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Monday, July 6, 2015


Hey daddo!!!

We had two baptisms this week!! It was so cool!! A Tahitian guy, named
Jess, and a 9 year old girl, named Emilie. It was so cool to be a part
of it. Jess was so emotional and overwhelmed with happiness. He was
crying and was so touched by the spirit. It's so interesting because I
feel like at most baptisms they sing "Families can be together
Forever". Baptism is the first step to making that a reality. I always
almost cry when I sing that song. I am so grateful that I am apart of
your and mom's eternal family. When I get sad about being away from
the people I love most, that's what helps me the most. No matter what
happens, we are an eternal family. We are so blessed. Emilie was
baptized by her dad who is a recent convert of a couple of months! It
was so great!!

Go Philmont!! I am praying for you guys! When life gets hard, just do
the bear dance hahaha!! Give kale a big hug for me!! Philmont is such
a good preparation for life. I am so grateful for my experience of
Philmont. There comes a point for each of us in our lives when we
can't go any more on our own. And that's when we see miracles. When
our faith in Him become greater than our faith in ourselves. That's
when angels can lift us. And they will!! I know that to be true.

Dad I love this work so much! I love serving my God! It is the most
rewarding thing that we can do!! I love being close to Him and
learning to forget all my fears and doubts and jump into the darkness,
knowing that my faith in Him will either catch me or help me to fly.

This morning I had a hard morning-just felt alone- and I poured out my
heart to my Father in Heaven and He helped me see what I can do to
find the solutions to my problems. It was really touching. I know that
He truly is there. God is there. And He loves us with an infinite
love!! If the scouts can learn one thing, it would be that. To know
that no matter where you go in life, He will be there with you! Learn
to trust Him! Study His word, and follow the examples of those who
have sought Him in the scriptures. Seek and he shall find!!

Dad, I love you soooo much!! Keep on being an amazing leader and man!
You're incredible. I am honored to be a Lucas and your son

I don't have a ton of time, but know that I feel of your love often
and I love you. It's great knowing that I am a part of two teams. The
Lord's and the Lucas Team. Go go go!! I love you!
Love, Yo!!😘

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