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Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New Companion Elder Gaule from England!


Heyyy❤️ kale was writing plays?? That's an honor for a freshie!! I remember that I was doing that as a sophomore. I may or may not have enjoyed it very much though haha! I'm so happy for Sam with his first game! When I was going to bed Friday night, I realized that it was about 3:30ish for him and he was probably on the bus headed there and trying to mentally prepare! And I really poured out my heart in prayer for him and kale to play well:) it's hard that I can't be there supporting him on, but Heavenly Father assured me that they would be okay and I had a really good feeling that they would win :) 

Go Mase!! He will be such an amazing missionary :) 

So I have only ten minutes left of time so this will be short but I'll put out what I can. If I don't get to write dad this week, let him know that I love him tons and his letter was very touching! 

We have had an extremely busy week this last week. Elder Edmunds is packing up and we leave to go to Paris tomorrow. My new comp is Elder Gaule. He is English!! From London! We will see how good my mock English accent is πŸ˜‰ I've heard he's incredible! 

So last night we had an amazing lesson!! We are taught a less active lady who fell away because she never gained her own testimony. She wants one and we taught her a couple of weeks ago about how to develop one. And yesterday she told us how when she had prayed the first time, she felt so incredible afterwards but since then, it hadn't been quite the same experience. And I had no idea how to address the problem, and while she was explaining her experience, I was pouring out my heart to know what to do. And when she finished, I opened my mouth, not exactly knowing what I was going to say, and it was filled. The spirit prompted me In the moment to talk about trials of faith and I knew exactly how to explain it all the way she needed it. It was incredible! 

I have learned a lot about myself this week, and have really grown in figuring out for myself how to analyze my emotions and thoughts. Heavenly Father let me know that a lot of me coming on a mission was to help me be able to help myself, because until now, I had always had you. And mom, I'm really getting it!!! It's amazing ☺️☺️☺️ anywho, know I love you soooo much!! I'm sorry this was so short. 

Tell dad, that his words about the spirit helped me tons!! I love you all!!!😘😘😘😘

Love Jacob!

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