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Monday, September 21, 2015

Tired Monday

Jacob and former companion elder Edmunds and the Sista Missionaires

Elder Lucas with the AP

Elder Lucas and Elder Gaule with the Blonde Family.

Elder Lucas and former companion Elder Karl.


I am super tired as well! My comp has been sick most of the week, and today I have been feeling a little sick as well. Hopefully I get a nap in before the end of Pday so that I can have some more energy for tonight ☺️.

Crazy nasty story! So we are pretty sure that Elder 
Gaule has a virus. He exploded BIG TIME out of both 
ends... And guess who got to clean up the puke...? 
This guy.... I took my scarf and drenched it with
my cologne and then wrapped it around my face, 
somewhat Muslim style, but it was covering up my 
mouth and nose so that I wouldn't die from
the stink. He barfed up French cheese pizza... Yeah 
French cheese already stinks, imagine it like that... 
It was siiiick!!

However, since he was sick, I took the opportunity to do some serious deep cleaning. The apartments for the most part are usually gross because missionaries 
don't take good care of them... We had two missionaries that finished their 
missions last transfer and left a ton of their junk... So there was a TON of work 
to do, and I had already called everyone in the area book, so literally didn't havemuch to do. I got to work, and cleaned for like 5 straight hours.. I cleared out 
so much junk and got in touch with my Katauna interior design side, and 
rearranged everything so it looked tons better!! I actually feel
comfortable and relaxed in there now. So the part in dad's blessing came true 
when he said that I would learn to clean. But in all honesty, the mission has hada huge impact on me wanting to be clean. I feel like I am always cleaning the 
apartment when I am in it now. It just feels so good to have everything all put away. It's stress relieving.

I'm super glad that Shuttleworth is helping the boys. He is a great coach.  
really enjoyed his motivational speeches before games.

We had our zone conference this last week, and ElderGaule and I taught about 
being heroes. The theme was, "Zero to Hero, Our Sacred Call and Commission We were able to share parts of Hercules, zero to hero, like where he saves Meg. And we discussed how a real hero is someone who sacrifices 
themselves for someone else. We then talked about how Christ didn't become 
the Savior until He gave Himself. And we as missionaries are giving of 
ourselves for others-all in all, we are called to be heroes! And we talked about 
how to be those heroes. Ultimately the way is to come to the One, who makes
heroes out of all of us-Christ. He changes us to make us into the people/
missionaries needed. And we discussed how to come to Him. It was really 

We also taught all the elders of 4 zone about the 
importance of being morally clean. President said 
openly how impressed he was with how Elder Gaule 
and I presented the information, and how incredible 
the lesson was. It was a really great conference ☺️

Mom, I love you so much! I am doing my best to 
serve the Lord, and the Lord is making me into who Ineed to be. 
I know with all my heart that Jesus is the Christ. He lives. I could never deny it. I love every day I have to serve with Him in this work☺️

I love you!!❤️
Love, Jacob

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