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Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Elder Lucas and Elder Gaule from England
Hey everyone! I know it's been seriously FOREVER since I sent out a mass email. My bad, I haven't had tons of time... BUT! I wanted to let you all know how much I love you and miss you!! Here are some highlights of my week. I love you all and hope to hear from you!! So first things first, I LOVE my new comp!! He is soooo sick! We are already super tight and have a blast!! We laugh all day long! Literally, life has been a party ☺️☺️ his accent is super cool! We are super similar and get along great! 

We had an amazing miracle this week! So Wednesday night, elder Gaule, my comp, and I were planning and we felt like we needed to go contacting in a certain park the next morning. The next morning we arrive at the park, and the first lady that we meet is a mother from Africa with her baby boy. We explain that we are helping people find peace in their lives and families, and how God will help us. She looked very surprised and explained that she came into that park that very morning looking for God. She wasn't sure if He was there and needed help. She had been searching for a job in France for several years, and after searching for so long, she thought that she had won a position as an employee for an organization. Unfortunately, at the last minute they rejected her and she didn't get the job. She felt totally helpless and alone. She was wondering if God was there, why did all these terrible things happen. We explained how it wasn't a coincidence that we met, that in fact we had prayed to know where to be to help people, and had specially felt that this was the spot we needed to be right then. She instantly asked us if we could sit down and talk. We did, and were able to explain to her how God does love us and watches over us, and in fact sent Jesus Christ, His own Son, for all of us. We explained and testified of how Christ had felt all that we had ever experienced and that through Him we can gain strength and peace in any circumstance. She started to cry and said that she felt a huge comfort and peace that she hadn't felt in so long. We helped her to understand that it was the spirit. It was incredible!! Hopefully we can see her soon! 

I heard that FHS football is tearing it up!! I wouldn't want it to be any other way!! 

On the note of football, here in Nancy, they had a sports day, and on the way to the bus stop, we saw a couple of guys trying to throw a football! We had a few minutes so I ran over and started to throw with them! They instantly started to ask if I was an American QB and I taught them how to throw while doing it, shared about what we do and asked if they were interested in God. This HUGE guy who plays linebacker for a team here, said that he actually is searching for God and would love to talk! One of the guys asked if I could be their QB for their team hahahaha 😂. 
I wanted to say yes.... haha, but I couldn't. But we found a time to throw the ball this coming Saturday and to talk about how to find direction in life! Soooo sweet! 

Anywho, I love you all! Thanks for all the prayers and all your love!! 

Love, Elder Jacob Lucas

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