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Monday, September 28, 2015

My week was AMAZING!

The missionary work was hard, but I really learned a lot this week. I have really been able to use the atonement of Jesus Christ to strengthen me. It’s pretty crazy because we come on missions with such high expectations and we quickly discover that we are so incapable. We are called to be perfectly obedient and representatives of Christ, but ultimately we can’t do that without Christ. Ultimately we are just more of God’s children who are trying their best to help the other kids to find the way-that way being Christ. And we need Him to succeed. This is His work. He is the work. And the way that we become perfected (100% obedient) is through Him. We do our best and He picks up the rest. That’s why we are joint heirs with Him (Romans 8:16-17). Sometimes we as missionaries forget that we need Him as much as others, and that He is how we succeed in missionary work. He saves us after all that we can do. How amazing :) 

Mom, I truly felt the Savior so strongly this week. It’s weird because since I got to the mission, I was struggling because I felt like I was alone, and I really learned so much this week. I realized how before the mission, I was really dependent on verbal feedback. I struggled if you or Dad, or someone else wasn’t telling me that I was doing a good job. And I think to some extent that was a reason why I did things. Not with things spiritual though. I decided all that on my own, but when I got here, I had NO face-to-face real verbal feed back. Too some extent my motivation was based on that. And this whole time, I have been learning to really cut my motivation to please others and only do it to please God. And it has made all the difference! I have never been happier in my mission. I am so happy! I feel Him close, and I’m not afraid. He is the anchor for my soul. And what’s cool is that God wants me to trust me! To trust myself. I think one of the greatest reasons that He had me play football was to help me believe in me! And I am figuring it out! It took some time, but it’s setting the stage for the rest of my life. I am truly learning how to be independent by being dependent on God. How cool right?! 

The mission is truly an incredible blessing. I thought that I was coming out to invite others to come to Christ, but this whole time, it feels like God has just been inviting me to come to Christ. Before I left, I thought that I really understood the atonement, but I have discovered how much I had to learn. That’s the most amazing thing about being here in life; we always have so much to learn.

Quick really cool experiences from this week:

There is a young man in our ward that is having a REALLY hard time. He is the only member in his family. He converted when 17 and then served a mission. His parents are divorced, and he is working hard being a teacher, and has a time consuming calling. He is still single, which is hard for him, and suffers from depression and anxiety. We visited him and he just told us how he was feeling and let it all out. We were completely guided to know exactly what to say. We shared a Mormon message from Elder Holland, how for those that wait on the Lord, they prosper! It works out! Don’t quit!! And I was able to share how the mission was so difficult for me at first! I was totally alone with a comp that was atheist and then comps after that were difficult, and I felt totally alone. And how in retrospect, I see how it was PERFECT for me! They were my greatest blessing for they helped me to become what the Lord needed of me. We then gave him a blessing and will be seeing him tonight to follow up. The way that the spirit directs us to know people’s needs is absolutely incredible. I testify that the power of the priesthood works. It does.

I also went on an exchange with a bleu  (new missionary) this week! Super fun! It was cool to see how he was where I was a year ago, and I was able to let him know how much God believed in him. I shared what I wished a missionary had told me when I was a bleu. I testified of how God calls the weak and simple to confound the wise. We must never fear because of our weakness because it is the work of God, and if we simply believe, mountains will move!

Lastly, I talked with Elder Smith who is in Luxembourg and he told me that a woman who had been baptized a couple of months ago there (who I had taught on an exchange) had been really touched my what I had told her when I taught her. Apparently, what is said, changed her life exponentially, and she was expressing her gratitude. I didn’t even know when I taught her. We never know the good that we do!

I’m pretty stinking excited to see Auntie Rease! It’s going to be fun!

So any who, this week was phenomenal! I love you Mommo!! Always in your heart 


Here is the Mormon Message...... Enjoy!

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