the iPad technicians! Super cool right?? we will be the zone leaders in Nancy.
Nancy District.

Elder Karl, Jacob's companion

So! TWO BAPTISMS THIS WEEK!!! One was here by our compship. It was Etienne, the son of Luis. It was Etienne's sister, Emilie, who was baptized a couple of weeks ago. It was really amazing! Luis did the baptism and it was so touching. They just hugged and held one another afterwards while In the font. The spirit was really strong! And Terrance, in Nantes, was baptized!!!!! SO HAPPY!! That one means so much to me because I found him on a bus on a day that was so hard! It was back when I was training and was district leader and had almost 12 exchanges to do. I was so tired! And I push myself to go all out and contact even on buses and trams, and on this day, I was so tired, but decided to find someone anyways. And it was him!! When I left Nantes, he had come to church once and was learning a lot. And since then he did not miss a Sunday at church and is sooooo strong! It was really a tender mercy of Heavenly Father because it goes to show how much my hard work does matter. We never know what we do to impact others' lives, but it means so much. Did you know that if you take all the people they know, and the people they know and keep going out like that 8 more times, it would account for everyone in the world? We CAN make a huge difference. The world is a lot smaller than it seems. Let the light out. 

Elder Karl and Lucas with Luis and his son Etienne.

It sounds like you guys are having a blast!! I am trying to do as much as I can as a missionary to enjoy all the moments I have. Two years is fast and I don't want to miss anything. At the beginning of my mission I thought that it was about contacting as many people as possible and almost just rushing around. But I have learned that it's about taking time with the people. The work is urgent, yes, but it to find someone to talk to. It's urgent to love. When you find someone then it's time to slow down and figure out how to love them. The most important person is the person in front of you. I am really loving it out here though. It's not just about teaching but creating relationships with people. People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. I just want to love people better and more fully. 

I love your ideas about the uniting the zone. I will do that. I will be in Paris with President on Thursday so I will get a chance to talk to him. It will be good. 

Dad I love you so much. Thank you for helping so much and always being there every step of the way. Bisous😘

Elder Yo!!!

Elder Karl transfer 14, almost time to go home, Elder Lucas transfer 7 almost half way done!

Monday, July 13, 2015

Stucki visits!

Jacob with Released Elder Stucki (bearded one on the right). Stucki was one of his favorite Zone leaders from the first few months of his mission. He was visiting with his family this week and had lunch with Jacob and his comp and the Soeurs (sisters) for an hour. Elder Stucki's mom sent me this pic with a note that said Jacob looked good and was happy!


Yeah that was the Stucki from before! No him and his family only had
an hour so we had lunch with them at a Kebab shop. It was so great to
see him! He and Elder Karl are best friends so it was super fun all
around haha!

Haha Trevor found his people?? That's hilarious! I hope that he's just
having a blast. (Sent him excerpts from  Elder Trevor Cahoons letter from the MTC)

It's really true about the loss of light in these euro countries. I
will be honest and say that I feel like something that will surprise
you is how dark it feels here in France. The people's hearts are very
hard and you can literally feel the difference. But nothing is
stronger than the light of Christ!! So it all works out.

Yes, it's true that we have problems that seem so big, but we forget
so often to be grateful and be happy for what we do have! Life really
is beautiful-when we open our eyes.

I am trying to remember what happened this last week and I can't... It
was a really tiring week though... I was soooo exhausted Saturday
night. The mission teaches you work ethic like nothing else. Sometimes
it feels like you're working from the moment you get up to when you
sleep. And it's amazing!! What better thing to do than forget your
problems helping everyone else.

But yeah, we spent a ton of time trying to find new people this week.
The brother of Emilie, his name is Ettienne, will be getting baptized
by his dad this weekend!! Super cool. Ettienne is 12.

But other than him, we don't have a ton of progressing people, so we
have been trying to find people. And not a lot of success. It was a
hard week in that regard. Just a lot of rejection.

