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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Mission is going by so fast!


Go Marc!!! (Jacob's cousin Marc was married this past weekend) Atta boy! I'm happy for him. It sounds like everyone else is doing wonderful as well  that's fantastic! That would be sweet if I could be there for the reunion! But hey if not, that okay. I believe that my return date is August 3 or 4... Wow.. That's scary... I've been saying it since week 3.. "My missions is going by so fast! I don't have enough time!" It really does fly by... It's pretty weird because my comp is finishing his mission too... Next week at this point, I am so glad that I have all the time that I do! I LOVE this ward and city!! This last week we have done all that we can to serve the members. That has sort of been our goal this transfer is to really focus on member work because the ward was struggling and the missionary work on Nancy was struggling somewhat as a result. 

We have really been able to connect with the members and it has been the biggest blessing. The ward is really growing and becoming so much more willing to work with us! We have been trying to find ways to serve and that can be hard in France, because people don't like to ask for help, but we have really been figuring out ways how to get to them. We have been writing the members letters and notes, thanking them for rendezvous or for a testimony they shared or for dinner etc. amd it is making s huge difference. We also have been making them no bake cookies and it has been fun so they can eat some "American food", and they love it! They feel like we are more their friends and not just there to eat their food at dinners (it's much harder with the language barrier to really connect- but we are making it happen) 

There are 400 people on the ward roster and there are only 70 people max who come. So we have been less active searching like crazy, and visiting all the members possible to support them in their callings and seeing how we can help them in their families. And it has been miraculous! This last Sunday was the most full that I have ever seen it. An older inactive couple that we visit came for sacrament, for the first time in s couple of months :) sister Bertrand, a single, less active mother came with her son who is less active and her nephew who is not a member. The just had their dog die too, which was a HUGE trial for them, but she came anyways. In fact, we gave her and her son both blessings today of comfort so that they could be comforted with the loss, and it went phenomenal! The spirit was so strong. The blessings talked about how pleased God was with them taking this path and the reality of how they could be make it to the temple as a family. Earlier this week, we had dinner with her and she made the BEST meal I have eaten here in Nancy. It was fantastic :)) she knew from previous times that I had never eaten Quiche Lorraine (and Nancy is in the region, Lorraine, and so it is famous for the quiches here) and also that I had never eaten escargot in France. She made it for us! Soooo good!! I have pics :) Also, many of the members that come have seemed to be on the verge of going inactive, and much of our focus has been on helping them, and they are really growing. It was one of the greatest feelings being at church, in France, looking around and knowing that I was surrounded by friends, with people who loved me and I loved them. One of the greatest things in life is to love and be love :) is I'll include more in moms letter :) 

Hey now! I have learned to overcome fatigue! I have accepted the fact that I will always be tired! Whether I get up early or sleep in.. So I have accepted that I might as well get early and enjoy more of the day and love it. The mission teaches you weird things... 😉

Dad, I love you so much. Thank you for being a consistent writer and always looking out for me. You are amazing and I am so grateful for your love and example. Know that I know that this work is of God. He guides it. There is no better feeling than knowing that you are doing exactly what He needs of you. Thank you for teaching that to me! I love you!!❤️

Elder Cobja

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  1. What a mature perspective! I didn't learn to appreciate the activity and not worry about the tiredness, until I was in my 50s. Hurray for Elder Lucas.