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Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Meeting with the President!

I'm so proud of my brothers. They are both just incredible. I couldn't have
asked for anyone better to be by side as my siblings:) I am so excited for

Coach Dalton is very good at getting kids to want to play football and just
welcoming anyone and everyone. However, if you don't run track.. Like
someone named Jacob.. Senior year, he may or may not seem to shun you
hahahaha just playing... Sort of.. Yeah, he will be incredible!

That's a bummer about Xander and Tyler having trouble with school and
football. But I'm excited that Xander came to church! I've tried to write
him a couple of times, but I don't know if he has received them. He's such
a great guy!

I miss Melynda! She's awesome! She was so much fun to see everyday! I hope
that she is doing well :)

I just had my interview with my president. And I was asking him about how to work
with people in our district who have a hard time to always be obedient, and
he started to explain the personalities of people in the district and how
with their needs and problems it makes sense why they struggle with this
level of obedience. He then said (in French), "And that's why you're there
Elder Lucas!" "You can help them!!" Oh thanks a ton President!!! That's
just what I want to do! Be the bad guy! Hahahaha I'm totally kidding
around, but it was pretty funny haha :) but all in all, I felt honored that
he respected me with a situation like that.

This last week I was in Luxembourg on an exchange and let me just say that
I LOVE it there. It may be my favorite city (Luxembourg, Luxembourg)
because of how pretty and magnificent it is. While there, I met two
different men. One was homeless and desperate. The other had sufficient
money and had a job. The first, however, was the happier! In fact, he
literally started to praise God in the middle of our rendez-vous with him
because of how blessed he felt from God. This man literally had nothing. He
was an immigrant from Africa, where both of his parents had been killed in
the war, and who had a sister who died a couple of years ago. Despite all
of this, he praised God for what he did have. He knew that God loved him,
and the fact that God had given him life was a miracle in and of itself.
The second man had what he needed, but still felt cheated in life. He was
making enough money and had a job, but wanted more. He wanted to be rich
and have all the luxuries. He also was highly addicted to smoking, and
spent much of his money on cigarettes. He was angry that God hadn't given
Him more, and felt if God was doing His job right, then he (the man) would
have more money. It was incredible to see the comparison between the two.
The first man understood what is truly important in life. It is what money
cannot buy, and bread cannot fill. It is the gospel of Jesus Christ. It is
having the bread of life, our Savior. Through Him, death has no sting and
the pains of life are wiped away. The luxuries and values of the world,
such as money and things can't fill us the way we need to be filled. I am
so grateful that God would bless a 19 year old boy from NM to have that
experience to see the comparison and effect of gratitude on a life, that to
the world seemed like he had nothing, and another who had enough, but was
empty inside.

Dad, I love you!! Have a greeeaaat week!!
Yo :)

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  1. Keep up the good work Jacob. You are in my prayers and thoughts daily. I wish I were there working with you. Remember the key to success in France is working hard and loving the people. Miss you tons!
    Love Grandpa J'taime beaucoup!!!!!