I am trying to have more fun with the work.. It's hard because our
mission has specific rules that keep us from getting to see other
missionaries.. I just feel like you don't always get s chance to
breathe out here. Elder Aaron Keeley just emailed me about how in his zone they do
some activities all the time.. Elder Karl and I are going to try to
figure out something to make it more fun. The hardest part of the
mission is doing the same thing everyday and not having fun.. It's a
loss of balance. But Elder Karl and I are trying to figure it out.
Haha we will have fun!! During our planning we put our baseball caps
on to make it less professional and we are dancing and singing all the
time to make it less stressful. Any fun random ideas to unify and
bring people together. Just hit me with what you got and I'll try to
modify it to the rules.

Elder Karl has been my favorite comp so far. He is super fun and
really LOVES the people here so incredibly. He has such an amazing
Christ like love for others that people instantly want to be around
him more. It's so cool!! I want to be more like that.

I have learned so much about people this transfer. People just need
love. Our message promises that but if they don't feel that, then it
won't mean anything. People want to feel included and loved. And the
best way to unify is to be that way towards all people. People will
forget what you say and do, but they will always remember they way
that they felt around you. Could you send me the 5 love languages-not
the book per say-but just the languages and how to show them.. Haha
that is the book I know.. But just a little thing. I just want to love
people!! Especially these people here. If anyone needs this gospel
it's these people. They look so sad all the time and depressed. It's
time to rejoice! The dreariness and hurt of this life isn't it! There
is soooo much more! Gosh I'm like just smiling like a weirdo because I
am so happy over here... I probably look really weird sitting here in
McDo stealing their wifi and just smiling. But who cares! Don't go
through life being sad! There is so much to live and experience! Life
is amazing!! And then it gets better because we know that the sadness
of death and hurt of life will be reconciled by Christ in the end!
What greater message to share?! There isn't!! So lose yourself in the
joy of what He has done for you and go through life happy because you
only get every moment once. So make it the best!!

I love you momma!!! I don' t know how I get so lucky with you writing me
every week, but I do!

Bisons! I love you!

Monday, July 6, 2015


Hey daddo!!!

We had two baptisms this week!! It was so cool!! A Tahitian guy, named
Jess, and a 9 year old girl, named Emilie. It was so cool to be a part
of it. Jess was so emotional and overwhelmed with happiness. He was
crying and was so touched by the spirit. It's so interesting because I
feel like at most baptisms they sing "Families can be together
Forever". Baptism is the first step to making that a reality. I always
almost cry when I sing that song. I am so grateful that I am apart of
your and mom's eternal family. When I get sad about being away from
the people I love most, that's what helps me the most. No matter what
happens, we are an eternal family. We are so blessed. Emilie was
baptized by her dad who is a recent convert of a couple of months! It
was so great!!

Go Philmont!! I am praying for you guys! When life gets hard, just do
the bear dance hahaha!! Give kale a big hug for me!! Philmont is such
a good preparation for life. I am so grateful for my experience of
Philmont. There comes a point for each of us in our lives when we
can't go any more on our own. And that's when we see miracles. When
our faith in Him become greater than our faith in ourselves. That's
when angels can lift us. And they will!! I know that to be true.

Dad I love this work so much! I love serving my God! It is the most
rewarding thing that we can do!! I love being close to Him and
learning to forget all my fears and doubts and jump into the darkness,
knowing that my faith in Him will either catch me or help me to fly.

This morning I had a hard morning-just felt alone- and I poured out my
heart to my Father in Heaven and He helped me see what I can do to
find the solutions to my problems. It was really touching. I know that
He truly is there. God is there. And He loves us with an infinite
love!! If the scouts can learn one thing, it would be that. To know
that no matter where you go in life, He will be there with you! Learn
to trust Him! Study His word, and follow the examples of those who
have sought Him in the scriptures. Seek and he shall find!!

Dad, I love you soooo much!! Keep on being an amazing leader and man!
You're incredible. I am honored to be a Lucas and your son

I don't have a ton of time, but know that I feel of your love often
and I love you. It's great knowing that I am a part of two teams. The
Lord's and the Lucas Team. Go go go!! I love you!
Love, Yo!!😘