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Tuesday, July 28, 2015

New Companion Elder Edmunds!

Jacob and his new companion Elder Edmunds

Hey Momma!! 

Today has been super fun! I just got done singing with the vacuum as my microphone while cleaning the apartment. You might say that I'm the next American Idol with my pipes😆 ...yeahhh.. Haha😆 I got some sweet pics to send you!! 

So I didn't meet personally with president. It was a zone leader conference. But it helped me with a lot of my questions and elder Edmunds came from the office in the mission and is close-ish with him. We have been praying a lot to know what to do and have a good game plan and will call him tomorrow sometime. We are planning to do a sweet missionary zone meeting just for our zone to help them get re pumped to do missionary work. A lot of missionaries focus on stats and go out to only get a certain number of lessons instead of finding people and so our focus will be on that an how to pump up faith to see miracles. It's the Lord's work! And it's pretty obvious He likes miracles. So let's see them! We just need to believe and then look for it. And Elder Divis, my bud from the MTC, is the zone leader in Strasbourg and his zone and my Nancy zone makes the Nancy stake. We are planning together to make an activity for all the youth in the stake who could be going on missions in the next couple of years. It will be an activity addressing their concerns and helping them see that they are 100% capable to do it, and help the, see how great it is. It'll be SWEEEEET!  and I know the Stake President would be in support-I met him when I was in Luxembourg on an exchange, soooo it'll be awesome!

Tell the Grandma and Grandpas to write me! I want to hear from them.

So elder Edmunds is pretty cool! He is finishing the mission in 6 weeks!! Crazy! We are working super hard. He's from Utah and is just really an incredible missionary. He's the most spiritual comp I've had and I love it! It's fun.  

This morning I had an amazing experience. Heavenly Father really was able to show me my best moments and help me see how I can use that for the future. I was then led to read David and Goliath and it brought back all the memories of being a qb. And also a really cool thought is that it says he took 5 stones! 5 in Hebrew has the symbolism of the atonement. So really it was Christ who took down the giant. David had to believe and throw it, but ultimately God performed the miracle. And today God has helped me to remember who I am, mom. My best self. Life is so much fun!!☺️☺️☺️ 

I'll include more of my week in dads letter! I love you!!!

Love, Jacobi

Cheeta is hot! 

Nancy town square.

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