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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Another great week in Paris-dise!

This week was a great one! We are finding more people!! And I am
pretty excited about it!! It’s been hard here in Nancy because the
work has been struggling a bit. Elder Gaule has been really sick off
and on as well, which has been really difficult. I have done a lot of
cleaning and area book work in the apartment.

However, this last week, I had some really incredible experiences. I
was with Elder Stolk on an exchange, and we passed by a less active
family who had been seriously offended by the bishop of our ward, and
she vented for a while about how hurt she was. At first, I wasn’t sure
what to do, and then the spirit guided me to be able to know what to
say. I expressed to her how much God loved her. He knows how hard she
is trying-she is single mom with two boys, and she provides for them-
and He is with her. It was really incredible. Her attitude totally
changed, and she went from hurt to grateful. I testify that nothing is
too great that will keep us from God’s love. He LOVES US!

That concept has really been hitting me recently. God is our Father!
Our Father! Do we really understand that? He wants and will direct us in
all parts of our life. One talk that really hit me was the one in the
Sat. morning session about following the spirit. It can help us with all
things! God will help us in any problem that we have. Which goes with
the talk by Elder Eyring. If we want to feel the spirit always, we
must have charity and patience. It’s not something we can force. We
must wait on the Lord! That’s something I am trying to still work on.

Sometimes I try to do the missionary work on my own, and it never
works like that. I must wait on Him, and be directed by His spirit.
Another cool experience is that my companion sometimes struggles with
exact obedience, and this week I was able to calmly talk to him
about it, and explain why obedience is important, even if we don’t
understand. .It shows to God we love Him, and trust Him. For His
thoughts are not our thoughts. And I know that God knows so much
better than me, so why not trust Him. It really surprised him, that
the question comes down to his testimony in Christ. And it does. Our
faith in Christ needs to be the center of our lives. I know that He

Dad I love you! You’re the best!

Elder Yo

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