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Monday, July 13, 2015

Stucki visits!

Jacob with Released Elder Stucki (bearded one on the right). Stucki was one of his favorite Zone leaders from the first few months of his mission. He was visiting with his family this week and had lunch with Jacob and his comp and the Soeurs (sisters) for an hour. Elder Stucki's mom sent me this pic with a note that said Jacob looked good and was happy!


Yeah that was the Stucki from before! No him and his family only had
an hour so we had lunch with them at a Kebab shop. It was so great to
see him! He and Elder Karl are best friends so it was super fun all
around haha!

Haha Trevor found his people?? That's hilarious! I hope that he's just
having a blast. (Sent him excerpts from  Elder Trevor Cahoons letter from the MTC)

It's really true about the loss of light in these euro countries. I
will be honest and say that I feel like something that will surprise
you is how dark it feels here in France. The people's hearts are very
hard and you can literally feel the difference. But nothing is
stronger than the light of Christ!! So it all works out.

Yes, it's true that we have problems that seem so big, but we forget
so often to be grateful and be happy for what we do have! Life really
is beautiful-when we open our eyes.

I am trying to remember what happened this last week and I can't... It
was a really tiring week though... I was soooo exhausted Saturday
night. The mission teaches you work ethic like nothing else. Sometimes
it feels like you're working from the moment you get up to when you
sleep. And it's amazing!! What better thing to do than forget your
problems helping everyone else.

But yeah, we spent a ton of time trying to find new people this week.
The brother of Emilie, his name is Ettienne, will be getting baptized
by his dad this weekend!! Super cool. Ettienne is 12.

But other than him, we don't have a ton of progressing people, so we
have been trying to find people. And not a lot of success. It was a
hard week in that regard. Just a lot of rejection.

I am trying to have more fun with the work.. It's hard because our
mission has specific rules that keep us from getting to see other
missionaries.. I just feel like you don't always get s chance to
breathe out here. Elder Aaron Keeley just emailed me about how in his zone they do
some activities all the time.. Elder Karl and I are going to try to
figure out something to make it more fun. The hardest part of the
mission is doing the same thing everyday and not having fun.. It's a
loss of balance. But Elder Karl and I are trying to figure it out.
Haha we will have fun!! During our planning we put our baseball caps
on to make it less professional and we are dancing and singing all the
time to make it less stressful. Any fun random ideas to unify and
bring people together. Just hit me with what you got and I'll try to
modify it to the rules.

Elder Karl has been my favorite comp so far. He is super fun and
really LOVES the people here so incredibly. He has such an amazing
Christ like love for others that people instantly want to be around
him more. It's so cool!! I want to be more like that.

I have learned so much about people this transfer. People just need
love. Our message promises that but if they don't feel that, then it
won't mean anything. People want to feel included and loved. And the
best way to unify is to be that way towards all people. People will
forget what you say and do, but they will always remember they way
that they felt around you. Could you send me the 5 love languages-not
the book per say-but just the languages and how to show them.. Haha
that is the book I know.. But just a little thing. I just want to love
people!! Especially these people here. If anyone needs this gospel
it's these people. They look so sad all the time and depressed. It's
time to rejoice! The dreariness and hurt of this life isn't it! There
is soooo much more! Gosh I'm like just smiling like a weirdo because I
am so happy over here... I probably look really weird sitting here in
McDo stealing their wifi and just smiling. But who cares! Don't go
through life being sad! There is so much to live and experience! Life
is amazing!! And then it gets better because we know that the sadness
of death and hurt of life will be reconciled by Christ in the end!
What greater message to share?! There isn't!! So lose yourself in the
joy of what He has done for you and go through life happy because you
only get every moment once. So make it the best!!

I love you momma!!! I don' t know how I get so lucky with you writing me
every week, but I do!

Bisons! I love you!

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