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Sunday, August 9, 2015

The Waddle Walk....



This week has been amazing for me!! I have really been able to progress a lot! It's soooo incredible how much Heavenly Father is blessing me. Heavenly Father told me the other day how much Satan has been trying to destroy me throughout my mission and how pleased He is with all my work. I have done well and He is proud. I get the amazing opportunity to give another year to Him. I am just excited to see the miracles that He performs. 

This week I had an incredible experience!! It was at the very end of the day and we had been working hard all day long and as we were coming home, I had a very distinct impression to go to a specific place right by our building and that there I would find a man who needed me to talk to him now. So I told my comp that we HAD to go and we took off. As we were walking up to the place that I had seen in my mind, a man walked out of a the building with a lady. The lady was on her phone, but the spirit told me that this was the man. I stopped him and boldly told him that my companion and I were sent by God to share with him the importance of prayer. He looked rather shocked. He shared that he believed, but had stopped coming to church (he was catholic). He said that he had stopped feeling God though. I testified that God had sent us there that night to share with him how God was anxiously waiting for him to pray and how much God wanted to share His love with him. The man told us that he believed us, and was very grateful. Unfortunately he was here on vacation, and so we gave him the website of the church, but there is no greater feeling than the spirit telling you that you did your job. It was really incredible! 

And quick question. Have you ever had to do the waddle walk when your bladder is going to burst?? So it's soooo hot here, and I down water all day long with my nalgene... And that's great unless you have back to back rendez-vous! I had to hold a full on pee for like 3 hours! Try testifying with that! That in and of itself is a miracle! And then I did the waddle walk all the way back to our apartment! It may or may not have been the hardest part of my mission. Hahaha so if you haven't yet, count your blessing that you haven't had to do the embarrassing waddle walk pee hold in front of all the frenchies hahaha!! 

I know this one is short. I am running out of time. But mommy, I LOVE YOU SOOO MUCH! And hey, I wanted to try the iMessage thingy. What would your number be with the area code and everything? Anyways have a splendid week!! Bisous! (Spell check wanted to say "Bisons"... Bad iPad!) 
Love, Jacob😍❤️😘

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