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Monday, August 17, 2015

Rainy ward activity!

Happy Anniversary!!!!

So happy for you!! I'll be home for the next one😱😳.. That's crazy! I can't believe that's it has already been one year!! Where has time gone? Haha my wardrobe is okay.. I need to go shopping but we literally have no time... But I'll find some... Hopefully haha!! 

Gooooo Marcus Lucas!!! That's sweet ☺️ Please tell him congrats from me!
Message to the Rick Lucas Family:

Hey y'all!! (I said y'all just for you guys ;) ) I am so excited to hear
how Marc will be getting married. The last time that I saw him, he told me
about how he almost won the one girl's heart at an EFY he went to with his
pick up lines. He will have to tell me which one he used to win this one's
:) But with all jokes aside, congratulations to Marc!!! You're awesome!!
And for everyone, I hope that all of you are doing great! All of your
testimonies that you sent me for the Christmas package, that my mom put
together, meant the world to me. It was a time where I felt alone, and
having a part of you all there with me, really made a huge difference. And
that's what family is all about. One of the greatest things about being a
missionary is sharing with people how the gospel has impacted our family. I
am so grateful to know that we are all apart of an eternal family. And I'm
so excited that Marc is taking that step to start his eternal family:) It's
what everyone needs to have in their own lives. As far as things are going
here, life is great! The French only know about 3 places in the USA. They
are L.A., NYC, and Texas :) the great Texan reputation exceeds the USA.
Anywho, stay strong and know that I and love miss you all so much! Congrats
again to Marc!

Love, Elder Jacob Lucas

So! All those pics I sent you were from this ward activity that we had this week. It was a mile and a half walk to a park where we sat and ate and talked. It was such a nice change up of things!! Unfortunately it was planned on the one day it rained this week haha! And we didn't bring anything to protect us from the rain, so they gave us ponchos and well, little, dwarf men sized rain jackets (as you see with my comp). I felt like a giant rubber ducky... And hey it was Disney brand so I guess you could call me Donald😉 sorry, bad joke haha... But it was really fun! I'm getting really close with a lot of the members here. The Bishops is super cool! We will be going to his house on my hump day!!! It'll be super fun!☺️ he speaks fluent English and even went to BYU for a bit. He's awesome! This last week, we spent a ton of time visiting less actives and members. We have contacted and tracted everywhere in Nancy and we felt prompted that the most important thing to do right now was to strengthen the ward, because most of the recent converts are struggling after being baptized being the ward is hurting. With that, we have seen some incredible miracles. We visited a less active lady for the second time yesterday and the spirit guided us to know exactly what to say to help her come back to church. She was struggling to come to church because some of the people at church had had problems with her in the past and we were able to help her see that her ultimate wish is the temple for her family and that we have trials of faith along the way. Nephi failed twice, was threaten and then beaten almost to death, robbed of all his money, and traveled possibly a couple of weeks in the desert just to get the plates from Laban. We so often wish to be lead by the spirit and forget the struggles that Nephi had before the spirit guided him. I think that we all go through times where we feel like we keep falling. But if we give our all to God, realize that we don't know what else to do, and just lean on Him, He will never let us down. I know that to be true. There have been times out here where I have felt like I am like Nephi the first two times. But God was just testing to me to see if I would continue to believe. And then, the times come after where the Lord delivers Laban into our hands. 

I will actually be talking to President in a couple of hours! I have an interview with him:) we did have one activity two weeks ago with our zone, sharing miracles. However, Elder Edmunds and I prayed a lot over what type of activity was needed and we felt that a runner activity actually wasn't the best idea, based on the needs of the zone. 

As far as investigators go, it's struggling. Our African friend, William is still out of town (French people like to go out of town for a whole month. It depends on their preference on whether its June, July, or August.. It makes it hard to find people because everyone who lives in Nancy is gone and everyone in Nancy is from other parts of France haha). 

But have a WONDERFUL anniversary!! Have tons of fun☺️ you guys deserve it! I don't think that I could have gotten any luckier to have you two as my parents!! 
I love you Momma!!
Love, Jacob❤️

The Nancy ward activity, Bishop is the man in the far left corner. He invited Jacob and his comp over for his Hump day on thursday!

The Soeurs (sisters) in the front, crazy face middle, and the rest of the district behind.

Waiting at the train station with no one to talk to..

Elder Edmunds got the small jacket....

Captain Mickey!

Jacob and the DL 

The Nancy ward! 

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